airdeal.io is an AI-led guest SMS and e-mail marketing contact relationship management (CRM) tool for short-term rental hosts and property managers. It helps operators build a database of guest e-mails and phone numbers, as well as engage them with simple, effective marketing campaigns.


The monthly charge is determined by how many contacts you have in your airdeal.io account.

  • 99 contacts           –     FREE
  • 499 contacts         –     $14.99 / month
  • 999 contacts         –     $24.89 / month
  • 1,499 contacts      –     $34.79 / month
  • 2,499 contacts      –     $49.69 / month
  • 4,999 contacts      –     $74.59 / month
  • 9,999 contacts      –     $99.49 / month
  • 19,999 contacts    –     $149.39 / month
  • 29,999 contacts    –     $199.29 / month
  • 49,999 contacts    –     $249.19 / month
  • more than 49,999 –     Custom pricing


Build Your Contact Database

  • Import past guest contacts from your PMS (property management software), spreadsheet, or contacts. You can also add contacts manually.
  • Your database is owned by you, not the big OTA and booking platforms.

Regular and AI-generated SMS and E-Mail Recommendations

  • airdeal.io has a Campaign Builder to build your custom SMS or e-mail campaigns.
  • To save time, there are also pre-built AI-prepared campaigns that you can use and customize as needed.

Email Signup Links And QR Codes

  • Signup Links help you grow your email list through social media and your website.
  • Pre-built designs will be automatically available in your profile, or you can use the editor to create your own custom designs.
  • Printable QR Codes – Printable posters and cards can be placed inside your property to collect the contact details of every guest, not just the person who booked the reservation.



  • airdeal.io simplifies and streamlines marketing and guest communication tasks.
  • You can create tags to segment your contacts and send hyper-targeted campaigns that are more likely to convert.
  • The AI-generated email and SMS campaigns will save operators valuable time creating marketing campaigns.
  • It is a tool that works for both small operators and larger property management companies at scale.


  • If your property management software does not integrate with airdeal.io you will need to manually export your contacts from your PMS and then import them into airdeal.io.
  • The cost of sending SMS messages is not included in your monthly subscription fee. Users in the US and EU should plan on paying a few cents per SMS message they send.
  • Users should still plan to take a bit of time to customize the campaign templates to suit their brand look and voice.

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