Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium with Smart Sensor and Air Quality Monitor


Ecobee smart home devices to make improve your home comfort and planet sustainability. It offers smart thermostats that not only effortlessly integrate with the top smart home ecosystems and Apple HomeKit on all iOS devices, including Apple Watch but were also among the first to receive the ENERGY STAR certification. This helps you save money while maintaining your comfort.


Starting at $244.99


  • Potential annual savings of up to 26% on your heating and cooling expenses.
  • Integrated air quality tracking notifies you of suboptimal air conditions and offers advice on improving it.
  • Automated reminders to swap out your furnace filter.
  • Engineered with premium materials for a sleek design
  • Large, visually striking display with an intuitive user interface and cutting-edge occupancy detection.
  • All-in-one home monitoring center, offering built-in fire alarm sensing and break-in alerts when monitoring service is activated. (Subscription to ecobee Smart Security plan needed)
  • Weather-triggered notifications alert you to sudden temperature fluctuations that could result in damage.
  • Equipped with a built-in smart speaker offering a choice between Siri or Alexa for voice control. (Apple Home Hub is necessary for Siri functionality)
  • Enjoy your top Spotify tracks and podcasts through the thermostat’s integrated speaker.
  • Broad compatibility with various 24VAC HVAC configurations: furnaces, air conditioners (2H/2C), heat pumps (2H/2C + 2 stage AUX), boilers, PTACs, and fan coil systems (3 fan speeds).
  • It comes with a Power Extender Kit for homes without a C-Wire, ensuring hassle-free installation.

Mobile App: Smartphone app for Apple and Android devices, Apple Home kit, apple watch


  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Homekit
  • Google Assistant
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • SmartThings

Warranty: ecobee devices are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Installation: App-guided DIY installation, or you can contact ecobee professionals for installation.

Customer Support: Dedicated support team via phone


  • ecobee thermostats are a firm favorite among hosts for their ease of install, the ability to monitor the device remotely, and the intuitive user interface that guests love.
  • ecobee Smart Security has partnered with RapidSOS to route critical data directly to 911.
  • All ecobee customers are eligible for one free 2-month trial per home.


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