Airbtics is a market research platform for vacation rental owners and property managers. It features an analytics dashboard, market insights, and Airbnb Calculator and continuously provides accurate analytic data for vacation rentals.

Pricing Pricing tiered by number of market

Access to 1 market
$59.59 per month
Access to 5 markets
$119.95 per month
Country Plan Access
$299.95 per month


Dashboard: The Airbtic dashboard is broken down into two sections: Investment and Management


  • Overview – The following market analytics are provided in the insights section: average annual revenue, average occupancy, average nightly rate, property sizes, property types (entire home, condo, private room), OTA channel distributions (# of listings in the market on the top OTAs), the top-performing hosts, and an interactive map of listings in the market.
  • Estimator – Get revenue estimates for any address.
  • Discovery – This tool will show you high-demand short-term rental markets near a general area you select. Demand is calculated based on occupancy percentages.
  • My Analysis – This is where users research and follow their particular markets.


  • Compset – Creates custom comp sets to track your competitor’s performance and compare it to yours.
  • Guests – Breaks down information about guests by their country, city, and language
  • Dynamic Pricing – This feature is currently still in beta. Build demand-driven pricing strategies using their competitor data. Alternatively, you can use their Calculate ROI tab just put the address and zip code and instantly you can simulate your profit.

Airbnb Calculator

  • Instantly see your Airbnb annual revenue.
  • Simulate your return on investment and cash.
  • Data points that you can see on the app:
    ○ Occupancy Rate
    ○ Average Daily Rate
    ○ Annual Revenue
    ○ Seasonality
    ○ Average Length of Stay
    ○ Top-performing Listings
    ○ Revenue Heatmap

Interactive Map: Yes

Data Updates:

  • The Investment Dashboard data is updated every month. While the Pricing/CompSet dashboard is updated every Wednesday.

Sources of Data:

  • The Primary Data Source is Airbnb. The secondary data source is from Airbnb hosts via iCal or vacation rental managers.

Customer Support:

  • You can contact them via email at support@airbtics.com or reach out through their app support button.

Additional Features

  • Property Sourcing – For Enterprise users the Airbtics team will provide 5-10 analyses of high-return properties for sale and realtor contact. High return properties = 20%+ Gross rental yield or 50% first-year cash return with above 50% LTV mortgage.


  • Compared to some other market intelligence and data analytics tools, Airbtics has a more visual and intuitive interface.
  • Has an ROI estimator for both home purchases and arbitrage.
  • Has a feature that allows you to draw/create your own market which extends beyond traditional city or neighborhood boundaries.
  • Has a 15-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t like their app just email their customer support, subject to terms and conditions.


  • There are some other market intelligence and data analytics tools that source their data from more sources than Airbtics. While this is true today, it may change over time as Airbtics evolves.
  • As with many of the market intelligence and data analytics companies, the free Airbtics tool has limited value and is mostly used as a sales funnel.

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