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Breezeway is a property operations app for vacation rental hosts and managers. With tools for task scheduling, quality assurance, real-time work coordination, guest messaging, and more. Breezeway helps short-term rental hosts and managers increase their operational efficiency, eliminate hours of manual work, and boost service revenue.


Tiered pricing based on number of properties active in Breezeway.

  • Recommended For The Following

    Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Breezeway was originally developed for use by property managers and co-hosts, so it’s features are created to support those with large portfolios, teams, and inventory.


  • Breezeway Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling – Yes, automatically schedule tasks for staff and cleaners based on reservation times and custom rules.

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments – No, Breezeway does not have a feature to allow you to pay your team members through the platform.

    Cleaner Marketplace – No, Breezeway does not have a marketplace to find cleaners. Users invite their cleaning companies, linen services, maintenance personnel, etc., onto the Breezeway app.

    Cleaning Checklists – Yes, cleaning checklist templates that are fully customizable. A library of templates is available as a starting place.

    Messaging – Yes, it allows you to communicate with guests & owners about property issues and quickly relay information to cleaning and maintenance staff. Guest messaging is an add-on service not included in the basic Breezeway membership.  Staff can receive push notifications, emails, or SMS messages for new tasks.

    Quality Verification Photos – Yes, cleaning staff can upload photos of completed work, providing quality control for owners/managers and documentation of the property’s condition when they arrived and the condition before guest arrival.

    Issue Reporting – Yes, the cleaning team can report any issues they discover during cleaning and report it directly to the host/manager/maintenance as needed.

    Inventory Management – The inventory feature simplifies consumables management and reduces the risk of running out of supplies.

    Linen Management – Yes

    Quality Control Inspection Management – Yes, a complimentary property safety inspection course is available.

    *Proper Insurance offers a premium discount to properties with a completed safety inspection course.

    Digital Guide Book – Yes, supports guests throughout their stay with the property info they need to reduce unnecessary questions and complaints and elevate your brand. The guide is an add-on service not included in the basic Breezeway membership.
    • Easy to setup for professionals and hosts, and guests
    • Fully customizable and dynamic throughout the events in the stay
    • Saves time by reducing calls, emails & texts regarding basic property instructions
    • Limits confusion and an unclear check-in
    • Sets a professional and on-brand first impression for a 5-star guest experience
    • Demonstrate professional hospitality service to your guests
    • Increase review collection and average review scores


    Cleaning Team Screening – No

    Mobile App – Yes, a mobile app is available for staff and can function without wifi connection.

    Customer Support – 

    • Chat support
    • Dedicated customer support representative
    • Knowledge library

    PMS Integrations – Direct integration with numerous property management systems to automatically pull reservation information and trigger messages and scheduling with your cleaning and maintenance teams.

    Other Integrations:

    Other Features:

    • Hosts can track cleaning and property care with the ” Smart Task and Monitoring Dashboard.”
    • You can track the whereabouts of your team through a GPS map view.
    • Integrates with smart locks for home access and security.
    • Breezeway has just released a digital welcome guide product.


  • Pros
    • Breezeway's inventory management tool is especially helpful with ensuring you don't run out of consumable products: toiletries, trash bags, light bulbs, batteries, etc. Anything you use can be tracked.
    • Breezeway integrates with most of the leading property management systems.
    • Intuitive and user-friendly app and website.
    • It's nice that the guest messaging feature is an add-on because users may already have other products in their tech stack they utilize for messaging.  It's there if you need it, but you don't have to pay for it if you don't need it.
  • Cons
    • Some have reported that the mobile app used by cleaning and maintenance teams in the field can run slowly at times. Breezeway has built a way for team members to download their tasks and work offline, but it is important you train your teams how to use this feature.
    • Don't get carried away! Users of Breezeway, and similar other platforms, should be careful not to create overwhelming cleaning and maintenance checklists for their teams. There are so many options for task creation, requiring photos, etc. that it is easy to get carried away and create checklists with hundreds of items.
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Turno, formerly TurnoverBnB is a cleaning management tool that helps STR hosts automate their scheduling, payment, and inventory management. Hosts can easily find cleaners near their properties through Turno’s cleaner marketplace.


1 Property
2+ Properties
Monthly Pricing: $8 a month per property
2+ Properties
Annual Pricing: $6 a month per property
  • Recommended For the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes.


    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, but more robust platforms are available if enterprise-level features are needed.

  • TurnoverBnB Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Property management system integration allows you to post cleaning assignments automatically for your cleaners to accept. You will receive a notification once the cleaning has been accepted.

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Turno uses Stripe to automate payments to the cleaning team after completing each cleaning. 

    Cleaner Marketplace: Search among tens of thousands of cleaners already on Turno’s Marketplace.

    Cleaning Checklists: You can choose from one of the thousands of available templates and customize it to your needs.

    Messaging: Yes

    Quality Verification Photos: Yes. Cleaners can upload photos of tasks done for owners or hosts to verify.

    Issue Reporting: Cleaners can send photos and information about any issues they note during the cleaning.

    Inventory Management: Yes. The host will receive notification of items that are running low for replenishment.

    Linen Management: No

    Quality Control Inspections Management: Yes, property inspection checklists can be created and assigned with a workflow similar to cleaners.

    Cleaning Team Screening: Yes, cleaners must provide at least one reference and pass a background test to join the Marketplace.

    Mobile App: Centralize communication and management for all your projects.

    Customer Support:

    • Email
    • Chat




    Other Integrations

    Other Features: 

    • App and website are available in six languages.
  • Pros
    • One of the most economical solutions available for coordinating with your cleaning team.
    • Includes all of the key features needed for the majority of hosts and co-hosts.
    • Integrates with many popular property management systems.
    • Customer support responses are quick.
  • Cons
    • Your cleaner needs to be willing to use the app and allow notifications.
    • If your property is in a rural area you may not find cleaners in the Turno marketplace. You can still use Turno, but you'll have to find cleaning teams off of the platform and invite join Turno.
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EZ Care is an enterprise-level cleaning management solution built for property managers of short-term and long-term rentals.  The platform offers tools for turnover operations, including automated scheduling, team communication, inventory management, vendor accounting, quality control, and real-time reporting.


  • Tiered pricing based on the number of active properties.
  • Exact pricing given during product demo.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, EZCare can accomplish everything a self-managing owner could need – and more.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, EZCare is an enterprise-level solution for property care and maintenance.

  • Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Offers invoicing and payments through a third-party integration with QuickBooks.

    Cleaner Marketplace: No

    Cleaning Checklists: Yes, customizable checklists and forms. Extensive checklist library to jumpstart property onboarding.

    Messaging: Real-time communication between the office and field staff.

    Quality Verification Photos: Yes, photo verification of completed tasks. Photos can be required in order for tasks to be marked completed.

    Issue Reporting: Yes, field staff can report issues though the mobile app.  Issue reporting can automatically trigger maintenance jobs. 

    Inventory Management: Yes, customizable inventory lists, low stock alerts, automated reorder list creation, per-item cost tracking, inventory tracking as it is moved from storage to properties, auto create owner invoices for supplies used.

    Linen Management: Yes, a feature to coordinate linen packing and delivery is included.

    Quality Control Inspection Management: Yes, customizable inspection checklists.

    Cleaning Team Screening: No

    Mobile App:  Mobile app for field teams works online or offline.  App automatically syncs data when it reconnects to the internet.

    Customer Support: Chat support

    PMS Integrations

    Other Features: 

    • Owner reporting features to keep owners in the loop with the ongoing care of their property.
    • Guest and Tenant Messaging – Early check-in notices, rate cleanliness and arrival experience, easy creation of maintenance tickets.
    • Built-in expense accounting features
    • Robust reporting features
    • Real-time tracking of staff location and job status
    • Handling of contract cleaners and maintenance contractors
    • Multi-language support for non-English speaking team members.


  • Pros
    • EZCare has one of the most comprehensive feature sets available among property care and maintenance solutions.
    • Feature customization is available to meet the unique needs of property managers.
    • Competitively priced.
  • Cons
    • You must use one of the property management systems that EZCare is integrated with.
    • Due to the extensive feature set, there will be a learning curve for new users.
    • The platform is so robust it may be overkill for those with smaller portfolios.
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Tidy is a cleaning management software that offers services for vacation rental hosts, cleaning companies, and service pros. It offers cleaning task automation, a digital to-do list, tracking Pros features, automated payments, and more.


Pricing tiered by number of properties

1 property
Short-term Units (Up to 100 properties)
Monthly Bill: $20/ property/ month, Yearly Bill: $10 /property/month
Long-term Units (Minimum of 5 properties)
Monthly Bill: $20/ property/ month, Yearly Bill: $3 /property/month
Enterprise Custom (over 100 properties)
Contact Sales Team
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes, integration with various property management software to automate task scheduling.

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Yes, hosts can pay via their preferred payment channels, including credit cards.

    Cleaner Marketplace: Yes, you can add your own service professionals or choose from Tidy’s existing Pros.

    Cleaning Checklists: Yes, has digital To-Do checklists. No app or log-in is required.

    Messaging: Yes, communicate with vendors through shared channels like Slack, emails, or SMS.

    Quality Verification Photos: Yes, the host can enable the “before and after photos” feature to direct your team to send photos for quality verification.

    Issue Reporting: Yes, team members can send photos of issues they discover like damage to the property or items requiring maintenance.

    Inventory Management: Yes, hosts can track inventories, and pros/cleaners can trigger alerts if stocks run low.

    Linen Management: Can be included in To-Do List to direct the team on what to do regarding laundry and linen replenishment.

    Quality Control Inspection Management: Yes, hosts can assign checklists for in-person or remote quality control inspections.

    Cleaning Team Screening:

    • Pros undergo background check certification.
    • Hosts need to sign-up for a 1-year plan to add safety insurance, ratings, and certification requirements for a Pros.

    Mobile App: Yes, a mobile app is available and the website is mobile-responsive.

    Customer Support: Tidy has a dedicated team available by phone.

    PMS Integrations

    Other Features: 

    • Smart Property Assistant
    • 3D Property Maps
    • Concierge Team – To help you find professionals in your area.
  • Pros
    • Tidy's concierge service can help connect you with cleaning and maintenance professionals in your area, or you can use Tidy with your current team.
    • Priced competitively.
    • Ability to pay your team through Tidy.
    • Inventory tracking is a wonderful feature to prevent running out of key consumables.
    • Customizable cleaning and maintenance templates.
  • Cons
    • Tidy's professional network is strongest in Texas, California, and the Chicago area.  Options may be limited in rural areas.
    • As with all similar products, take care not to overwhelm your cleaning teams with checklists of many hundreds of items.
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Operto is a multi-faceted solution for managing vacation rental businesses. It provides automation for guest experiences such as check-in, check-out, messaging, and digital guest guides. It also features a dashboard for easy control of smart devices, noise monitoring, temperature control, and PMS integrations.





Pricing is only available with a product demo.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, but a minimum of ten properties is required to use the Operto Teams product.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Operto is designed to support property management companies and those with a large portfolios.

  • Features

    Operto Guest App:

    • Customizable with your brands colors and logo.
    • Digital check-in and check-out for guests.
    • Collect guest contact information.
    • Auto translation of text to serve international guests.
    • Property access control via smart locks.
    • Digital Guest Guidebooks.
    • Conditionally triggered automated guest messages.
    • Scheduled marketing messages.
    • Direct guest messaging for on-demand guest communication.
    • In-app promotions to offer upsells and add-ons.
    • Custom featured content.
    • Digital house manual.
    • Mobile key ready.
    • Global content for all units in a multi-unit property.
    • Unit-level customization for units in a multi-unit property.

    Digital Front Desk

    • Digital check-in.
    • Manage early check-ins.
    • Digital check-out.
    • Terms and conditions and rental agreements.
    • Creates and assigns digital access codes automatically.
    • Guest security verification.
    • Gather guest contact details.
    • Create auto replies for frequently asked questions.
    • Streamlined guest onboarding flow.


    • On-demand direct messaging as needed.
    • Content-specific threads.
    • Manager dashboard message inbox.
    • Assign dedicated hosts to manage messages for specific units.
    • “New message” notifications by email or SMS.
    • Add images, videos, and PDFs to messages.

    Digital Guest Guides

    • A web-based app.
    • Create custom categories and pages for your digital guest guide.
    • Scheduled content.
    • Feature video, images, and buttons.
    • Live preview mode.
    • Multi-language auto translations.
    • Trigger content-specific message threads.
    • Set featured content.
    • Custom content sorting.
    • Create prewritten auto-replies.

    Near Me (Guest Recommendations)

    • Create custom amenity guides with in-app links, external links, or messenger links.
    • Add your own curated recommendations and notes.
    • Information is pulled from Google to streamline the process of adding places near your location.

    Access Control

    • Via integration with partner smart lock companies.
    • Assign and revoke lock codes.
    • Monitor lock access.
    • Trigger messages and other automation based on device interaction Guest app remote unlock.
    • Remotely monitor battery levels.

    Temperature Control

    • Via integration with Ecobee.
    • Create campaigns requesting guests’ temperature preferences.
    • Trigger messages and other automation based on device interaction.
    • Adjust temperature settings based on check-in and check-out dates and times.
    • Communicate an eco-friendly location to guests concerned about the environment.

    Noise Monitoring

    • Via integration with NoiseAware.
    • 24/7 monitoring.
    • Indoor and outdoor monitoring options.
    • Access historical data about your property Auto guest notifications.
    • Manage noise thresholds.
    • Sync with reservations.
    • Trigger messages and other automation based on device settings.

    Operto Teams – A property care and maintenance solution for property management companies.

    • Automatically creates tasks for your teams.
    • Allows managers to assign team members to tasks.
    • Operto app for team members in the field allows team members to:
      • View assigned tasks
      • Clock-in / Clock-out
      • Complete task checklists (ie cleaning checklists)
      • Provide photo verification of completed tasks
    • Report issues and provide photo and/or video documentation.
    • Integrates with Quickbooks Online to assist with team payroll time tracking, and invoicing of owners.
    • Owner notification of work being done on their properties.
    • Linen management.


    PMS Integration

    Smart Device Integrations

    Customer Support: Email

  • Pros
    • Integrates with a broad range of property management software companies and smart devices.
    • Operto is continuing to add integrations and expand the variety of smart locks and smart home products it integrates with.
    • Because Operto addresses many aspects of property management, it allows users to address multiple needs with one software subscription instead of numerous subscriptions.
    • Operto users can order smart locks for a discount through them.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Ecobee is the only thermostat Operto integrates with. Although Ecobee is a top choice for thermostat offerings, more options would be nice.
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An all-in-one housekeeping operations and services platform. Organise and improve cooperation with your cleaning and maintenance teams, or find local cleaning and linen service providers.


Pay only when you use it. Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Starter Plan – Best for 1-3 properties

  • 60€/year or 8€/mo.
  • Includes 10 services per month.

Advanced Plan – Best for 3-30 properties

  • 480€/year or 65€a month
  • Includes 100 services per month

Professional Plan – Best for 30+ properties

  • 900€/year or 125€/month
  • Includes 250 services per month.

Enterprise – BEST for 50+ properties

Contact Doin for a custom quote.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, Doinn can be used by small operators to assist them with finding quality cleaning and linen service providers and automating the scheduling of tasks.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Doinn is designed to support multiple aspects of cleaning and property care operations needed by property management companies.

  • Features

    Doinn Buy: Outsourced professional cleaning, linen, and laundry service.

    • Services Offered
      • Turnover cleaning
      • Checkin and Checkout
      • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection
      • Certified Clean (only available in Portugal)
      • Professional Linen Laundry
      • Private Home Cleaning
      • Office Cleaning
      • Linen Rental
      • Mid Stay Cleaning and Disinfection
      • Quality Control Inspections
    • Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes, through iCal and PMS integration.
    • Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Yes
    • Cleaner Marketplace: Yes, the Doinn platform has cleaning and linen service providers in hundreds of cities across 44 countries.


    Doinn Organize: Gathers all your clients, providers, tasks, cleaners, planning, and dispatching needs in a single platform.

    • Cleaning Checklists
    • Team Messaging: Real-time messaging with team members through the Doinn Operations Center app.
    • Issue Reporting: Issues can be reported by team members through the Doinn Operations Center app.
    • Operations Monitoring: Identify time and costs, average cleaning time per property, linen needs or cleaning hours forecast.
    • Mobile App: Yes, the Doinn Operations Center app is available for Apple and Android devices.  It allows team members to chat, create tickets, and track the status of jobs.


    Doinn Sell: An cloud-based operations platform for cleaning and linen companies.


    Customer Support: Support is available by phone 365 days a year by phone, email, or in-app chat.


    Additional Integrations via iCal

    • Abritel
    • Airbnb
    • BookingPal
    • Bookiply
    • Bookipro
    • Ciirus
    • CMS Stays
    • Eviivo
    • Escapia
    • Google Calendar
    • Hostfully
    • iCloud
    • Kigo
    • Kross Booking
    • LiveRez
    • Lodgix
    • MasterYield
    • Mega Stays
    • Misterb&b
    • MyAllocator
    • NextPax
    • Octorate
    • OwnerRez
    • Rentger
    • Rentila
    • Streamline
    • Supercontrol
    • Talkguest
    • Villa Rentals
    • Vrbo

    Other Features: 

    • Concierge Services- Receiving and accommodating guests, check-in, and final inspection.
  • Pros
    • All cleaning is done by professionals with specific training, and following a rigorous and streamlined procedure.
    • All rented linens and towels are high quality, like those in the best hotels.
    • 14-day free trial, no credit card needed.
    • No long-term contracts; cancel at any time.
  • Cons
    • Doinn serves both European and US markets, but you will need to confirm whether cleaning and linen service providers are available in your local area.
    • Software features vary between the levels of service plans.
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Resort Cleaning is a vacation rental software offering housekeeping solutions for vacation rentals, hotels, and residential cleaning. It can fully integrate with your PMS for automated task scheduling and payments. It also offers productivity management for owners and property managers and reports and bookkeeping reports.




Pricing tiered by users

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – 

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –

  • Features

    We’re not quite ready to publish our review of Resort Cleaning.


    In the meantime, help your fellow hosts and property managers. Please write a review below and share your experience with Resort Cleaning.

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Properly is a cleaning management solution for vacation rental owners, service providers, and property managers. It offers automated turnover, remote inspection, training for cleaning personnel.


Pricing tiered by Plan

Inquire Sales
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, although enterprise-level property care solutions are available with more robust feature sets for property managers who employ their own team of cleaning and maintenance professionals.

  • Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes, Properly integrates with many property management software systems and also directly with Airbnb, Vrbo, and for hosts that don’t use a property management software. 

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: No

    Cleaner Marketplace: Yes, Properly has a cleaning provider network. Also, an owner can invite cleaners to sign up with Properly so they can collaborate on cleaning projects.

    Cleaning checklists: Yes, with real time updates as checklist items are marked complete.

    Quality Verification Photos: Yes, cleaners can be required to post photos.

    Issue Reporting: Yes, cleaners can report issues through the app.

    Inventory Management: No

    Linen Management : No

    Quality Control Inspections: Yes, Properly offers a remote quality assurance service. 

    Cleaning Team Screening: Yes, for providers on the Properly marketplace. 

    Mobile App: Yes, for use by the owner and cleaning professionals to collaborate on cleaning projects.

    Customer Support:

    • Chat
    • Training modules
    • Blogs
    • Help center


    Other Features: 

    • Provides Training Certification for cleaners to ensure high standards.
    • 30-day Free Trial, no credit card needed.
    • Optional listing setup service.
    • Optional Remote Quality Control service:
      • Monitors the photos your cleaners upload in real-time.
      • If anything does not pass inspection, the cleaner is notified right to remedy the issue immediately.
    • Optional Guest Communication Service:  Responding to booking requests and handling all pre/post-booking guest communication.
    • App notifications as soon as the cleaner starts the job.
    • Properhost Ambassador Program – Experienced hosts can mentor new hosts and receive 5% of the new host’s booking revenue.
  • Pros
    • Affordable remote inspection service to ensure your property is guest ready.
    • Knowledge library to assist cleaners in addressing issues they may find.
    • A guest communication service is available to handle pre and post stay guest communications.
    • 30 day free trial
  • Cons
    • There may or may not be Properly providers in your property's area.
    • Invoicing of cleaners is not available.
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Overview automate housekeeping & maintenance tasks linked to bookings and auto-assigns your in-field teams to tasks.


$7.50 per property per month, $4 per property if billed yearly

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes. offers Task Management Automation.

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: 

    Cleaner Marketplace: No

    Cleaning Checklists: Yes. They offer a customizable task list.

    Messaging: Yes. You can communicate with the in-field team via email or In-App Notification.

    Quality Verification Photos: Yes

    Issue Reporting: Yes

    Inventory Management: No

    Linen Management: No

    Quality Control Inspection Management:

    Cleaning Team Screening

    Mobile App: Yes

    Customer Support: via email and phone

    PMS Integrations

  • Pros
    • No setup fees
    • Auto-generate maintenance reports for owners
    • Compliance Certification Storage
    • Multi Langauge (8 languages)
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SuiteOp was created by operators with experience managing entire downtown buildings, boutique and large hotels, single-family homes, and unique accommodations.

Now, it’s your turn to elevate your operations and guest experience.



Core Plan – Starting at $12.30 per unit/month

Pro Plan – Starting at $18.70 per unit/month

Max Plan – Starting at $26.90 per unit/month

Plan Add-ons

Smart Device Management – Each plan includes the management of 1 smart device.  Unlimited additional devices can be added for $3.00 per device/month

Alexa Integration – $6.00 per device/month

AI Guest Verification – $8.00 per unit/month

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, small operators and self-managing owners looking to streamline operations should consider SuiteOp.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, SuiteOp was specifically built to service property management companies at scale.

  • Features

    SuitePortal – Online Check-in and Property and Area Guide

    • The SuitePortal is a web app accessed through a link. Guests do not have to download an app.
    • Provides access instructions for a hassle-free check-in experience.
    • Photos and videos can be added.
    • Customized upsells such as early check-in, late checkout, mid-stay cleans, etc., from your digital guidebook. 100% of upsell revenue goes to the property manager or host.
    • Local travel guides with an interactive map and one-click Google Maps integration.
    • Easily recommend local attractions and experiences with Viator integration and earn affiliate revenue when your guests book an experience.
    • Uber and Lyft integrations (Coming soon)
    • The property and area guide is downloadable as a PDF file.


    • An additional feature that may be added to the SuitePortal.  SuiteVerify allows guests to read and sign your rental agreement and verify their identity.
    • Security deposit/hold – Capture a hold of your desired amount and withhold funds for damages with one click.
    • Selfie and ID upload – Guests upload their ID or passport and take a selfie. The algorithm verifies the identities match.
    • Zapier and Slack integration to automate alerts.
    • Capture the guest’s phone number.


    • Smart lock integrations – Codes are created automatically and set to activate and inactivate in conjunction with the reservation beginning and end.
    • Thermostat management – Create custom temperature limits and a comfortable stay for your guests.
    • Smart Things hub management – Manage your hubs from one place and be alerted if your hubs go offline.
    • Smart devices integrations include:

    SuiteMonitor – Monitor and manage noise, occupancy, and air quality in your properties.

    PMS Integrations

  • Pros
    • A free trial is available.
    • Owners and property managers receive 100% of the revenue generated by upsells and reservation add-ons.
    • Affiliate revenue options are available through additional partners such as BabyQuip, Viator, etc.
    • Sonos smart speaker integration layers a fun feature into an otherwise utilitarian platform.
    • Slack and Zapier integrations can automate useful notifications.
    • SuiteBook - booking engine and direct booking website feature is coming.
    • SuiteKeeper - housekeeping and maintenance operations feature is coming.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Guesty is the only PMS integration available, but more are coming.
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Service Locations: Select communities in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, New Mexico, Ohio.  Additional service areas are added frequently. Contact for the most current information.

Can Monkey is a home service company that helps residents by taking out their waste and recycling cans to the curb on collection day and returning them back to their original storage location after pickup.

CanMonkey connects the physical and digital worlds to help solve the unique trash issues today’s modern vacation rentals face. Our unique trash-to-curb subscription service and OnDemand scheduling platform provide the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage a property’s waste. We ensure your property is free of excess trash during each turn.


$49.00 per month (plus applicable taxes).

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features


    • Trash-To-Curb and BackA monthly subscription-based service where we take out your trash cans to the curb and back.
    • On-demand Trash Removal– Simply make an OnDemand request via the CanMonkey app.  Trash collection can be arranged for days other then when your local trash service is provided.
    • Excess Trash Handling
    • 24/7 Fill Level Monitoring– Using ultrasonic level sensors, CanMonkey monitors your trash cans 24/7. If trash levels indicate a risk of trash overflow, CanMonkey can automatically determine if trash removal is required before your scheduled collection day.
    • Client Dashboard – View your active properties, manage subscriptions, track your spending per property, and more.
    • Trash Can Cleaning – curbside can cleaning leaves your cans sparkling clean and smelling fresh all year.

    Supported communities:

    • Also available in selected communities in:
      • Arizona
      • Arkansas
      • California
      • Colorado
      • Florida
      • Indiana
      • Maryland
      • Michigan
      • Minnesota
      • Ohio
      • Tennessee
      • Texas
      • Utah
      • Washington

    Mobile App: Yes

    Payment Method: They accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You are billed and charged on a recurring monthly basis.

    Customer Support: via email and phone

  • Pros
    • No contracts. You can pause or cancel anytime with just a few clicks.
    • Can Monkey can connect to your property management software to automatically arrange trash service after guests check out.
    • Automatic trash can monitoring can schedule a pick-up automatically if your cans are getting full and the typical collection date is still many days away.
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Cons
    • As of now, Can Monkey is only available in select communities. If service is not currently available in your area please contact them to see about getting your area added.
Compare This


TaskRabbit is revolutionizing the way we find help with our everyday tasks. Through their online and mobile marketplace, they are connecting freelance labor to help with a variety of needs – from furniture assembly to delivery services and more. With availability to over 36 States, you can find help quickly. 


Fees depend on the Tasker’s hourly rate and the nature of the job.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Services Offered

    • Grocery shopping and delivery
      • Get groceries for you and have them delivered straight to your door.
      • Contactless delivery
      • Same day delivery available
      • You can contact Tasker directly after booking.
    • Assembling Furniture (partnered with IKEA)
    • Moving services
    • House cleaning
    • Handyman Services
    • Furniture Movers
    • Gardening
    • Laundry Services


    Account Registration

    • Yes



    • None


    Payment options

    • Credit card
    • Your card will be charged within 24 hours after the tasker invoice.


    Mobile App

    • Yes, available in the App Store and Google Play.



    • None


    Additional Information

    • Task Rabbit is available in 36 states (USA) and 7 other countries.
    • You can check the tasker reviews, ratings, and prices.


    Customer Support

    • Email


  • Pros
    • Offer same-day grocery delivery for vacation rentals (a great guest upsell).
    • Offer contactless delivery.
    • A great way to get another set of hands while setting up a property.
  • Cons
    • May have a limited number of Taskers in some rural locations.
Compare This


Airtasker is a gig economy platform that connects people seeking help with a task to people with the skills to do the job.  Airtasker allows customers to rate taskers and taskers to rate customers in a manner that is almost identical to the Airbnb review system.


  • Creating an Airtasker account is free.
  • Customers set a price they are willing to pay when they create a task.
  • The price can be modified after the task is created if the scope of the task changes.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, but ideally property managers and co-hosts have a fixed team they work with consistently.  Airtasker could be an option for getting extra assistance for short-term projects.

  • Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling: No, creation of tasks must be done manually.

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Yes via Airtasker Pay using:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • AMEX
    • Debit cards

    Cleaner Marketplace: Yes. 

    Cleaning Checklists: No

    Quality Verification Photos: No, photo verification of task quality is not built into the Airtasker app.

    Issue Reporting: Can be done through direct messaging with Airtasker. 

    Inventory Management: N/A

    Linen Management: This can be posted as a task.

    Quality Control Inspections: No

    Cleaning Team Screening: Each Tasker’s profile has verified ratings and reviews from the previous tasks completed.

    Mobile App: Yes

    Customer Support: Yes.

    • Help center
    • Email


    • Currently unaware of any PMS integrations for Airtasker.

    Other Features: 

    • Just like Airbnb, Airtasker chargers a service fee. This fee is charged to the Tasker and can range from 10-20% of the task price.
    • Airtasker has a dispute resolution process if issues arise during a task.
    • Airtasker is available in:
      • United States
      • Australia
      • The United Kingdom
      • New Zealand
      • Singapore
      • Ireland.
    • *You can only create tasks in the country you are located in.
  • Pros
    • A fast way to find help for a wide range of projects including: furniture assembly, cleaning, maintenance, painting, marketing tasks, photography, wallpapering, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.
    • Airtasker holds the task payment in escrow until the task has been completed to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Cons
    • Airtasker is a relatively new platform and there might not be many "Taskers" (professionals who have joined the Airtasker platform) in your area.
    • Just like guests take a risk staying at properties without many reviews, customers are taking a bit of a risk if they use a Tasker with a limited number of reviews.
    • Invoices are not provided automatically.  Taskers are independent contractors, so you’ll have to request an invoice from them directly for your records and tax purposes.