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The Digital Welcome Book that makes your guests happier.
Empower your guests. Stop repeat questions. Create a more efficient business.


Short-term Rental Guides

1 Guide: $99/year

2 Guides: $150/year

3 Guides: $195/year

Additional price breaks with the addition of each subsequent guide.


  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Types of guide books available:

    • Short-term rental
    • B&B/ Hotel
    • Glamping
    • RV/ Campervan
    • Campsite
    • Wedding
    • Cleaning
    • Destination Guide
    • Event Guide


    Web App

    • Guests access your Touchstay Guide via a link or QR code. There is no app to download and install. The link can be sent as part of your automated guest messaging. The QR code can be posted in your property for guests to easily scan. 


    Offline Use

    • Guide content is available for your guests to download before their stay and use offline. This is a great feature if you have properties in locations with weak or no internet. You can instruct guests to download their guide prior to leaving home and they will be able to use it without issues during their stay. 


    Google Places Integration

    • Touchstay is integrated with Google Places.  Once you enter the name of the place you’d like to add to your guide, the integration will automatically pull the address, phone number, Google reviews, website, and photos into your guide. 


    Guide Organization

    • An initial framework organizes your guide into the most popular categories and subcategories. For example, categories on driving directions, local weather, arrival information, wifi information, rules and safety information, departure information, and more. You can delete or add categories to customize it for your property. 


    Content Templates

    • Touchstay has pre-populated guide sections with content to give you a jumpstart with the creation of your guide. It’s much easier to add a few more thoughts than to start from a blank page.  


    Google Translate integration

    • Google Translate integration makes your guide accessible for guests from anywhere.


    PDF Printout

    • Touchstay, allows you to print a pdf copy of your guide as a quick reference for guests who may not be comfortable with technology. 


    Brand Customization

    • Customize your guide with your own logo, brand colors, and fonts. 


    TripAdvisor Reviews Integrations

    • TripAdvisor reviews can be added to your local recommendations.  



    • Links to video content from the web can be added to your guide. For example, your guests may appreciate videos about local attractions, or videos explaining how to use the hot tub or smart TV. 

    Content Hub and Tags

    • The Touchstay Content Hub centralizes your guide’s written copy. Changes you make in the Hub automatically updated across all of your guides tagged to that section.  
    • Tags are a surprisingly noteworthy and useful feature, and should not be overlooked. Once you own or manage more than one property or unit you will want to create a tag for each locality as well as utilize the default “All Guides” tag. 



    • Memo is one of Touchstay’s newest features. It allows hosts to create scheduled and automated messages for their guests that can be sent via SMS or email. To simplify messaging setup Touchstay has created messaging templates that can be customized according to your needs.
    • Schedule and automate guest messages using the new Memo feature.   These messages can be sent via email and SMS, but don’t come through on OTA platforms.


    White Glove Service

    • For $399 you can have Touchstay experts create your welcome guide for you. All you’ll need to do is fill out a form with the pertinent information about your property and the local businesses you’d like to include in your recommendations. The Touchstay team will take care of all the rest, and you’ll receive your custom Touchstay guide within the next 7-14 days.  


    First Impression Topic

    • Allows hosts to collect their guests’ first impressions soon after checking in. This gives hosts the opportunity to solve any issue before it’s too late.


    Rating Topic

    • This feature allows hosts and property managers to collect a star rating and contact details from guests using your guide. This could be used for guests to rate your place, their experience of staying with you, or any services that you provide.


    Guest Email Capture

    • Hosts can capture guest emails by asking for their first impressions and feedback via the rating topic feature. As an example, you could ask your guest to rate their stay before they depart, leaving their email address in the process.


    Customer Support and Community

    • Touchstay has a thorough and searchable knowledge base and walk-through videos for each aspect of guide creation. Additionally, they offer customer service via email and have a private Facebook group for Touchstay users. The Facebook group is moderated by Touchstay team members who frequently help answer users’ questions and issues.  


    PMS Integrations – Touchstay integrates with the following property management software companies to allow you to automate the personalization of your guide and messages:


  • Pros
    • Schedule and automate guest messages using the new Memo feature.
    • There is no app for guests to download and install.
    • Guides work offline, so no need to worry about iffy internet connections.
    • Has Google Translate integration, for your multilingual guests.
    • Touchstay allows you to print a pdf copy of your guide.
    • Integration with leading PMS platforms lets your guide be personalized for your guests.
    • A flat annual fee per guide as opposed to a monthly fee.
  • Cons
    • Through Memo, two-way messaging is available for email, but SMS messages are only one-way at this time.
    • It would be great to see Touchstay expand the number of PMS platforms they integrate with.  Although PMS integration is not necessary to use Touchstay.
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DACK is a guest application and a powerful operator portal to control, customize and manage guest experience, from messaging, verification, check-in / check-out, digital guide books, smart home integrations, and more. Dack can also easily be set up and integrated with your existing tools such as PMS, guest services, workflow management, and smart locks.


DACK Pricing Summary
  • Tiered pricing based on the number of listings.
  • One-time onboarding fee: $500.
  • 60 day penalty free cancelation.

  • Recommended For the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, although DACK is a high-end offering and it is likely best utilized by property owners who can justify the expense.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, DACK scales well and is designed to support the needs of both property managers and co-hosts.

  • Features

    DACK is a stand-alone app that must be downloaded by your guests.



    • Digital Key and Key Codes: Manage and automate guest access to your property. (see smart lock integrations below)
    • Digital Guest Guide: Provide your guests with important information about your property
    • Contactless Check-in and Checkout
    • Reservation management and Re-booking
    • In-app User Controls for Smart Home devices
    • One Touch Wifi – Guests can connect to the property wifi through the DACK app with one touch. You can require registration to use WiFi and eliminate the need to subscribe to special routers or additional tech.

    Guest Messaging: 

    • SMS or email messaging is available.
    • Post and mid-stay reviews can alert you of issues before guests leave a review on the OTA platforms.


    • Reservation add-on features such as early check-ins or late checkouts and experiences from third-party vendors can be sold to guests directly from the DACK app.
    • There is a  7% commission to DACK and a 3% to Stripe processing fee on all upsells.


    PMS Integrations

    Smart Home Integrations

    • SmartThings
    • Yonomi
    • RemoteLock
    • PointCentral
    • Samsung
    • Phillips

    Smart Lock Integrations

    Thermostat Integrations

    Noise and Occupancy Monitoring Integrations

    Setup/Onboarding – Dedicated customer success manager during onboarding.


    Customer Service:  Via knowledge library, webchat, and email.

  • Pros
    • DACK replicates the professional experience of hotel apps for guests.
    • Bundles multiple solutions into one subscription:
      • digital guest guide
      • smart home management
      • smart lock management
      • concierge (upsells)
    • At the time of publication, there are mixed reviews for users' experience with the app, but it is currently rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with 392 reviews.
  • Cons
    • Utilizing some third-party integrations such as RemoteLock and NoiseAware will require additional individual subscriptions.
    • DACK positions itself as a high-end service and is priced accordingly.
    • DACK takes a 7% commission and 3% merchant service fee on all upsells purchased through the app.
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A complete suite that automates and simplifies the challenges of short-term and vacation rentals.



Property Management Software Pricing

Starter: $109/month for up to 4 listings.

Pro: $199/month for up to 11 listings.

Pro Plus: $249/month for up to 19 listings.

Premium: $260/month for 20+ listings.

Discounts are available for annual pricing.

Additional charges apply for  Stripe and Paypal processing.


Digital Guidebook Pricing

Free: Your first guide book is free.

Additional guidebooks are $9.99/per month.

  • Recommended For the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Unified Inbox From All Connected OTAs – Yes

    Unified Calendar From All Connected OTAs – Yes

    Unified Quote Management For All Connected OTAs  – Yes

    Rate Management For All Connected OTAs – Yes

    Channel Management for the Following OTAs 

    • Airbnb – Direct API connection
    • – Direct API connection
    • Vrbo – Direct API connection
    • Hometogo
    • GetawayGoGo
    • Tripadvisor Rentals
    • VacayMyWay
    • FindRentals
    • Homads
    • Google Vacation Rentals
    • Apartment Love
    • Whimstay
    • GoLightly
    • Viator
    • Yupe
    • Red Awning
    • Additional niche OTAs available through integration with Rentals United or NextPax.

    Setup Service – Yes, $600 set-up fee.

    Payment Processors – Integrates with the following payment processors:

    Accounting – Yes, via Quickbooks integration. Also integrates with Ximplifi.

    Trust Accounting – No

    Cleaning and Maintenance – Yes, all Hostfully customers get a complimentary subscription to Turno.  Also integrates with:

    Reports – Yes

    Channel Specific Promotions Unknown

    External Website integration –  Yes, with a widget and API integration with select web design agencies. 

    Internal Website builder – Yes

    Email Service Provider Integration – Yes, via Mailchimp

    Review Aggregation from OTAs – Yes, via Revyoos WordPress plugin.

    Guest Messaging – Yes, guest messaging available via email.  SMS and WhatsAPP messages are also available for Pro plans or higher. Additional messaging options are available through integration with Akia.

    Guest ID Management – Yes, via integrations with:

    • Autohost
    • Charge Automation
    • Chekin
    • Superhog

    Automated Rental Agreements –  Yes

    Digital Signatures for Agreements – Yes, via integration with HelloSign.

    Internal dynamic pricing tool – No

    External dynamic pricing integration  – Yes, via integration with:

    Security Deposits – Yes, via Charge Automation integration.

    Guest Damage Insurance – Yes, via integration with:

    Guest Vetting – Yes, via integrations with:

    Mobile App – Yes

    Smart Home   Yes, via integration with

    Bookings Direct from Facebook – No

    Smart Lock Integration – Yes, via integration with

    Upsells and Add-ons – Yes, via integrations with:

    • AIPEX virtual concierge
    • BabyQuip
    • Charge Automation

    Property Management Features

    Invoicing – Unknown

    Property Management Reports – Enhanced reporting options are available.

    Owner Login – Unknown

    Owner Statements – Unknown

    Customer Service Via – 24/7 email and chat support, a customer support team to help customers maximize use of the platform, and an extensive knowledge library.

    Additional Features:

    • Hostfully has the ability to bulk edit multiple aspects of listings.
    • Hostfully also has a digital guest guidebook.
    • Zapier integration lets you connect to a wide variety of additional third-party solutions.

    Digital Guest Guidebook Features

    • Offer local recommendations.
    • Images, videos, and map embedding.
    • Customizable sections and categories.
    • Voice content.
    • Upsell via Guidebook Marketplace.
    • Referral revenue.
    • Capture every guest’s email address.
    • Customizable branding and themes.
    • Ability to use a custom domain.
    • Translate into 16 languages.
    • Integration with Hostfully PMS.
    • Works on all devices.
    • Share a custom link, QR code, or printable PDF.
  • Pros
    • The first digital guest guidebook is free.
    • 24/7 customer support via email and chat is very help.  Hostfully reports a 95% customer satisfaction rate from customers who interact with members of the customer support team.
    • White glove support is also available for Premium users.
    • Custom engineering is available to meet the needs of enterprise-level property management companies.
    • Hostfully recently launched an updated mobile app.
    • Hostfully has a broad range of third-party integrations, which makes it easy for users to find solutions for all aspects of their business.
  • Cons
    • As with many PMS companies, take into account the additional fees for each third-party integration you choose to use.
    • SMS messaging and digital signatures are not available on the Starter plan.
    • Features and support vary by subscription as opposed to being available to all Hostfully users.
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Chekin provides a cutting edge solution that automates the entire guest registration process, allowing STRs to save time, enhance operations and enhance the guest experience.

A white-label, no download guest-app suitable for all accommodation types: STRs, hotels, villas, serviced apartments, campings and glampings.


Pricing Plans

4€/month/ property if billed annually
4€/month/ property if billed annually
Contact Sales support
  • Recommended for the Following

    Chekin is suitable for any STR independent of their size.

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Online Check-in 

    • Offer guests a smooth and easy online check-in in-brand experience from the comfort of their homes. 
    • Once the reservation is confirmed, guests will receive a link leading them to online check-in, where they will complete the registration process. Easy, fast, and simple. 
    • A fully automatic process – all the information will be synchronized and updated on the same platform. 

    Identity Verification 

    • Chekin offers the most advanced biometric match technology, which will allow you to verify the identity of your guests remotely at any time. 
    • Verify the guest’s identity to ensure that the documentation provided corresponds to the person accessing your properties.

    Upselling & Experiences 

    • Promote add-ons during the online experience to boost revenue with every reservation.
    • Showcase all your offers and experiences through a web app available at any time, from check-in to check-out.
    • Generate extra revenue and elevate the guest experience at key touch points of the guest stay.

    Self Check-in 

    • Say goodbye to lines and managing key deliveries. Upon completing online check-in, guests receive a virtual card for easy and autonomous access.
    • Allow guests to access independently via smart lock integration, smart box, and physical keys you leave at a nearby store for guests to collect.

    Legal Compliance & Police Reports

    • Automatically send guest registration slips to the authorities and ensure all legal boxes are checked.
    • Allow guests to scan and sign all needed contracts before arrival. You can customize it for each of your properties.

    Tourist Taxes

    • Checkin software automatically calculates the tourist rates for any country or region worldwide.

    Guest Communications

    • Send automated marketing emails at key points of the guest journey to engage with guests and generate positive reviews.

    Damage Protection

    • Include online deposits or damage protection as an additional step in the online check-in process to safeguard your properties from any unplanned repair costs.
    • There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount. You can choose the amount that aligns best with your strategy.
    • The damage protection program offers a zero-deductible coverage and protects against accidental and intentional damage caused by guests.


    • Manage and automate all your guests’ payments from the Chekin dashboard.
    • You have the option to configure payments through mandatory or optional online check-in.

    Additional Features

    • Reports and ROI
    • Digital guidebooks
    • Fully integrated with most major property management software companies and tech stacks.


    • Smoobu
    • Guesty
    • Res:harmonics
    • Cloudbeds
    • Hostify
    • Lodgify
    • Masteryield
    • Beds24
    • dataHotel Software
    • Octorate
    • Amenitiz
    • Hostaway
    • Smily
    • Rentals united
    • 365 villas
    • SiteMinder
    • Little Hotelier
    • planyo
    • eviivo
    • Mews
    • Apaleo
    • OfiHo
    • OwnerRez
    • Bookipro
    • rentlio
    • hoteliga
    • FNSRooms
    • avantio
    • AviaBook
    • Hostfully
    • Lavanda
    • Tommy Booking Support
    • Verial
    • feratel
    • WuBook
    • mirai

    Remote Access

    • Yacan Smart
    • Keynest
    • omnitec
    • Nuki
    • TTLock
    • Keycafe
    • akiles
    • homeit
    • RemoteLock
    • Vera
    • Yale
    • Schlage
    • Kwikset
    • LifeSafety Power
    • HID
    • igloohome
    • UniKey
    • August
    • Mercury Security
    • Alfred
    • Emtek Assa Abloy
    • Progress OpenEdge
    • Mondise
    • Salto
    • Elea Open
    • Keyless (coming soon)


    • Abal Consulting

    Customer Support:

    • Personalized support via email, educational webinars and email communications.
  • Pros
    • A white-label, no-download guest app that cuts check-in times by 87%
    • Trusted by 50,000+ properties worldwide
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RueBaRue is a guest communication platform for vacation rentals. It automates a rental home’s guestbook, streamlining the check-in process for both guests and hosts, making it easier and more secure. Another of RueBaRue’s standout features is its local area guides, which give guests at-a-glance access to attractions and points of interest near their destination. With smart lock automation, checking in and out has been made even simpler with PIN codes or one-time passwords, personalizing each stay while still ensuring peace of mind for the host.


Pricing Plan

Digital Guestbook
Starting at $8.33 and tiered by the # of properties.
Text Messaging
Starting at $8.33 and tiered by the # properties.
Starting at $12.49 and tiered by the # of properties.
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Digital Guest Guide

    • Customizable with your branding.
    • Can schedule to your guide to be automatically be sent to your guests via SMS or email.
    • Customizable guide layout.
    • Automatic distance calculation from your property to local recommendations to assist your guests with planning their day.
    • Mobile and desktop friendly.
    • QR code available to place in the home and allow guests to access the guide.
    • Printable.
    • Yale and August smart lock integration can automatically generate codes and include them in your guest guide.
    • Analytics to track guide use.


    Guest SMS Messaging

    • Increase revenue by filling gap nights between bookings with automated Extend Guest Stay messages.
    • Answer guest texts instantly using SMS Guest Messaging.
    • Capture website leads and answer visitor questions by text with SMS Webchat.
    • Automated requesting guest reviews. 
    • Automated guest surveys let you find out what your guests like and don’t like before, during, and after their stay.
    • Message logs can are archived for later retrieval if needed.

    Mobile App

    • Yes


    PMS Integrations – Users must have a minimum of 3 units for PMS integration.


    Additional Information

    • RueBaRue can handle texting to international phone numbers.
    • RueBaRue assigns your business a dedicated phone number in your local area code. All messages are sent and received from this number.


    Customer Support

    • Phone
    • Email
  • Pros
    • 14 day free trial.
    • No setup or integration fees.
    • Free onboarding and training.
    • No contracts
    • SMS has a much higher open rate than email messages and is easy for your guests.
    • The guest messaging service has the option to allow multiple team members privileges to reply to message threads. This is a great feature to share guest messaging duties among more than one person.
    • Guest reviews can be published on your Google business listing and help grow your online reputation and increase direct bookings.
    • The Extend Stays feature automatically scans your calendar looking for gaps. You can quickly review the gaps it finds and  select those you want to invite to extend their stay = more revenue.
  • Cons
    • PMS integration is only available for accounts with 3 or more properties.
    • It will be great to see RueBaRue grow and add additional PMS integrations.
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Breezeway is a property operations app for vacation rental hosts and managers. With tools for task scheduling, quality assurance, real-time work coordination, guest messaging, and more. Breezeway helps short-term rental hosts and managers increase their operational efficiency, eliminate hours of manual work, and boost service revenue.


Tiered pricing based on number of properties active in Breezeway.

  • Recommended For The Following

    Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Breezeway was originally developed for use by property managers and co-hosts, so it’s features are created to support those with large portfolios, teams, and inventory.


  • Breezeway Features

    Automated Cleaner Scheduling – Yes, automatically schedule tasks for staff and cleaners based on reservation times and custom rules.

    Cleaner and Maintenance Payments – No, Breezeway does not have a feature to allow you to pay your team members through the platform.

    Cleaner Marketplace – No, Breezeway does not have a marketplace to find cleaners. Users invite their cleaning companies, linen services, maintenance personnel, etc., onto the Breezeway app.

    Cleaning Checklists – Yes, cleaning checklist templates that are fully customizable. A library of templates is available as a starting place.

    Messaging – Yes, it allows you to communicate with guests & owners about property issues and quickly relay information to cleaning and maintenance staff. Guest messaging is an add-on service not included in the basic Breezeway membership.  Staff can receive push notifications, emails, or SMS messages for new tasks.

    Quality Verification Photos – Yes, cleaning staff can upload photos of completed work, providing quality control for owners/managers and documentation of the property’s condition when they arrived and the condition before guest arrival.

    Issue Reporting – Yes, the cleaning team can report any issues they discover during cleaning and report it directly to the host/manager/maintenance as needed.

    Inventory Management – The inventory feature simplifies consumables management and reduces the risk of running out of supplies.

    Linen Management – Yes

    Quality Control Inspection Management – Yes, a complimentary property safety inspection course is available.

    *Proper Insurance offers a premium discount to properties with a completed safety inspection course.

    Digital Guide Book – Yes, supports guests throughout their stay with the property info they need to reduce unnecessary questions and complaints and elevate your brand. The guide is an add-on service not included in the basic Breezeway membership.
    • Easy to setup for professionals and hosts, and guests
    • Fully customizable and dynamic throughout the events in the stay
    • Saves time by reducing calls, emails & texts regarding basic property instructions
    • Limits confusion and an unclear check-in
    • Sets a professional and on-brand first impression for a 5-star guest experience
    • Demonstrate professional hospitality service to your guests
    • Increase review collection and average review scores


    Cleaning Team Screening – No

    Mobile App – Yes, a mobile app is available for staff and can function without wifi connection.

    Customer Support – 

    • Chat support
    • Dedicated customer support representative
    • Knowledge library

    PMS Integrations – Direct integration with numerous property management systems to automatically pull reservation information and trigger messages and scheduling with your cleaning and maintenance teams.

    Other Integrations:

    Other Features:

    • Hosts can track cleaning and property care with the ” Smart Task and Monitoring Dashboard.”
    • You can track the whereabouts of your team through a GPS map view.
    • Integrates with smart locks for home access and security.
    • Breezeway has just released a digital welcome guide product.


  • Pros
    • Breezeway's inventory management tool is especially helpful with ensuring you don't run out of consumable products: toiletries, trash bags, light bulbs, batteries, etc. Anything you use can be tracked.
    • Breezeway integrates with most of the leading property management systems.
    • Intuitive and user-friendly app and website.
    • It's nice that the guest messaging feature is an add-on because users may already have other products in their tech stack they utilize for messaging.  It's there if you need it, but you don't have to pay for it if you don't need it.
  • Cons
    • Some have reported that the mobile app used by cleaning and maintenance teams in the field can run slowly at times. Breezeway has built a way for team members to download their tasks and work offline, but it is important you train your teams how to use this feature.
    • Don't get carried away! Users of Breezeway, and similar other platforms, should be careful not to create overwhelming cleaning and maintenance checklists for their teams. There are so many options for task creation, requiring photos, etc. that it is easy to get carried away and create checklists with hundreds of items.
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Enso Connect is a multi-tool that handles many aspects your STR workflow.  It is a guest experience platform that connects to your property management software and helps you personalize and monetize interactions throughout the guest journey: from inquiry to checkout and beyond. From AI-driven automated messaging to smart lock-enabled check-in portals, custom upsell opportunities and multi-channel marketing.


Tiered pricing based on the number of units.

Although we’re unable to disclose the exact price per unit, we felt the pricing was competitive compared to similar products on the market.

Contact Enso Connect for a demo to get a custom quote.

  • Recommended For the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, Enso Connect is structured to work well for small operators and to scale as your portfolio grows.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, Enso Connect can be used as an enterprise-level solution.

  • Features

    Boarding Pass

    • The Boarding Pass is a web app used by guests that can be customizable to fit your brand.
    • You can create custom guest verification rules based on which platform the reservation came from. Airbnb guests can have one screening process, while can have another. Enso Connect offers 3 guest verification partners:
      • Autohost
      • Partee
      • Superhog
      • *Additional screening fees may apply from the partner companies.
    • Rental Agreement – Guests can view and sign your rental agreement and rules within the Boarding Pass.
    • Security Deposits and Damage Waivers – Set rules to automate the collection and release of security deposits, holds, or damage waivers.
    • Remote check-in – With a wide range of smart lock integrations, you can completely automate guests’ access to your property (see below for smart lock integrations).
    • Use “If This Than That” technology to configure when guests receive access to their check-in instructions. For example, create rules that prevent check-in instructions from being sent until the rental agreement has been signed and the security deposit has been collected.
    • Digital Guest Guides – A full-featured digital guest guide allows you to share important information about your property, reduce questions, and help guests live like locals. You can create multiple variations of your guide to create a hyper-personalized guest experience. For example, you could create seasonal versions that guide your guests to activities and venues relevant to that time of year. Videos can be included in your guide.
    • Key Boarding Pass information can be saved to Apple Wallet for offline use.


    Unified Inbox and Guest Communication

    • Send and receive email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Airbnb messages from the Enso Connect inbox.
    • Messages can be scheduled and automated.
    • Send Airbnb and channel messages directly from the Enso Connect inbox (available with Guesty, Hostaway, and BookingSync).
    • You can purchase a phone number to send and receive SMS messages to your guests or use one your brand already has. *Additional fees may apply.
    • Automate Whatsapp messages with templates.
    • AI messaging features can detect a guest’s mood and customize messages appropriately.



    Affiliate Links and Local Services Earn affiliate commissions when you connect your guests to the local vendors and services they need. Examples of affiliate programs available include:

      • Alfred
      • BabyQuip
      • UberEats
      • Instacart
      • Lyft
      • Bolt
      • The Host Co.
      • Mount
      • Spareplace
      • Local tour and attraction operators (you must source these relationships)
      • And many more.


    Direct Bookings

    • Direct links from the Boarding Pass directly to your website so guests can easily rebook with you.
    • Direct links to your social channels.


    Contactless Check-out:

    • Guests checkout via the boarding pass.
    • Notification is sent once guests have left.
    • Guests can leave reviews directly through the Boarding Pass.
    • Promote late checkout upsells.


    CRM – Customer Relationship Management

    • Enso Connect gathers guests’ data and preferences during the check-in process and over the course of their stay.
    • Guests can be segmented according to their purpose for travel, purchases, and sentiment.
    • Use this data to create hyper-focused marketing campaigns.
    • Metrics data such as booking channels, lengths of stays, cancellation patterns, purchases made, sentiment, conversations, etc. can be pulled to inform your marketing decisions.
    • Data is exportable to other tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, or other CRMs.


    PMS Integrations: 


    Smart Lock Integrations:


    Customer Support – Via chat support, and email.

  • Pros
    • The CRM features allow hosts and property managers to gather guest data in one place and use the information to market more strategically and effectively.
    • Enso Connect’s services are available world-wide and can be used in numerous languages.
    • Through the affiliate program, you can make referral commissions when you connect guests to services they need.
    • The small commission percentage Enso Connect receives for upsells is passed onto the guests, so the host's revenue is protected.
    • AI guest messaging features show Enso Connect's commitment to bringing leading-edge technology to it's subscribers.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Enso Connect only integrates with a handful of PMS platforms, but the list is constantly growing.
    • On-platform VRBO messaging is not available.
    • One-time on boarding fee.
    • Additional fees may apply for services rendered by Enso Connect's integration partners.
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Operto is a multi-faceted solution for managing vacation rental businesses. It provides automation for guest experiences such as check-in, check-out, messaging, and digital guest guides. It also features a dashboard for easy control of smart devices, noise monitoring, temperature control, and PMS integrations.





Pricing is only available with a product demo.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, but a minimum of ten properties is required to use the Operto Teams product.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Operto is designed to support property management companies and those with a large portfolios.

  • Features

    Operto Guest App:

    • Customizable with your brands colors and logo.
    • Digital check-in and check-out for guests.
    • Collect guest contact information.
    • Auto translation of text to serve international guests.
    • Property access control via smart locks.
    • Digital Guest Guidebooks.
    • Conditionally triggered automated guest messages.
    • Scheduled marketing messages.
    • Direct guest messaging for on-demand guest communication.
    • In-app promotions to offer upsells and add-ons.
    • Custom featured content.
    • Digital house manual.
    • Mobile key ready.
    • Global content for all units in a multi-unit property.
    • Unit-level customization for units in a multi-unit property.

    Digital Front Desk

    • Digital check-in.
    • Manage early check-ins.
    • Digital check-out.
    • Terms and conditions and rental agreements.
    • Creates and assigns digital access codes automatically.
    • Guest security verification.
    • Gather guest contact details.
    • Create auto replies for frequently asked questions.
    • Streamlined guest onboarding flow.


    • On-demand direct messaging as needed.
    • Content-specific threads.
    • Manager dashboard message inbox.
    • Assign dedicated hosts to manage messages for specific units.
    • “New message” notifications by email or SMS.
    • Add images, videos, and PDFs to messages.

    Digital Guest Guides

    • A web-based app.
    • Create custom categories and pages for your digital guest guide.
    • Scheduled content.
    • Feature video, images, and buttons.
    • Live preview mode.
    • Multi-language auto translations.
    • Trigger content-specific message threads.
    • Set featured content.
    • Custom content sorting.
    • Create prewritten auto-replies.

    Near Me (Guest Recommendations)

    • Create custom amenity guides with in-app links, external links, or messenger links.
    • Add your own curated recommendations and notes.
    • Information is pulled from Google to streamline the process of adding places near your location.

    Access Control

    • Via integration with partner smart lock companies.
    • Assign and revoke lock codes.
    • Monitor lock access.
    • Trigger messages and other automation based on device interaction Guest app remote unlock.
    • Remotely monitor battery levels.

    Temperature Control

    • Via integration with Ecobee.
    • Create campaigns requesting guests’ temperature preferences.
    • Trigger messages and other automation based on device interaction.
    • Adjust temperature settings based on check-in and check-out dates and times.
    • Communicate an eco-friendly location to guests concerned about the environment.

    Noise Monitoring

    • Via integration with NoiseAware.
    • 24/7 monitoring.
    • Indoor and outdoor monitoring options.
    • Access historical data about your property Auto guest notifications.
    • Manage noise thresholds.
    • Sync with reservations.
    • Trigger messages and other automation based on device settings.

    Operto Teams – A property care and maintenance solution for property management companies.

    • Automatically creates tasks for your teams.
    • Allows managers to assign team members to tasks.
    • Operto app for team members in the field allows team members to:
      • View assigned tasks
      • Clock-in / Clock-out
      • Complete task checklists (ie cleaning checklists)
      • Provide photo verification of completed tasks
    • Report issues and provide photo and/or video documentation.
    • Integrates with Quickbooks Online to assist with team payroll time tracking, and invoicing of owners.
    • Owner notification of work being done on their properties.
    • Linen management.


    PMS Integration

    Smart Device Integrations

    Customer Support: Email

  • Pros
    • Integrates with a broad range of property management software companies and smart devices.
    • Operto is continuing to add integrations and expand the variety of smart locks and smart home products it integrates with.
    • Because Operto addresses many aspects of property management, it allows users to address multiple needs with one software subscription instead of numerous subscriptions.
    • Operto users can order smart locks for a discount through them.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Ecobee is the only thermostat Operto integrates with. Although Ecobee is a top choice for thermostat offerings, more options would be nice.
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Duve helps hospitality professionals improve performance, increase profitability, and enhance their brand using a single platform. Creating a deeper, friendlier, and enhanced experience for their guests.


  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – 

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  

  • Features

    We’re not quite ready to publish our review of Duve.


    Please write a review below and share your experience with Duve.

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GuestView Guide is created by Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a pioneer in interactive display technology with more than a century of expertise and invention. GuestView Guide was created to equip vacation rentals with the technologies they need to produce enlightening and practical guidebooks. Using our digital concierge platform, you can give your visitors an easy-to-use interactive guide that can be updated at any moment with new restaurants and activities, different operating hours, offers, and more.


GuestView Guides’ pricing is tiered by the number devices.

New users only pay for the monthly subscription, and don’t have a large upfront purchase price for the screen.


Contact GuestView for a custom price quote.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    GuestView Guide Specifications:

    • Sharp NEC 21.5” high-definition touchscreen display.


    Digital Guidebook

    • A personalized guide for your guests including check-in surveys.
    • Home screen resources such as how-to videos for your property, checking the weather, and obtaining area recommendations.
    • Local recommendations, local activities, and slideshows.
    • Reduced phone calls by providing how-to property information, real-time guest communication, and interactive guest checkout.
    • More revenue by offering extra services, promoting upsells, and encouraging rebooking.


    Reservation Sync

    • GuestView Guide works with numerous property management software companies via an iCal link.  It automatically pulls in the dates of your guest’s stay and, depending on your PMS, can even pull in the guest’s name.


    • Remote setup via the cloud-based GuestView Guide Dashboard. Quickly update your property’s information and interact with visitors from any location.



    • GuestView Guide makes rebooking simple for guests via a rebooking banner on your guest’s home screen.  You can create custom rebooking promotions and offers.


    Video creation

    • The ability to record and publish videos using your mobile device lets you show guests how to use different appliances and equipment, or highlight some of the special features of your property.


    Analytics tracking: 

    • Shows what the most popular content is, and what offers and information visitors send to their phones.
    • The number of views.
    • Orders for extra services.
    • And more.


    Sharp NEC Display

    • Sharp NEC support from the initial installation and onboarding through the ongoing use of GuestView Guide.
    • Automatic software updates with all future enhancements.
    • Customer support from SHARP NEC.




    Customer Support

    • Email
  • Pros
    • The interactive touchscreen creates a high-end professional experience for your guests and has wow factor.
    • A highly visible way to offer stay upsells, impulse add-ons, and  rebooking.
    • Users only pay the monthly fee and don't have the purchase the Sharp NEC screen up front to get started.
    • GuestViewGuide Analytics tracking allows you to keep track of the most popular content, offers, and information.
    • The GuestView Guide Dashboard is accessible through any web browser, so you can quickly update your property’s information and interact with visitors on the go.
  • Cons
    • Guide content is only available for guests once they are on site.
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Localbird connects travelers with local experiences and services while helping hosts earn commission revenue and deliver a top-notch guest experience at scale.


Creating a localbird account is free. Hosts and property managers receive affiliate commissions when guests book and experience through your localbird guestbook landing pages.

  • Recommended For the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, because Localbird is free to set up and use it is especially worth consideration for small operators who many have tight profit margins.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features


    • Create a free digital guidebook/partner landing page for each of your properties or locations.
    • Include information such as:
      • Welcome messages
      • Instructions
      • House Rules
      • Contact information
      • WIFI password
      • Tours & Experiences
    • Share your guidebook via a link share via email, SMS, Whatsapp message, or QR code.
    • Earn a 10% commission each time someone books an experience through your landing page guidebook.

    Track your earnings

    • No referral is left unearned.
    • With your Partner dashboard, you can see what your guests are bookings, how much they spent, and most importantly– how much you earned.

    Inviting Vendors

    • Users can invite vendors and local experience providers they already know and trust to join Localbird and grow their business!


  • Pros
    • Getting started with Localbird and creating as many guidebooks/landing pages as you need is free.
    • Localbird can be used by multiple property types: short-term rentals, hotels, aparthotels, boutique hotels, etc.
    • Once hosts and property managers establish relationships with local vendors and set up their guidebook/landing page they can automate sending guests the guide link and basically receive affiliate revenue with little or no additional work.
  • Cons
    • The Localbird guidebook/landing page is more basic than the offerings of other digital guidebook companies, but keep in mind, that it is offered for free.
    • Localbird is still adding cities that are supported on it's platform.
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SuiteOp was created by operators with experience managing entire downtown buildings, boutique and large hotels, single-family homes, and unique accommodations.

Now, it’s your turn to elevate your operations and guest experience.



Core Plan – Starting at $12.30 per unit/month

Pro Plan – Starting at $18.70 per unit/month

Max Plan – Starting at $26.90 per unit/month

Plan Add-ons

Smart Device Management – Each plan includes the management of 1 smart device.  Unlimited additional devices can be added for $3.00 per device/month

Alexa Integration – $6.00 per device/month

AI Guest Verification – $8.00 per unit/month

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, small operators and self-managing owners looking to streamline operations should consider SuiteOp.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, SuiteOp was specifically built to service property management companies at scale.

  • Features

    SuitePortal – Online Check-in and Property and Area Guide

    • The SuitePortal is a web app accessed through a link. Guests do not have to download an app.
    • Provides access instructions for a hassle-free check-in experience.
    • Photos and videos can be added.
    • Customized upsells such as early check-in, late checkout, mid-stay cleans, etc., from your digital guidebook. 100% of upsell revenue goes to the property manager or host.
    • Local travel guides with an interactive map and one-click Google Maps integration.
    • Easily recommend local attractions and experiences with Viator integration and earn affiliate revenue when your guests book an experience.
    • Uber and Lyft integrations (Coming soon)
    • The property and area guide is downloadable as a PDF file.


    • An additional feature that may be added to the SuitePortal.  SuiteVerify allows guests to read and sign your rental agreement and verify their identity.
    • Security deposit/hold – Capture a hold of your desired amount and withhold funds for damages with one click.
    • Selfie and ID upload – Guests upload their ID or passport and take a selfie. The algorithm verifies the identities match.
    • Zapier and Slack integration to automate alerts.
    • Capture the guest’s phone number.


    • Smart lock integrations – Codes are created automatically and set to activate and inactivate in conjunction with the reservation beginning and end.
    • Thermostat management – Create custom temperature limits and a comfortable stay for your guests.
    • Smart Things hub management – Manage your hubs from one place and be alerted if your hubs go offline.
    • Smart devices integrations include:

    SuiteMonitor – Monitor and manage noise, occupancy, and air quality in your properties.

    PMS Integrations

  • Pros
    • A free trial is available.
    • Owners and property managers receive 100% of the revenue generated by upsells and reservation add-ons.
    • Affiliate revenue options are available through additional partners such as BabyQuip, Viator, etc.
    • Sonos smart speaker integration layers a fun feature into an otherwise utilitarian platform.
    • Slack and Zapier integrations can automate useful notifications.
    • SuiteBook - booking engine and direct booking website feature is coming.
    • SuiteKeeper - housekeeping and maintenance operations feature is coming.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Guesty is the only PMS integration available, but more are coming.
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Orana Stay offers a fully branded digital guest guide app that will save you time and drive revenue growth.


Contact Orana Stay for a price quotation.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, Orana Stay can be used by operators with as few as one property.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Orana Stay can assist with onboarding property management companies entire portfolio and support businesses who are operating at scale.

  • Features

    Solutions Offered:

    • Guest Guides – App-based digital guest guides
    • Comms Hub – Guest communication
    • Onboarding – The Orana Stay team can assist with
    • Outsource – Orana Stay can facilitate keeping your digital guides updated.

    Digital App – The following features can be included in your digital guest guide app.

    • Built-in maps, directions, and weather
    • Check-in instructions
    • Local attractions and insights
    • Introductory videos and images
    • WiFi password and access codes
    • Instructions for appliances
    • The best local restaurants and cafes – Yelp integration makes it easy to populate your guide with local favorites.
    • Promote local attractions
    • Bookings can made directly through the app
    • Direct messaging to reception
    • Departure instructions
    • Provide options for guests to leave reviews
    • Direct re-booking options to allow guests to get the best price and you to save on OTA fees.
    • Social media posts


    Mobile App: Yes

    Customer Support: Via phone, email, and contact form

  • Pros
    • Orana Stay allows you to create a branded and tailored guide with all the information your guests want and need to know.
    • You can easily upsell additional services like room upgrades, spa treatments, and more.
    • Offers real-time app translation into 107 languages.
  • Cons
    • Currently, it is only integrated to Guesty, OwnerRez, and homhero. More integrations coming soon.