Erentallock eRL-FE595 Latchbolt Lock


The eRL-FE595 Latchbolt Lock is the most durable, reliable, and economical remote access control solution for vacation and Airbnb rental properties.

Pricing $359


    • The eRL Locks are ANSI/BHMA certified, which means that they come with a lifetime guarantee in mechanical and finish and are made to the highest of quality to withstand harsh weather conditions such as the salt air environment that most seaside rental properties are situated near.
    • The eRL Locks have a backlight keypad, which makes it easier to use under dark lighting. The keypad is also designed to withstand wear over time.
    • The eRL PC/Web programs are absolutely free to use. Unlike other systems that charge monthly or service fees, the eRL system is a one-time purchase.
    • The eRL system can adjust Daylight Saving Time automatically, saving you the hassle of constantly having to convert between different time zones and physically go to your property to adjust Daylight Saving Time manually.
    • The eRL system not only supports guest-specific Access Codes but also supports personnel-specific Access Codes for easy control of staff access to your rental property.
    • The eRL system battery can last up to 3 years.
    • The eRL system allows you to disable an issued access code that is still valid easily. This is especially useful in cases where staff members resign before their employment contract is up and still have access to your property. This gives you more control over who is allowed to enter your property.
    • The eRL system supports the Audit Trail Feature at the lowest price guaranteed. It also comes with the free 2-in-1 PC version and Web version code generation programs used to generate and manage all Access Codes and view and print the audit trail records.
    • The eRL system can support group Access Codes, which is extremely convenient for multiple property management. Your staff is able to use one group Access Code to access all properties classified under the same group.
    • The eRL system supports multiple web-version program accounts that operate at 3 privilege levels to allow you more control over Access Codes:
      Level 1 account- can do everything in the Code Generation Program
      Level 2 account- can only generate Access Codes in the Code Generation Program.
      Level 3 account- can only view generated Access Codes in the Code Generation Program.



  • Easy to install and replace. The process only takes about 30 minutes and involves using a screwdriver.
  • Extremely safe, efficient, and user-friendly for owners and guests.
  • Automatically lock the door when the door is closed.


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