With its Bluetooth interface to the Danalock V3 smart lock, the Danapad V3 keypad extends secure, controlled access. You no longer have to bring a key or a phone when leaving home. With the Danapad V3, access has never been easier. Just create a pin code for each guest, and the Danalock system takes care of the rest.


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  • Easy to Install: With its elegant Danish design and small footprint, the Danapad V3 provides an out-of-the-box, easy-to-install, and secure access solution that requires minimal alterations to your door or entry area.
  • Easy to Operate: The Danapad V3 simultaneously supports up to 20 pin codes. Use the Danalock app to create pin codes for family members, friends, and home service providers.
  • Danalock Integration: The Danapad V3 supports the Danalock ecosystem. You can operate the Danalock smart lock both with pin codes and the Danalock app.
  • Flexible Access: Give access to your home with Danapad pin codes.


  • It has temporary pin codes and permanent pin codes
  • You can change the name of your Danapad V3 to your desired name
  • Danapad V3 locks with only a single push of the lock button
  • You can use vacation mode, and it will disable all pin codes for Danapad V3


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