Holidu is a search engine for vacation rentals that allows you to find your perfect accommodation and book for the lowest price. Holidu works with over 100 channel managers and PMSs worldwide to enable easy and smooth integrations by comparing millions of accommodations from more than 1,500 providers so that you can find your ideal vacation rental quickly and easily.



How do properties join? 

  • The listing of property on Holidu is through Bookify.
  • If you run a property management business or a vacation rental website with more than 20 rentals, you can connect to Holidu in multiple ways:
    • Directly via the Holidu API
    • Channel manager
    • A property management system.

Can any property join, or is there a criterion? Anyone

Fee to Host: A one-time activation fee of 80-150€ and a commission per booking of 5-8% is being charged (depending on the location of your property).

Fee to Guest: Free

Payment Mode: 

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit
  • Paypal
  • Cash 

Do they provide guest details such as email address and phone number to the host? Yes. All guest details will be forwarded to the hosts upon booking confirmation.

Additional Information:

  • Synchronized booking calendar
  • Holidu offers free customer service for you and your guests.
  • Free professional photos and description texts.
  • Convenient app to manage your properties and bookings on the go



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