Breezeway is a property operations app for vacation rental hosts and managers. With tools for task scheduling, quality assurance, real-time work coordination, guest messaging, and more. Breezeway helps short-term rental hosts and managers increase their operational efficiency, eliminate hours of manual work, and boost service revenue.


Tiered pricing based on number of properties active in Breezeway.

Breezeway Features

Automated Cleaner Scheduling – Yes, automatically schedule tasks for staff and cleaners based on reservation times and custom rules.

Cleaner and Maintenance Payments – No, Breezeway does not have a feature to allow you to pay your team members through the platform.

Cleaner Marketplace – No, Breezeway does not have a marketplace to find cleaners. Users invite their cleaning companies, linen services, maintenance personnel, etc., onto the Breezeway app.

Cleaning Checklists – Yes, cleaning checklist templates that are fully customizable. A library of templates is available as a starting place.

Messaging – Yes, it allows you to communicate with guests & owners about property issues and quickly relay information to cleaning and maintenance staff. Guest messaging is an add-on service not included in the basic Breezeway membership.  Staff can receive push notifications, emails, or SMS messages for new tasks.

Quality Verification Photos – Yes, cleaning staff can upload photos of completed work, providing quality control for owners/managers and documentation of the property’s condition when they arrived and the condition before guest arrival.

Issue Reporting – Yes, the cleaning team can report any issues they discover during cleaning and report it directly to the host/manager/maintenance as needed.

Inventory Management – The inventory feature simplifies consumables management and reduces the risk of running out of supplies.

Linen Management – Yes

Quality Control Inspection Management – Yes, a complimentary property safety inspection course is available.

*Proper Insurance offers a premium discount to properties with a completed safety inspection course.

Digital Guide Book – Yes, supports guests throughout their stay with the property info they need to reduce unnecessary questions and complaints and elevate your brand. The guide is an add-on service not included in the basic Breezeway membership.
  • Easy to setup for professionals and hosts, and guests
  • Fully customizable and dynamic throughout the events in the stay
  • Saves time by reducing calls, emails & texts regarding basic property instructions
  • Limits confusion and an unclear check-in
  • Sets a professional and on-brand first impression for a 5-star guest experience
  • Demonstrate professional hospitality service to your guests
  • Increase review collection and average review scores


Cleaning Team Screening – No

Mobile App – Yes, a mobile app is available for staff and can function without wifi connection.

Customer Support – 

  • Chat support
  • Dedicated customer support representative
  • Knowledge library

PMS Integrations – Direct integration with numerous property management systems to automatically pull reservation information and trigger messages and scheduling with your cleaning and maintenance teams.

Other Integrations:

Other Features:

  • Hosts can track cleaning and property care with the ” Smart Task and Monitoring Dashboard.”
  • You can track the whereabouts of your team through a GPS map view.
  • Integrates with smart locks for home access and security.
  • Breezeway has just released a digital welcome guide product.



  • Breezeway's inventory management tool is especially helpful with ensuring you don't run out of consumable products: toiletries, trash bags, light bulbs, batteries, etc. Anything you use can be tracked.
  • Breezeway integrates with most of the leading property management systems.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly app and website.
  • It's nice that the guest messaging feature is an add-on because users may already have other products in their tech stack they utilize for messaging.  It's there if you need it, but you don't have to pay for it if you don't need it.


  • Some have reported that the mobile app used by cleaning and maintenance teams in the field can run slowly at times. Breezeway has built a way for team members to download their tasks and work offline, but it is important you train your teams how to use this feature.
  • Don't get carried away! Users of Breezeway, and similar other platforms, should be careful not to create overwhelming cleaning and maintenance checklists for their teams. There are so many options for task creation, requiring photos, etc. that it is easy to get carried away and create checklists with hundreds of items.

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