BnSellit is an innovative platform for vacation rental hosts who want to offer their guests the best experience possible. Through its marketplace, BnSellit helps hosts increase sales by offering souvenirs, arts and collectibles, toiletries, food, and other items during their stay. Guests can also find and purchase tickets to shows, tours, area attractions, and local activities.



BnSellit is a free service for STR hosts. They only charge a small transaction fee on every guest’s purchase.


Solutions Offered

  • Host’s Marketplace
    • Create a marketplace where you can sell items to your guest during their stay.
    • Items can be:
      • Souvenirs
      • Arts and collectibles
      • Toiletries
      • Food
      • And more.
    • Guests access items via QR code.
  • Local Experiences
    • Earn 7% commission on every local experience your guests purchase.


How does it work?

  • Display a QR code to guests on your property.
  • Create your marketplace and add items for sale.
  • Offer local activities/ experiences.
  • Guests scan the code, select the items they want, and complete the purchase.


Account Registration

  • Both hosts and guests must register to use the services.



  • STR host’s marketplace is covered up to $200 in case items are stolen by guests.


Payment options

  • The host can set up their preferred payment method through the mobile app or the web portal.


Mobile App

  • Yes



  • None


Customer Support

  • Email


  • Hosts can earn a commission on every local experience the guests buy.
  • Keep 100% of your marketplace sales.
  • Earn 7% of all experience sales.
  • Get paid as fast as 72 hours after each sale.


  • Risk of theft, but hosts are also covered for marketplace items up to $200 USD.
  • Hosts must manage the logistics of keeping local items stocked.

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