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Frontdesk is a free, customizable digital guide offered by InHouse, designed to enhance the guest experience in short-term rentals. Sharing key property info, local recommendations, and more is made easy with an all-in-one guidebook that can be shared via a link or complimentary QR activation stand. Frontdesk also enables hosts to integrate upsell offerings like late checkout and bike rentals that instantly boost their property’s earning potential.


Frontdesk is FREE.


Services Offered

  • House Guide: Share check-in information, house rules, and other key on-stay info 
  • Local Guide: Offer your local recommendations for the best restaurants, coffee shops, and activities near your stay
  • On-Stay Commerce: Create custom upsell offerings, like bike rentals and late checkouts, that boost hosts’ earnings


  • Deliver a seamless and elevated guest experience with a digital house guide, local guide, and digital guestbook.
  • Customize Frontdesk to suit your specific offerings, such as minibar services, bike rentals, or other paid amenities.
  • Tailor the content to address common guest questions, concerns, and preferences, based on insights from guest surveys and industry trends.

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  • Frontdesk enables you to provide a more streamlined and professional experience to your guests, similar to what they would expect in a hotel setting.
  • By utilizing Frontdesk, you can enhance the guest experience, address common pain points, and potentially generate additional revenue streams.


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