Beantown Bedding offers convenient, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly luxury disposable linens. Started as a time saver for college students, Beantown Bedding now offers linen solutions for hospitals, vacation rentals, and emergency professionals. Beantown Beddings saves time, money, and energy.



Beantown Bedding


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  • Laundry-free linens cuts down on the time it takes your cleaners to turn over your property between guests.
  • Features “Bill Me Later” with 30 payment terms.
  • Offers a FREE sustainability room card to explain to guests the ecological advantages of your choice to utilize Beantown bedding.
  • Customize packaging for volume orders.


  • Items are sold only by case (20-50 items per case).
  • No returns, exchanges, or refunds after shipment.
  • The long-term costs of using Beantown bedding will be higher than purchasing standard bedding.  Some users may still find this a good option if they are focused on sustainability or are seeking to reduce the turnaround time of their units.

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