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Safely protects short-term rentals with rigorous guest screening and robust insurance coverage up to $1 million. We provide peace of mind to homeowners and property managers as they grow revenue, optimize operations, and provide a superior guest experience.





As low as $5.95 per night. Coverage limits vary according to the plan you choose.

  • Recommended For The Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features

    ID Authentification – Yes

    Biometric Confirmation – Yes

    Guest Damage Insurance Coverage – Yes, up to $1,000,000 in coverage.

    • Structural Property Damage
    • Bodily Harm
    • Property Contents up to $25,000

    Security Deposit Management – No

    Guest Check-In – No

    Chargeback Protection – No

    Background Checks – Yes, a background check can be done for every primary guest to screen for:

    • Criminal checks
    • Global watchlists
    • Sex offender registries
    • Identity fraud
    • SafelyScreen, is Safely’s proprietary methodology to assess guest risk scores and reservation risk scores.

    Information Gathered for Background Checks

    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Address
    • Photo ID

    Rental Agreements with Digital Signatures – No

    Coverage Exclusions

    • Force majeure: uncontrollable events such as war, labor stoppages, or extreme weather, etc.
    • Uninsured periods: Since the Safely insurance is tied to each reservation, the periods between guest stays do not have coverage from Safely.
    • The loss cannot be tied to an insured rental.
    • Damage not caused by the guest.
    • Damage caused by: weather, normal wear and tear, and formal events.
    • Liability related to the use of
      • Pets (including bites)
      • Viruses
      • Bacteria
      • Invasion of privacy
      • Injuries a guest causes to another guest
      • Damages a guest causes to neighbors
      • Property not maintained by the named insured.

    PMS Integrations – Integrates with the following:

    Additional Information

    • Coverage extends to the homeowner, property manager, and guest.
  • Pros
    • Offers different levels of coverage to meet every host or PMs needs and budget.
    • Claims can be filed up to 60 day after guests depart.
    • Integrates with a broad range of property management software so coverage can be automatically added to each of your reservations.
    • Claim submission process is easy: take photos, submit the claim, and await payment.
    • Claims less than $1,000 are usually paid in one business day.
    • Handles both guest vetting and supplemental insurance for each reservation.
    • Available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • Cons
    • Does not offer chargeback coverage.
    • Users should be aware of coverage exclusions.
    • Not available outside the United States.
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Superhog is a digital trust platform that was created by two hosts who shared similar vision of using technology to solve the trust and protection gap for millions of short-term rental hosts, operators, and guests. As of 2023, the company operates in over 25 countries and has helped with more than a million bookings.


First 30 Days FREE for STR HUB Users

Guest Screening

A flat low monthly fee per listing per month.

Advanced Protection Insurance Coverage

A low per-reservation fee.


  • Recommended For The Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features

    Guest Screening

    • Intelligent Guest Screening (Email, Phone, Address)
    • SUPERHOG Database Search
    • ID Capture and selfie capture – Optional to include for a small additional fee.

    Security Deposits  

    • Superhog can manage the collection and administration of security deposits or damage waivers across all your connected OTAs.

    Damage Waivers

    • As an alternative to security deposits, Superhog can collect a $35 nonrefundable damage waiver for each reservation.
    • Damage waiver funds are designed to help you build an additional pot of money, which can be used to cover small damages.
    • If excess funds are saved you are free to take the surplus as extra revenue.

    Advanced Guest Damage Insurance Coverage – Covers larger claims ranging from $500 to $5,000,000.

    • Coverages
      • Guest property damage
      • Guest damage due to theft
      • Guest damage to belongings
      • Guest damage to common areas
    • Exclusions
      • General wear/tear and cosmetic damage
      • Bodily injury suffered by a guest or host
      • Damage not caused by a guest

    Chargeback Protection – Damage deposits and waiver payments are protected with 3D Secure to remove the risk of chargebacks.

    Rental Agreements  – Yes, Superhog can facilitate guests signing your rental agreement.

    PMS Integrations – Yes, integrates with the following:

  • Pros
    • Superhog is a trusted solution for vetting guests and adding another layer of protection for your property.
    • You can use Superhog even if you don't use property management software.
    • Handles both guest vetting and supplemental insurance for each reservation.
    • Advanced damage insurance covers up to $5,000,000 for one flat fee.
    • Superhog is available worldwide and supports multiple languages.
  • Cons
    • Contents coverage is limited to $150,000.
    • Superhog coverage is only for guest damages. It does not provide liability coverage or pay for property damages unrelated to guests, such as storm damage, mechanical failures, etc.
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Authenticate is a guest screening tool for vacation rentals that provides identity verification to prevent fraud and mitigate chargeback risk.


Both Free and Pay As You Go Screenings

  • 7 Levels of basic screening for free
  • 16 Additional screening available starting from $ 1 per check
  • No minimum monthly commitments
  • No long-term contracts.
  • Users customize which screenings best suite their businesses needs

  • Recommended For The Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – With numerous free screenings and the ability to customize which screenings you use, small operators can create a screening system to suit their operational needs.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, Authenticate works at scale and offers pricing discounts starting at 5% and increasing up to 20% off for volume screening purchases.

  • Features

    Free Screening Checks

    • Email Verification
    • Phone Number Verification
    • Facial Recognition & Liveness Detection
    • Authoritative Database Search
    • US Criminal Database Search
    • Global Watchlist Search
    • Risk Score – A free risk score associated with the name, address, phone number and email to determine whether the contact information is known to be associated with that person.
    Paid Screening Checks
    Government ID Verification
    Knowledge-Based Identity Authentication
    SSN Verification
    FEIN, Tax ID & DUNS® Verification
    Global Watch List Report
    Verify Inputs:
    • Provides insight into how confident Authenticate is of a person’s identity based on information provided by the guest. Verify Inputs are highly specific.
    Enhanced Government ID Verification
    True Continuous Monitoring™
    Current or Past US Employment Verification
    US College & University Verification
    US Professional License Verification
    DMV & MVR Verification
    Full US Business Verification
    7 Year Criminal Activity Verification
    County Criminal & Civil Record Verification

    Federal Criminal & Civil Record Verification


    ID Authentification – Yes

    Biometric Confirmation – Yes

    Guest Damage Insurance Coverage – No

    Chargeback Protection – ID verification through Authenticate can be used to help with chargeback dispute resolution.

    Background Checks – Yes

    Rental Agreements with Digital Signatures – No

    PMS Integrations – Integrates with the following:

    Additional Features –

    • Daily monitoring and instant risk alerts available for potential repeat guests. 
  • Pros
    • Instantaneous screening results.
    • Screening deters bad actors from booking your properties.
    • Authenticate's expanded screening options are beneficial for mid-term and long-term rentals that operators may have in their portfolios.
  • Cons
    • Authenticate does not get involved with dispute resolutions.
    • Currently, Authenticate only integrates with Guesty and Hostaway.  More PMS integrations are coming.
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Enso Connect is a multi-tool that handles many aspects your STR workflow.  It is a guest experience platform that connects to your property management software and helps you personalize and monetize interactions throughout the guest journey: from inquiry to checkout and beyond. From AI-driven automated messaging to smart lock-enabled check-in portals, custom upsell opportunities and multi-channel marketing.


Tiered pricing based on the number of units.

Although we’re unable to disclose the exact price per unit, we felt the pricing was competitive compared to similar products on the market.

Contact Enso Connect for a demo to get a custom quote.

  • Recommended For the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, Enso Connect is structured to work well for small operators and to scale as your portfolio grows.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, Enso Connect can be used as an enterprise-level solution.

  • Features

    Boarding Pass

    • The Boarding Pass is a web app used by guests that can be customizable to fit your brand.
    • You can create custom guest verification rules based on which platform the reservation came from. Airbnb guests can have one screening process, while can have another. Enso Connect offers 3 guest verification partners:
      • Autohost
      • Partee
      • Superhog
      • *Additional screening fees may apply from the partner companies.
    • Rental Agreement – Guests can view and sign your rental agreement and rules within the Boarding Pass.
    • Security Deposits and Damage Waivers – Set rules to automate the collection and release of security deposits, holds, or damage waivers.
    • Remote check-in – With a wide range of smart lock integrations, you can completely automate guests’ access to your property (see below for smart lock integrations).
    • Use “If This Than That” technology to configure when guests receive access to their check-in instructions. For example, create rules that prevent check-in instructions from being sent until the rental agreement has been signed and the security deposit has been collected.
    • Digital Guest Guides – A full-featured digital guest guide allows you to share important information about your property, reduce questions, and help guests live like locals. You can create multiple variations of your guide to create a hyper-personalized guest experience. For example, you could create seasonal versions that guide your guests to activities and venues relevant to that time of year. Videos can be included in your guide.
    • Key Boarding Pass information can be saved to Apple Wallet for offline use.


    Unified Inbox and Guest Communication

    • Send and receive email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Airbnb messages from the Enso Connect inbox.
    • Messages can be scheduled and automated.
    • Send Airbnb and channel messages directly from the Enso Connect inbox (available with Guesty, Hostaway, and BookingSync).
    • You can purchase a phone number to send and receive SMS messages to your guests or use one your brand already has. *Additional fees may apply.
    • Automate Whatsapp messages with templates.
    • AI messaging features can detect a guest’s mood and customize messages appropriately.



    Affiliate Links and Local Services Earn affiliate commissions when you connect your guests to the local vendors and services they need. Examples of affiliate programs available include:

      • Alfred
      • BabyQuip
      • UberEats
      • Instacart
      • Lyft
      • Bolt
      • The Host Co.
      • Mount
      • Spareplace
      • Local tour and attraction operators (you must source these relationships)
      • And many more.


    Direct Bookings

    • Direct links from the Boarding Pass directly to your website so guests can easily rebook with you.
    • Direct links to your social channels.


    Contactless Check-out:

    • Guests checkout via the boarding pass.
    • Notification is sent once guests have left.
    • Guests can leave reviews directly through the Boarding Pass.
    • Promote late checkout upsells.


    CRM – Customer Relationship Management

    • Enso Connect gathers guests’ data and preferences during the check-in process and over the course of their stay.
    • Guests can be segmented according to their purpose for travel, purchases, and sentiment.
    • Use this data to create hyper-focused marketing campaigns.
    • Metrics data such as booking channels, lengths of stays, cancellation patterns, purchases made, sentiment, conversations, etc. can be pulled to inform your marketing decisions.
    • Data is exportable to other tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, or other CRMs.


    PMS Integrations: 


    Smart Lock Integrations:


    Customer Support – Via chat support, and email.

  • Pros
    • The CRM features allow hosts and property managers to gather guest data in one place and use the information to market more strategically and effectively.
    • Enso Connect’s services are available world-wide and can be used in numerous languages.
    • Through the affiliate program, you can make referral commissions when you connect guests to services they need.
    • The small commission percentage Enso Connect receives for upsells is passed onto the guests, so the host's revenue is protected.
    • AI guest messaging features show Enso Connect's commitment to bringing leading-edge technology to it's subscribers.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Enso Connect only integrates with a handful of PMS platforms, but the list is constantly growing.
    • On-platform VRBO messaging is not available.
    • One-time on boarding fee.
    • Additional fees may apply for services rendered by Enso Connect's integration partners.
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Chekin provides a cutting edge solution that automates the entire guest registration process, allowing STRs to save time, enhance operations and enhance the guest experience.

A white-label, no download guest-app suitable for all accommodation types: STRs, hotels, villas, serviced apartments, campings and glampings.


Pricing Plans

4€/month/ property if billed annually
4€/month/ property if billed annually
Contact Sales support
  • Recommended for the Following

    Chekin is suitable for any STR independent of their size.

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Online Check-in 

    • Offer guests a smooth and easy online check-in in-brand experience from the comfort of their homes. 
    • Once the reservation is confirmed, guests will receive a link leading them to online check-in, where they will complete the registration process. Easy, fast, and simple. 
    • A fully automatic process – all the information will be synchronized and updated on the same platform. 

    Identity Verification 

    • Chekin offers the most advanced biometric match technology, which will allow you to verify the identity of your guests remotely at any time. 
    • Verify the guest’s identity to ensure that the documentation provided corresponds to the person accessing your properties.

    Upselling & Experiences 

    • Promote add-ons during the online experience to boost revenue with every reservation.
    • Showcase all your offers and experiences through a web app available at any time, from check-in to check-out.
    • Generate extra revenue and elevate the guest experience at key touch points of the guest stay.

    Self Check-in 

    • Say goodbye to lines and managing key deliveries. Upon completing online check-in, guests receive a virtual card for easy and autonomous access.
    • Allow guests to access independently via smart lock integration, smart box, and physical keys you leave at a nearby store for guests to collect.

    Legal Compliance & Police Reports

    • Automatically send guest registration slips to the authorities and ensure all legal boxes are checked.
    • Allow guests to scan and sign all needed contracts before arrival. You can customize it for each of your properties.

    Tourist Taxes

    • Checkin software automatically calculates the tourist rates for any country or region worldwide.

    Guest Communications

    • Send automated marketing emails at key points of the guest journey to engage with guests and generate positive reviews.

    Damage Protection

    • Include online deposits or damage protection as an additional step in the online check-in process to safeguard your properties from any unplanned repair costs.
    • There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount. You can choose the amount that aligns best with your strategy.
    • The damage protection program offers a zero-deductible coverage and protects against accidental and intentional damage caused by guests.


    • Manage and automate all your guests’ payments from the Chekin dashboard.
    • You have the option to configure payments through mandatory or optional online check-in.

    Additional Features

    • Reports and ROI
    • Digital guidebooks
    • Fully integrated with most major property management software companies and tech stacks.


    • Smoobu
    • Guesty
    • Res:harmonics
    • Cloudbeds
    • Hostify
    • Lodgify
    • Masteryield
    • Beds24
    • dataHotel Software
    • Octorate
    • Amenitiz
    • Hostaway
    • Smily
    • Rentals united
    • 365 villas
    • SiteMinder
    • Little Hotelier
    • planyo
    • eviivo
    • Mews
    • Apaleo
    • OfiHo
    • OwnerRez
    • Bookipro
    • rentlio
    • hoteliga
    • FNSRooms
    • avantio
    • AviaBook
    • Hostfully
    • Lavanda
    • Tommy Booking Support
    • Verial
    • feratel
    • WuBook
    • mirai

    Remote Access

    • Yacan Smart
    • Keynest
    • omnitec
    • Nuki
    • TTLock
    • Keycafe
    • akiles
    • homeit
    • RemoteLock
    • Vera
    • Yale
    • Schlage
    • Kwikset
    • LifeSafety Power
    • HID
    • igloohome
    • UniKey
    • August
    • Mercury Security
    • Alfred
    • Emtek Assa Abloy
    • Progress OpenEdge
    • Mondise
    • Salto
    • Elea Open
    • Keyless (coming soon)


    • Abal Consulting

    Customer Support:

    • Personalized support via email, educational webinars and email communications.
  • Pros
    • A white-label, no-download guest app that cuts check-in times by 87%
    • Trusted by 50,000+ properties worldwide
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Autohost was built to help property owners and managers mitigate issues involving guests, such as property damage and criminal activity. It is an intelligent guest-screening and automation platform that was launched to help property owners and managers trust their guests. The company has created an automated process to review your reservations and keep your properties safe.






  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – 

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  

  • Features

    We’re not quite ready to publish our review of Autohost.


    Please write a review below and share your experience with Autohost.

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SuiteOp was created by operators with experience managing entire downtown buildings, boutique and large hotels, single-family homes, and unique accommodations.

Now, it’s your turn to elevate your operations and guest experience.



Core Plan – Starting at $12.30 per unit/month

Pro Plan – Starting at $18.70 per unit/month

Max Plan – Starting at $26.90 per unit/month

Plan Add-ons

Smart Device Management – Each plan includes the management of 1 smart device.  Unlimited additional devices can be added for $3.00 per device/month

Alexa Integration – $6.00 per device/month

AI Guest Verification – $8.00 per unit/month

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, small operators and self-managing owners looking to streamline operations should consider SuiteOp.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, SuiteOp was specifically built to service property management companies at scale.

  • Features

    SuitePortal – Online Check-in and Property and Area Guide

    • The SuitePortal is a web app accessed through a link. Guests do not have to download an app.
    • Provides access instructions for a hassle-free check-in experience.
    • Photos and videos can be added.
    • Customized upsells such as early check-in, late checkout, mid-stay cleans, etc., from your digital guidebook. 100% of upsell revenue goes to the property manager or host.
    • Local travel guides with an interactive map and one-click Google Maps integration.
    • Easily recommend local attractions and experiences with Viator integration and earn affiliate revenue when your guests book an experience.
    • Uber and Lyft integrations (Coming soon)
    • The property and area guide is downloadable as a PDF file.


    • An additional feature that may be added to the SuitePortal.  SuiteVerify allows guests to read and sign your rental agreement and verify their identity.
    • Security deposit/hold – Capture a hold of your desired amount and withhold funds for damages with one click.
    • Selfie and ID upload – Guests upload their ID or passport and take a selfie. The algorithm verifies the identities match.
    • Zapier and Slack integration to automate alerts.
    • Capture the guest’s phone number.


    • Smart lock integrations – Codes are created automatically and set to activate and inactivate in conjunction with the reservation beginning and end.
    • Thermostat management – Create custom temperature limits and a comfortable stay for your guests.
    • Smart Things hub management – Manage your hubs from one place and be alerted if your hubs go offline.
    • Smart devices integrations include:

    SuiteMonitor – Monitor and manage noise, occupancy, and air quality in your properties.

    PMS Integrations

  • Pros
    • A free trial is available.
    • Owners and property managers receive 100% of the revenue generated by upsells and reservation add-ons.
    • Affiliate revenue options are available through additional partners such as BabyQuip, Viator, etc.
    • Sonos smart speaker integration layers a fun feature into an otherwise utilitarian platform.
    • Slack and Zapier integrations can automate useful notifications.
    • SuiteBook - booking engine and direct booking website feature is coming.
    • SuiteKeeper - housekeeping and maintenance operations feature is coming.
  • Cons
    • Currently, Guesty is the only PMS integration available, but more are coming.