Flo by Moen – Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff


Flo by MOEN is a smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect your home from water leaks and property damage. It gives vacation rental hosts peace of mind by detecting and stopping leaks and automatically shuting down your home’s main water supply.


Smart Water monitor and Shutoff: Prices starts at $530 and can increase depending on whether you bundle the shutoff with leak detectors.

Note – Some homeowners insurance companies offer a discount on your premiums for having a water leak detection system installed.  This can help offset the purchase price. Contact your insurance company to see if this is available for your policy.


  • Installed in-line with the main water line for the property.
  • Connects to Wifi
  • Automatically shuts off water to your property if it detects a water leak.
  • Flo by Moen app allows users to monitor your device and water usage in real-time.
  • Voice control technology: Amazon Alexa, google assistant, ring, control

Flo Protect Plan: $5 per month

  • Pays $5,000 Deductible Guarantee
  • 5-year Extended Warranty
  • Live smart water assistant




  • Flo continuously monitors water usage at your property and can automatically shut off the water even when the property is vacant or the leak is hidden in an inconspicuous location, such as within a wall.
  • Flo can detect leaks as small as one drop per minute.
  • You may get a discount on your homeowner's insurance premium for using this device.
  • The Flo app allows users to monitor water usage in real-time.


  • A plumber will be required for the installation of your Flo device because it is installed in-line with your primary water line.
  • Flo is rated for outdoor use, but should not be installed in an area that could freeze, otherwise leaking could occur.

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