Easy Street Capital is America’s leading lender for properties utilized as Short Term Rentals (STRs), the fastest-growing frontier in real estate investing. Our EasyRent DSCR Loan program has helped thousands of investors start, scale, and manage their short-term rental portfolios effectively. 

For our Short Term Rental Loans (STR Loans), we combine the traditional 30-year fixed-rate residential mortgage product with flexible and hassle-free underwriting, delivering quick and efficient closes and non-intrusive documentation requirements. 

EASY Qualification! 

  • No DTI (Debt-To-Income) Requirement
  • No Tax Returns Required
  • No Income Verification

Forward-Thinking Underwriting!

  • Qualify with AirDNA Projections (up to 100%!)
  • Up to 80.0% LTVs (only 20% down on purchases)
  • Tertiary / Vacation Markets OK

#AirBnBRRRR Friendly!

  • Lending Solution for the Purchase, Rehab AND the Refinance
  • 100% Cash-Out Refinances within 3 Months!
  • No Lease Required

RATES starting at just 5.99%


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The information below covers our Short Term Rental DSCR Loan product. In addition to short-term rental lending, Easy Street Capital also offers DSCR loans for long- and medium-term rentals. We also offer loan programs catering to Fix and Flip investors (EasyFix) and ground-up construction (EasyBuild). For more information on all of Easy Street Capital’s loan products, please visit our website at https://www.easystreetcap.com/.

Short-Term Rental DSCR Loans
Loan Amounts: $100,000 – $3,000,000 (blanket portfolio loans up to $5,000,000)
Rates: Starting at 5.99%
Geography: Nationwide except for Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota
Property Types: SFR, 2-4 Unit, Townhome, Planned Unit Development (PUD), Condo – Warrantable, Condo – Non-Warrantable
Loan Structure: 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage, 5/6 ARM (10-Year Partial-IO options available for each); 5-Year Prepayment Penalties; Entities (i.e.           LLCs) and partners welcomed
LTVs: Up to 80.0% (Acquisitions & Rate-Term Refinances), 75.0% (Cash-Out Refinances)
DTI: Not applicable (we don’t require tax returns or evaluate your personal income or finances when evaluating your application)
DSCR: No minimum
Credit Score: 640 minimum
Fees & Deposits: 0-3% Closing Fee, $1,000 Underwriting Fee, $1,500 Pass-Through Deposit (covering third-party loan costs)




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