GuestView Guide is created by Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a pioneer in interactive display technology with more than a century of expertise and invention. GuestView Guide was created to equip vacation rentals with the technologies they need to produce enlightening and practical guidebooks. Using our digital concierge platform, you can give your visitors an easy-to-use interactive guide that can be updated at any moment with new restaurants and activities, different operating hours, offers, and more.


GuestView Guides’ pricing is tiered by the number devices.

New users only pay for the monthly subscription, and don’t have a large upfront purchase price for the screen.


Contact GuestView for a custom price quote.


GuestView Guide Specifications:

  • Sharp NEC 21.5” high-definition touchscreen display.


Digital Guidebook

  • A personalized guide for your guests including check-in surveys.
  • Home screen resources such as how-to videos for your property, checking the weather, and obtaining area recommendations.
  • Local recommendations, local activities, and slideshows.
  • Reduced phone calls by providing how-to property information, real-time guest communication, and interactive guest checkout.
  • More revenue by offering extra services, promoting upsells, and encouraging rebooking.


Reservation Sync

  • GuestView Guide works with numerous property management software companies via an iCal link.  It automatically pulls in the dates of your guest’s stay and, depending on your PMS, can even pull in the guest’s name.


  • Remote setup via the cloud-based GuestView Guide Dashboard. Quickly update your property’s information and interact with visitors from any location.



  • GuestView Guide makes rebooking simple for guests via a rebooking banner on your guest’s home screen.  You can create custom rebooking promotions and offers.


Video creation

  • The ability to record and publish videos using your mobile device lets you show guests how to use different appliances and equipment, or highlight some of the special features of your property.


Analytics tracking: 

  • Shows what the most popular content is, and what offers and information visitors send to their phones.
  • The number of views.
  • Orders for extra services.
  • And more.


Sharp NEC Display

  • Sharp NEC support from the initial installation and onboarding through the ongoing use of GuestView Guide.
  • Automatic software updates with all future enhancements.
  • Customer support from SHARP NEC.




Customer Support

  • Email


  • The interactive touchscreen creates a high-end professional experience for your guests and has wow factor.
  • A highly visible way to offer stay upsells, impulse add-ons, and  rebooking.
  • Users only pay the monthly fee and don't have the purchase the Sharp NEC screen up front to get started.
  • GuestViewGuide Analytics tracking allows you to keep track of the most popular content, offers, and information.
  • The GuestView Guide Dashboard is accessible through any web browser, so you can quickly update your property’s information and interact with visitors on the go.


  • Guide content is only available for guests once they are on site.

Customer Reviews

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Cody Wood

February 16, 2024


Links to all major PMS softwares Makes the guest feel welcome with their name displayed on the screen as they enter the property Easier for older and younger guests to use


Expensive if you don’t monetize the screens per property You need to find the services to sale on the screens


Great service, however it’s unfortunate they shut the service down. With no continuation planned to support existing customers.
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