Danalock V3 Smart Lock


Danalock V3 is the smartest and most secure wireless Bluetooth smart lock on the market. It offers automatic unlock, flexible access control, and long battery life.


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  • Automatic Unlock: Detects your arrival and automatically unlocks the door.
  • Flexible Access Control: Grant access to other users
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 12 months battery life (depends on everyday usage and lock case type).
  • Easy Access with Smartphone App: It’s a wireless smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home with your smartphone.
  • Works with: Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave Plus, Apple Homekit (depending on which type of the Danalock V3 purchased).
  • Compatible with Any Standard Door: The Danalock V3 is globally consistent with its country-specific adapters. It fits the three most common cylinders: oval lock Scandi cylinders, drop-shaped Euro cylinders, and US deadbolt locks.
  • Strong Security: The Danalock V3 uses an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 256), the same encryption technology used by governments and the military to keep information secure.
  • Supports all integrations: Danalock platform supports various integration options for third-party applications. Fully documented SDKs and APIs are available for partners.
  • Available in Danish Design


  • Danalock products work with many major smart home systems, including Smartthings, Alarm.com, Homey, Fibaro, and more.
  • Integrate with popular smart home hubs: HomeKit & Bluetooth, Z-Wave & Bluetooth, Zigbee & Bluetooth, and Bluetooth-only.
  • It can be paired with the Danapad, a manual keypad enabling keyless entry for visitors – without downloading an app.
  • It can be paired with the Danabridge, when pluged and connected to Wi-Fi, the bridge will make it possible to control the lock and set pin codes remotely (if a Danapad is paired with the lock as well).


  • No native compatibility with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
  • Loud noise during locking and unlocking.

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