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Transparent offers market intelligence and data analytics for vacation rental property managers, hotels, DMOs, the tourism sector, the press, and portfolio investors by tracking more than 26 million properties in Airbnb,, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, and its property management software partners.


Pricing Plan

Smart Rental FREE
Smart Rental PRO
250 € per month and market. Billed annually at €3,000.
Transparent BI
Starting at 449 € per month and market. Billed annually at €5,388.
Revenue Management Course
249 €
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – No, it is unlikely that individual owners with a small portfolio will be able to justify the monthly expense of Transparent. The Smart Data Free product is free, but has limited information.


    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, Transparent is an enterprise-level market intelligence and data analytics tool geared towards property managers, co-hosts, hotels. They also have data products available for the media, municipalities, and investors.

  • Features

    Smart Rental Free

    • Historical ADR, occupancy & revenue.
    • Booking channel supply shares (what percentage of listings in that market are listed on the various OTAs).
    • Visualization of properties & info.


    Transparent Pro Dashboard: Typically used by property managers with 15+ properties.

    • Rates and Demand – See your market’s real-time and historical rates of listings.
    • Booking calendar – See occupancy by date for your listing vs. your competitors.
    • Pacing – Look at historical pacing and the booking rate for future dates.
    • Market Supply – Track the number of listings in your market with an interactive map.
    • Rankings – Get insights into top properties in your market.
    • Reviews – See recent reviews on properties in your market to determine what stands out to guests (both the good and the bad).
    • Revenue proposal reports assisting with prospecting new owners.
    • Prospect & invest effectively with an interactive supply map with performance filters.
    • Maximize occupancy using minimum stay analysis.
    • Compete & grow using property manager & listing performance ranking.
    • Export capabilities for external manipulation & reporting.
    • Personalized onboarding and customer support.


    Transparent BI: Typically used by property managers with 40+ properties.

    • Completely customized dashboards, reports, and graphs to give businesses the exact information they want the way they want it.
    • Infinite custom & owner reporting.
    • Property manager mapping, ranking & rate shopping.
    • Summarized historic market performance data (ADR, occupancy, and revenue).
    • Supply & OTA visualization and export.
    • Forward-looking rate, occupancy, and demand at the listing level on Airbnb, Vrbo, and
    • Personal support, email subscription & notifications.
    • Integrate directly with your PMS.


    Sources of Data:


    Customer Support:

    • Chat
    • Help Center


    Additional Features

    • On-demand Revenue Management course for 249€.
  • Pros
    • The review aggregation feature is a great way to keep tabs on the reviews other listings in your market have received. Knowing what stood out to their guests can inform your business decisions.
    • The revenue proposals are particularly helpful for property managers when prospecting for new owners.
    • Transparent can be used for any market in the world.
    • Transparent has a surprisingly good blog on its site where they write about market insights and trends.
  • Cons
    • The Smart Data Free product has limited information and isn't as helpful as other free offerings by some of the dynamic pricing tool companies.
    • As with all market intelligence tools, the data collected is historical. This creates limitations when making projections about future revenue, occupancy, etc. due to unforeseen events which could happen in the future. Users should keep this in mind when making decisions for their business.
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STR Insights helps short-term rental investors find their next short-term rental property. Users utilize a variety of filters to discover top vacation rental markets across the country by potential gross ROI.


Pricing Plans

  • Recommended for the Following

    STR Insights is for anyone looking to purchase a short-term rental who is undecided about what market to invest in or the type of property that will yield the highest ROI.

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes



  • Features

    Markets Dashboard: The market dashboard is the first place users start when researching US markets to invest in.

    • Search the entire United States with multiple filters:
      • Destination type (beach, mountain, lake, ski, college, river, etc.).
      • Bedroom count
      • City
      • Market size
      • Amount of STR regulation
      • Price
    • Organizes the data to get accurate property values and revenue potential for each market.


    Market Profile – Once users have identified a few interesting markets, they look at the market profiles for those markets. The market profile provides the following information:

    • Number of active STR listings in the market (available for rent 200+ days)
    • The average valuation of STR properties in that market. The valuation only includes of short-term rental properties.  By filtering out other property types it give a more accurate idea of property costs in that market.
    • Average revenue
    • Average ROI
    • Average Occupancy
    • Average Daily Rate
    • Amount of Regulation
    • This data can be further filtered according to bedroom count and percentile.
    • An interactive map displays active rentals for any given market.
    • Understand how different STRs perform in the same market


    Saved Market Feature: Lets users save markets they are interested in and view side by side comparisons to assist with the decision-making process.

    • Compare ROI from different markets.
    • Filter information by:
      • Number of bedrooms
      • Revenue percentile
      • Valuation
      • Active listing count per city


    ROI Estimates:

    • Pulls data from the top vacation rental providers like Vrbo and Airbnb.
    • Looks at the historical pricing, occupancy rates, and trends over the last 12 months to calculate estimated property values and historical revenues. 

    Data Sources

    Customer Support:

    • Email


    Other Features:

    • The Realtor and Lender Partnership Program helps you connect with STR-knowledgeable realtors and lenders once you find a market you’re interested in.
  • Pros
    • A STRINSIGHTS subscription lets you research markets in the entire United States.  Other market intelligence companies have users subscribe to each market individually, or charge a much higher price to research the entire United States. This makes STR Insights a great value.
    • An easy-to-use interface.
    • Being able to search by destination type is a fabulous feature when you have no clue where to start your market research other than knowing you want a property near a beach, mountains, National Park, etc.
    • The results of searches are easy to understand and digest.
    • It’s convenient to connect with realtors and lenders who know about the unique needs of STR investors.
    • STR Insights provides pricing valuation data, this valuation has filtered to only include short term rental properties and exclude other types of homes. That is very powerful.
    • Regulation data - It's very helpful to have a high level sense of the regulatory environment of different markets.  It's can be a key decision making criteria for some STR investors.
    • STR Insights is a new company with a strong roadmap.  It will be great to see how the company evolves and the new features they launch.
  • Cons
    • It’s important to understand that the ROI estimates are based on historical information. Individual markets, or the broader STR industry, may experience events that change the ROI potential of a particular property.
    • When you have access to search the entire US you may find an overwhelming number of potential markets to consider.  Utilizing the filtering features is critical.
    • Currently the pricing valuations don't break out valuation of different property types (entire home, condo, multi-family, etc).
    • STR Insights only provides data for the US, eventually it would be great if users could search globally.
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AllTheRooms is a market intelligence and data analytics provider for short-term rental owners, investors, and property managers. It offers a bird’s eye view of the market trend and competitors’ insights to optimize and improve your performance.


Pricing Plans

$19 per month/per market
$49 per month/per market
Contact for quote
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features

    AllTheRooms sources it’s data from Airbnb and Vrbo.


    Market Overview

    • Follow any market and save it for easy access or comparison.
    • Precision filters help refine your market for more relevant insights.
    • Access key metrics and market trends.
    • Listing level data for Airbnb and Vrbo.

    Future Data: 

    • Six months of future data based on occupancy and the ADR of bookings already made for future dates.
    • Choose from 3 different views.
    • Includes three years of historical data overlay to compare year-over-year.
    • Customizable competitor sets allow tracking competitors’ future pricing with the calendar view.

    Property Score:

    • Import your Vrbo or Airbnb listings.
    • Get a personalized score of your property’s performance in your market. 
    • Quickly compare your property’s performance with competitors.

    Historical Data:

    • Access up to four years of historical data and customize the date range you want to analyze.
    • Filter by percentiles so you can work with the data that is most relevant to you.
    • Downloadable reports. 

    Competitor Set:

    • Create a custom set of competitor listings and access:
      • Average daily rates
      • Occupancy rates
      • Future booked rates
      • Future demand
    • Access 4 years of historical data.
    • Access 6 months of future data projections.
    • Add and remove competitors as needed.
    • Access property-level qualitative data.

    AllTheRooms Data Analytics include:

    • Average daily rates
    • Occupancy rates
    • Market revenue
    • Listing revenue
    • Nights booked
    • Revenue per available night
    • Booking lead time
    • Future demand and rates

    Customer Support:

    • Email
    • Phone
    • Guide center
    • Webinars
  • Pros
    • The free version lets users research any market and shows data for 100 listings in that market, ADRs, 3 months of historical data, and 1 week of future data.
    • Data is sourced from Airbnb and Vrbo.
    • Data is available for markets worldwide.
    • AllTheRooms can be used with or without property management software integration.
  • Cons
    • Markets are subscribed to individually. This is a common model for market intelligence products, but creates limitations for those trying to research potential markets to invest in who may be interested in the performance of half a dozen or more markets.
    • As with all market intelligence tools, the data collected is historical. This creates limitations when making projections about future revenue, occupancy, etc. due to unforeseen events which could happen in the future. Users should keep this in mind when making decisions for their businesses.
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AirDNA has become a multi-tool.  Originally its core service was market intelligence and data analytics for vacation rental investors, hosts, and property managers.  Now they also offer a dynamic pricing tool for hosts and property managers and sell market information to destination marketing organizations, tourism organizations, hedge funds, financial service companies, and academics.


For Investors, Hosts, and Researchers:


  • $15 per month, billed annually


  • $25 per month, billed annually


  • $1,199 per month, billed annually


For Property Managers, DMOs, and Businesses contact Sales Support.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, owners who are considering investing in a new market, want to research the revenue potential of a specific property, or want to manage the pricing of their listings would be well served by an AirDNA subscription.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, professional co-hosts and property managers should definitely use a market intelligence and data analytics tool to optimize their listing’s performance.

    Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors – Research how much a property could potentially earn as an STR.

  • Features

    Market Research

    • Research your STR market. Gain valuable insights into your market: occupancy rates, competitive trends, average nightly rates, and more.
    • Get smart about pricing. Know exactly how much to charge based on your vacation rental pricing strategy.
    • Calculate potential earnings. Understand the investment potential of any address in the world. Compare cities and study top-performing properties.
    • Review every key data point. Access everything you need to know about your listing, market, and competition with 25+ unique insights.
    • Beat your competition. Create a hand-curated list of your top competitors to see how your rates, amenities, and revenue stack up.
    • Plan your STR strategy based on real booking activity and trends—plus, see how things change year over year.

    Dynamic Pricing

    • Airbnb dynamic pricing tools
    • Personalized Short-Term Rental pricing

    Real Estate Investing

    • Short-term rental market rankings
    • Free STR revenue calculator
    • Full report on places to best invest

    Performance Benchmarking

    • Short-term rental property analysis
    • Compare your vacation rental against your top competitor with a custom competitors’ list
    • Create your custom comp set and refine it based on the features that matter most to you and your guests:
      • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
      • Guest capacity
      • Proximity to your property
      • Star rating
      • Number of reviews
      • Included and excluded amenities
    • Property performance score. Benchmark your vacation rental at a glance.
      • Future occupancy
      • Booked Rate
      • Lead Time
    • You can create a hand-curated list of your top competitors to see how you stack up against your toughest competition by connecting your Airbnb listings to AirDNA.

    AirDNA serves the following Industries:

    • Property Managers
    • Real Estate Investors
    • DMOs and tourism Organizations
    • Agents and Brokerages
    • Hedge Funds and Financial Services

    Customer Support

    • Chat
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Help centers
    • Webinars
    • Training
  • Pros
    • AirDNA provides free access to general market statistics such as ADR, occupancy, revenue, and the number of active listings.
    • The Rentalizer feature within the Marketminder product gives you rental revenue projections for exact addresses, and also shows actual revenue numbers for properties in the area.
    • Filters are available throughout AirDNA to ensure the data you get is relevant to the correct property size, or percentile.
    • Great knowledge library, webinar series, podcast, and customer support to help users get the most out of AirDNA.
  • Cons
    • Marketminder subscriptions are purchased per market, which can add up if you are trying to research multiple markets to invest in.
    • PMS integration is currently unavailable - but coming. For now, if you utilize AirDNA for pricing recommendations, you will need to manually change your prices in your platform of choice.
    • Hotel data is not currently included in AirDNA.  This is worth noting if hotels are a significant portion of your competition.
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Key Data is a portfolio and market analytics tool for data driven short-term vacation rental hosts and property managers.  Portfolio analytics features allow property managers to look at key performance indicators for various aspects of the units they manage.  The market analytics tools gather anonymized booking and rate data from the property management systems Key Data integrates with. This host-based data is real-time, forward looking, and rich in actionable information to help hosts and property managers make decisions about many aspects of their business.


Pricing only available with a KeyData demo.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, they have a Host Data product in beta that is specifically designed for hosts and those with a smaller portfolio.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes, the Pro Data product is an enterprise-level market intelligence and portfolio analytics tool that property mangagers would find very helpful.

  • Features

    Host Data (Beta): This feature set will likely change as further development continues.

    • Market Trends – Looks at current trends in your properties’ markets.
    • A community forum for hosts
    • Listing performance analytics and an automatically selected list of competitors with stats for the past 30, 60, 90 days.


    ProData: For professional property managers, co-hosts, and those with a large portfolio.

    • Real-Time Pacing Charts
    • Performance Analysis – Instant analysis and pacing reports of your destination’s short-term rental data.
    • Benchmarking Insights
    • Visitor Origin Insights– Identify where your guests are coming from & which markets are growing fastest.
    • Historical Performance Data
    • Rental Pro Formas
    • Intelligent Supply Data
    • Traveler Search Data
    • Budgeting Module – Allows you to set goals and monitor the financial health of your business globally and at a property level.
    • Interactive Maps – To find and view competitor listings in your market
    • Owner Reports: Easy to generate owner reports to inform and educate owners on the performance of their properties.
    • Competitor Analytics: Yes, a deep dive into multiple aspects of your competitors in nearly real-time.


    DestinationData – This product is built for tourism organizations. It allows them to see real-time data about the short-term rental listings in their market and discover insights into where their visitors are coming from.


    TrendData – This is an a la carte reports product.  You can choose from one of the 4 standard reports, or have KeyData create a custom report.

    • 30-day Occupancy Outlook – Currently priced at $45 per report. An annual subscription is available and is delivered bi-weekly.
    • Detailed Market Reports – Starting at $295 per report. Annual subscriptions are available and delivered monthly
    • Executive Market Overview – Starting at $350 per report. Annual subscriptions are available and delivered monthly.
    • Feeder Market Report – $450 per report and includes the top 20 “feeder markets” for a destination this current season and the four prior seasons.


    EnterpriseData – This product is for investment fund analyst’s to purchase short-term rental data.


    Additional Features

    • Demand IQ – Uses website analytics to tell property managers what their website visitors want by looking at the actions visitors take on their site. It can report stats on searches by unit size, date, stay length, etc. This can provide powerful data for property managers to find marketing opportunities and inform pricing decisions. A fantastic tool for PM with an active direct booking website!
    • Trip IQ –  TripIQ allows property managers to determine their travel insurance conversion metrics and track the economic impact of missed insurance sales. Additional dashboards provide comparative data for property managers to see how their conversion rate and lost opportunities compare to their market competitors.

    Update Frequency: Daily


    Mobile Device Support: Yes

    Customer Support: Chat support, training videos, webinars, and articles.


  • Pros
    Key Data gathers and anonymizes information directly from hosts via the 50+ property management software systems it integrates with.  This means that if the PMS you're using is integrated with Key Data, they get anonymized information on your occupancy, rates, pacing, etc. They pull this information from all the accounts of all their 50 + PMS partners to create a massive data set. This creates incredibly powerful, nearly real-time information on the short-term rental industry and sets it apart from other market intelligence tools which get their data from OTAs such as Airbnb.  They are able to organize and distill the data into useful tables, graphs, and reports for almost every market worldwide.
    • The Key Data information is nearly real-time
    • The data is gathered directly from hosts and property managers via their PMS, as opposed to being data scrapped from OTA platforms.
    • The Demand IQ and Trip IQ features are unique to KeyData and could be invaluable for property managers looking to plug any holes in their revenue bucket.
    • The on-demand webinars and tutorial videos are great resources for busy users.
    • The knowledge library has lots of well-written and in-depth information, which is helpful when you need answers to your questions after hours, or don't have time to wait for an email reply to your question.
    • The easy-to-generate property performance reports simplify owner reporting and proposals for prospective owners.
  • Cons
    • In the past, the fact that the ProData tool is only for managers of large portfolios created a gap in KeyData's offerings. Small portfolio owners/managers either had to pay the disproportionately high rate (relative to their portfolio size), or moved on to other market intelligence providers.   The new HostData tool will make the powerful KeyData information available for hosts, co-hosts, and smaller PM at a price that makes sense.
    • As with all market intelligence tools, the data collected is historical.  This brings limitations when making projections about future revenue, occupancy, etc. due to unforeseen events which could happen in the future.  Users should keep this in mind when making decisions for their business.
    • There's a LOT of information available in the ProData tool.  Users who are easily overwhelmed by technology may benefit by pacing themselves as they learn about KeyData features and seek to maximize its utilization.
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Mashvisor provides real estate investment data analytics to real estate investors who need help finding long-term and short-term rental investment properties and optimizing their rental portfolio’s performance.


Lite –  $22.99/month if billed quarterly, $17.99/month if billed yearly
Standard –  $69.99/month if billed quarterly, $49.99/month if billed yearly
Professional – $99.99/month if billed quarterly, $74.99/month if billed yearly


Dynamic Pricing – $9.99 per property per month


  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Market Finder

    • Easily identify and choose high-income markets with a Mashmeter score.
    • Market Finder lets you see a bird’s eye view of the US housing market and determine the hottest short-term and long-term markets and the best investment opportunities in and out of your state.
    • The short-term and long-term rental tabs show you the rental income and performance of active listings in the area.
    • Market Finder makes it easier to analyze the most profitable neighborhoods in any city.
    • Compare and score the best market in one place.
    • Getting insights right on your dashboard give you access to additional information and articles related to your search.

    Property Finder

    • Choose up to 10 cities that interest you, and the AI will sort the best-performing properties across these cities.
    • See results that match your search criteria and investment goals.
    • Property Finder AI utilizes machine-learning algorithms to find the most suitable investment properties based on your search history and other personalized factors and patterns.
    • Choose up to 5 cities that interest you, and the AI will find you the best-performing properties across these cities.

    Dynamic Pricing (for Airbnb Hosts):

    • Connect all your Airbnb listings and set their rates on one platform.
    • Assess competition with market insights. Check how similar rentals in the area are performing.
    • Set prices manually or get AI-powered Airbnb dynamic pricing with the calendar feature.
    • Customize settings such as base price, minimum and maximum prices, and more.
    • Mashvisor’s Pricing Tool allows you to optimize your rental’s income-earning potential and set the correct rental rates in your market.
    • Track and compare your property’s performance to local competitors.
    • Easily sync your rates with the Airbnb platform using Mashvisor’s pricing tool.

    Property Marketplace

    • Find off-market properties.
    • Analyze their investment potential.
    • Connect with property owners.
    • List your property off-market

    Investment Property Search 

    • View a market heatmap to find areas that meet your criteria.
    • View short-term rental and long-term rental comps.
    • The short-term and long-term rental tabs show you the rental income and performance of active listings in the area.
    • Export search data to a spreadsheet.
    • Filters allow you to eliminate unwanted categories of properties.

    Data Methodology and Resources

    • Mashvisor gathers data from reliable and reputable sources.
    • Data on the platform is updated once per month, while MLS listings are updated daily.
    • In addition, the results of our algorithms are regularly tested to ensure the projections still make sense.


    • Identify and contact property owners for off-market opportunities with access to:
      •   Names of current property owners
      •   Accurate emails
      •   Valid phone numbers
    • Use data and analytics to quickly and accurately qualify leads.
    • Find or List Off-Market Properties
      • Search through thousands of foreclosure, auctioned, and off-market listings to find the ideal investment opportunity.
      • Get a thorough but quick analysis of any property to ensure you land on a profitable investment.
      • List an investment property to be viewed by thousands of potential buyers interested in off-market opportunities.
      • Identify the right property for your client.

    • Client outreach is efficient and automated but retains a personal touch that lets your clients know you care.

    Source of Data

    • Mashvisor gathers data from hundreds of MLSs nationwide through ListHub and several other sources we use to verify or obtain unique and specific data. Short-term rental data is gathered from Airbnb.

    Integrations/ Partners:

    Additional Features:

    • Offers free short-term rental calculator.

    Customer Support:

    • Email and website chatbot during business hours.
    • Help guides and training videos.
  • Pros
    • Offers a free short-term rental calculator.
    • Because Mashvisor offers analytics for short-term, mid-term, and long-term rentals, it is a well-rounded tool for real estate investors who are interested in a diverse investment strategy.
    • The platform has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.
    • Search filters allow you to search for properties available on the market that have your desired cash-on-cash return, cap rate, etc.
    • Mashvisor has the ability to show short-term, mid-term, and long-term rental revenue projections for any US address you enter.
    • Property managers can use Property Finder to scout for potential properties and get the contact details of their owners.
    • There is no contract to sign. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
  • Cons
    • Mashvisor data is for US markets only.
    • The Dynamic Pricing tool currently integrates with Airbnb only, though other channels are coming.
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Airbtics is a market research platform for vacation rental owners and property managers. It features an analytics dashboard, market insights, and Airbnb Calculator and continuously provides accurate analytic data for vacation rentals.


Pricing tiered by number of market

Access to 1 market
$59.59 per month
Access to 5 markets
$119.95 per month
Country Plan Access
$299.95 per month
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, Airbtics is a useful tool for owners and hosts with a smaller portfolio who want to keep tabs on their market or research new markets.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes, all property managers and co-hosts should utilize a market intelligence and data analytics tool to help them optimize their listings performance.

  • Features

    Dashboard: The Airbtic dashboard is broken down into two sections: Investment and Management


    • Overview – The following market analytics are provided in the insights section: average annual revenue, average occupancy, average nightly rate, property sizes, property types (entire home, condo, private room), OTA channel distributions (# of listings in the market on the top OTAs), the top-performing hosts, and an interactive map of listings in the market.
    • Estimator – Get revenue estimates for any address.
    • Discovery – This tool will show you high-demand short-term rental markets near a general area you select. Demand is calculated based on occupancy percentages.
    • My Analysis – This is where users research and follow their particular markets.


    • Compset – Creates custom comp sets to track your competitor’s performance and compare it to yours.
    • Guests – Breaks down information about guests by their country, city, and language
    • Dynamic Pricing – This feature is currently still in beta. Build demand-driven pricing strategies using their competitor data. Alternatively, you can use their Calculate ROI tab just put the address and zip code and instantly you can simulate your profit.

    Airbnb Calculator

    • Instantly see your Airbnb annual revenue.
    • Simulate your return on investment and cash.
    • Data points that you can see on the app:
      ○ Occupancy Rate
      ○ Average Daily Rate
      ○ Annual Revenue
      ○ Seasonality
      ○ Average Length of Stay
      ○ Top-performing Listings
      ○ Revenue Heatmap

    Interactive Map: Yes

    Data Updates:

    • The Investment Dashboard data is updated every month. While the Pricing/CompSet dashboard is updated every Wednesday.

    Sources of Data:

    • The Primary Data Source is Airbnb. The secondary data source is from Airbnb hosts via iCal or vacation rental managers.

    Customer Support:

    • You can contact them via email at or reach out through their app support button.

    Additional Features

    • Property Sourcing – For Enterprise users the Airbtics team will provide 5-10 analyses of high-return properties for sale and realtor contact. High return properties = 20%+ Gross rental yield or 50% first-year cash return with above 50% LTV mortgage.
  • Pros
    • Compared to some other market intelligence and data analytics tools, Airbtics has a more visual and intuitive interface.
    • Has an ROI estimator for both home purchases and arbitrage.
    • Has a feature that allows you to draw/create your own market which extends beyond traditional city or neighborhood boundaries.
    • Has a 15-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t like their app just email their customer support, subject to terms and conditions.
  • Cons
    • There are some other market intelligence and data analytics tools that source their data from more sources than Airbtics. While this is true today, it may change over time as Airbtics evolves.
    • As with many of the market intelligence and data analytics companies, the free Airbtics tool has limited value and is mostly used as a sales funnel.
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Rankbreeze is a cloud-based software that helps improve Airbnb listings’ rank on the Airbnb platform, optimize listings’ prices, and track market data and trends.


Pricing tiered by the number of properties.


  • Up to 3 properties $29/mo. 15% discount available if billed quarterly.



  • Up to 10 properties $67/mo. 15% discount available if billed quarterly.



  • Up to 30 properties $129/mo.  15% discount available if billed quarterly.


30 day money back guarantee

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Rank and Pricing Hub  – This section of Rankbreeze gives a snapshot of how your properties are performing on Airbnb according to date and guest count.

    For example, if someone was looking for a home that sleeps eight guests from March 10-15, where would your property show up? Would it be the first result on page one, the 60th result on page 4, or the 187th result on page 11?

    Users can optimize their listings’ rank by using recommendations from the optimization hub, by purchasing Rankbreeze’s listing optimization service, or by implementing their own strategies to try to improve their listings’ performance on Airbnb.

    The optimization journal allows users to note the optimization actions they take and then come back and note how their listings’ rank changed after each optimization. Over time, this tracking can help users discover which optimizations have the most positive impact on their listings’ performance.

    • Competitor set – Users can manually create a competitor set and track competitors’ prices and minimum stay rules for future dates.


    Optimization Hub

    • Integrated keyword A.I. writer for titles & descriptions.
    • Keyword Ideas – Suggest keywords based on top-performing properties in your city and neighborhood.
    • Review Analyzer – Analyze your property’s and competitors’ reviews to find words and phrases that can improve your listing’s performance.
    • Amenities Analyzer – This shows the frequency of amenities in your area.
    • Tracks conversions, click-through rates & views for your listing.


    Market Scanner – The Market Scanner product has two main sections: the Market Report and the AirReview Pro Chrome extension.

    • Market Report Features – A market report can be generated for any market or neighborhood.
      • Lists top properties by revenue and features.
      • Identifies amenities common to the market.
      • Shows occupancy rates and average prices for the market.
      • Shows average fees and the discounts of competitors in that market.
    • AirReview Pro Chrome Extension – The AirReview Pro Chrome extension is used while surfing Airbnb to learn the performance details of specific listings. This can be used to research your competitors or to get a sense of how listings perform in a market you may be considering investing in. The AirReview Pro extension provides the following performance indicators:
      • Estimated revenue of any listing
      • Occupancy rates
      • Average daily rates


    Dynamic Pricing Feature – The Rankbreeze dynamic pricing feature can be activated by integrating Rankbreeze with your PMS. Currently, integrations are available for OwnerRez and Uplisting. The dynamic pricing product is a relatively new feature. It is a bit early to say how it will compare to currently available dynamic pricing offerings.

    Customer Support:

    • Support desk, email, and tutorial videos.

    Other Features:

    • Listing Optimization Service
    • Kickstart Bundle, which includes SEO software and training.
  • Pros
    • Rankbreeze is currently the only company that can let you see where your property is ranking on Airbnb.
    • They break down your ranking by date and also by guest count.
    • Rankbreeze shows users pricing information about the listings currently ranking the best on Airbnb.
  • Cons
    • Listing rank can only be evaluated for Airbnb and not for any other booking channels.
    • The market data and dynamic pricing features are add-on products for an additional fee.
    • The calendar rankings table is limited to looking approximately 30 days in advance.