Authenticate Overview

Authenticate is a guest screening tool for vacation rentals that provides identity verification to prevent fraud and mitigate chargeback risk.


Both Free and Pay As You Go Screenings

  • 7 Levels of basic screening for free
  • 16 Additional screening available starting from $ 1 per check
  • No minimum monthly commitments
  • No long-term contracts.
  • Users customize which screenings best suite their businesses needs


Free Screening Checks

  • Email Verification
  • Phone Number Verification
  • Facial Recognition & Liveness Detection
  • Authoritative Database Search
  • US Criminal Database Search
  • Global Watchlist Search
  • Risk Score – A free risk score associated with the name, address, phone number and email to determine whether the contact information is known to be associated with that person.
Paid Screening Checks
Government ID Verification
Knowledge-Based Identity Authentication
SSN Verification
FEIN, Tax ID & DUNS® Verification
Global Watch List Report
Verify Inputs:
  • Provides insight into how confident Authenticate is of a person’s identity based on information provided by the guest. Verify Inputs are highly specific.
Enhanced Government ID Verification
True Continuous Monitoring™
Current or Past US Employment Verification
US College & University Verification
US Professional License Verification
DMV & MVR Verification
Full US Business Verification
7 Year Criminal Activity Verification
County Criminal & Civil Record Verification

Federal Criminal & Civil Record Verification


ID Authentification – Yes

Biometric Confirmation – Yes

Guest Damage Insurance Coverage – No

Chargeback Protection – ID verification through Authenticate can be used to help with chargeback dispute resolution.

Background Checks – Yes

Rental Agreements with Digital Signatures – No

PMS Integrations – Integrates with the following:

Additional Features –

  • Daily monitoring and instant risk alerts available for potential repeat guests. 


  • Instantaneous screening results.
  • Screening deters bad actors from booking your properties.
  • Authenticate's expanded screening options are beneficial for mid-term and long-term rentals that operators may have in their portfolios.


  • Authenticate does not get involved with dispute resolutions.
  • Currently, Authenticate only integrates with Guesty and Hostaway.  More PMS integrations are coming.

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