Alertify is a small, privacy-compliant plug-in device for short-term rental owners, property managers, hotels and hostels. Alertify detects noise decibel levels, indoor smoking, occupancy levels, air quality and so much more. 


If any of these activities occur, users receive notifications in real-time so they have the opportunity to intervene before any potential noise complaints or guest damages arise. With the online dashboard, users can review historical data and reports of the activities that took place. The reports are especially helpful in the event of deposit disputes with guests. 

Pricing Pricing Plan

Starting at $180 per year

  • Included in the subscription is one Alertify sensor, real-time notifications, Alertify dashboard and access to all historical data.



  • Yes

Real-time Noise Monitoring:

  • You can monitor in real-time through Alertify dashboard:
    • Noise
    • Smoke – detects and notifies hosts of smoke (cigarette and cannabis) or vaping on your property.
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • CO2

Automatic Alerts

  • Automatic alerts through phone or email.
  • Set custom violation thresholds.
  • Receive notifications for:
    • Noise
    • Smoke
    • Occupancy
    • Temperature

Privacy Safe

  • It has no camera and
  • It does not record or transmit sound.

Historical Data:

  • Historical data can be viewed and violation reports can be exported as evidence for settling or claiming deposit disputes.

Advanced Sound Analysis

  • Monitoring of noise decibel levels without recording sound.

Tamper Detection:

  • If the device is unplugged, you’ll receive an instant notification by text and email. Alertify will continue on backup battery power to keep you up to date so you can keep an eye on the situation.


  • Triggers
  • You can set custom thresholds for:
    • Noise 
    • Smoking 
    • Occupancy 
  • Time between notifications.
  • Quiet hour schedules.

Mobile App: 

  • None

Set-up and Installation:

  • It is easy to set up and install with no complicated steps. Just plug it in and connect to wifi.
  • Helpful resources are coming soon: a set-up email depicting each step, and a YouTube set-up tutorial video. 


  • Coming soon.

Customer Support:

  • Messaging via the Alertify website.
  • Email: support@alertify.io


  • Alertify monitors for the full spectrum of issues hosts and property managers face: noise, smoke, occupancy, temperature, and humidity.
  • Instant notifications when violations occur.
  • Export incident reports to help claim damage deposits or settle disputes.
  • Backup power source.


  • Currently no PMS integrations, but integrations are coming soon.
  • If you have a large property, multiple sensors may be needed.
  • An outdoor sensor is not currently available.

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