BookingTrust offers Host & Trust Accounting Software and Account Management Services that save you time and money.

Designed specifically for Short-Term Holiday Accommodation, BookingTrust ensures transactional transparency and accuracy across all areas of the business, from deposits and cancellations to all the extra charges in between.

With cloud based access and streamlined PMS integrations, keep your data synced, your accounts transparent, and your clients happy.


Software Pricing
$260/month for up to 60 properties (inquire for 60+ properties)
Account Management
Starting from $500/month


Booking Trust is a revenue management and trust accounting system that is meant to supplement your primary accounting platform, not replace it. 


Double Entry Accounting – Yes

Accounts Payable – Yes

Expense Tracking – Yes

Bill Payment – Yes, exports to bill payment platforms

Bank Sync – No, syncs reservation payments from property management software systems.

Transaction Categorization and Matching -Yes

Invoicing -Yes

Payroll Integration – No

Vendor and Contact Management – Yes

Document and Receipt Management – Yes

Cloud File Storage – Yes

P&L (Profit and Loss) Reports – Revenue reports, but not a standard P&L.

Balance Sheets Reports – No

NOI (Net Operating Income) Reports – No

Basis and Depreciation Tracking – No

Editable Chart of Accounts – No

Automatic Mortgage Amortization – No

Lease Tracking – No

Mileage Tracking – No

Mobile App – Mobile friendly website

Customer Service – Yes, via email.


  • Property managers have a legal responsibility to properly account for reservation funds.  Booking Trust is a great option for PMs who want software to ensure compliance.
  • Booking Trust is also a great solution for PMs who'd prefer to outsource account management entirely.
  • Booking Trust serves customers world wide.


  • They may not yet integrate with your property management software.  If that is the case, they recommend you reach out to see if a solution can be found.

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