Igloohome Deadbolt 2S Digital Smart Lock


Keeping to the sleek and minimalistic exterior, the Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey has more than enough features to rival the big boys. This is the epitome of style and substance.

Use PIN codes and Bluetooth keys to unlock the deadbolt; it also comes with physical backup keys, so you’ll have access to your home permanently.




  • Mode of access: Bluetooth key, physical key, or PIN code.
  • You can create time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys and send them to your guests.
  • No internet connection is needed (needs a hub to manage remotely).
  • It uses 4 AA batteries, which last approximately nine months.
  • Remote access Via the mobile app.
  • Comes with a backup physical key.
  • You can send PIN codes and Bluetooth keys from wherever you are with the algoPIN™ technology.
  • Keypad Security Lockout. The keypad will be disabled after several incorrect PIN attempts.
  • Emergency Jumpstart. Quickly jumpstart the lock with a 9V battery in an emergency.
  • Warranty:
    • 1-year warranty period for all Products sold Worldwide (except in European Union Countries)
    • 2-year warranty period for all the Products sold in European Union Countries.
    • 1+1 year warranty period for all Products sold in Singapore


  • igloo Connect software lets you integrate igloo locks with various property management software platforms.
  • It natively syncs with the Airbnb calendar.
  • Integrates with RemoteLock software to connect to additional property management platforms.


  • Igloohome Deadbolt 2S lock does not need an Internet connection to work.
  • Igloohome integrates with Airbnb.  You can synchronize your listing calendar with your igloohome account for PIN codes to be automatically created for guests.
  • You can send PIN codes and Bluetooth keys from anywhere. You don’t have to be near the deadbolt to grant access. *A bridge will need to be purchased to manage door codes remotely.


  • A wifi bridge will need to be purchased ($75 if you plan to manage door codes remotely).
  • The remotely generated codes are 8 digits long, which may be difficult for guests to remember and key in correctly and consistently.
  • The lock button must be held for a full 3 seconds to close.
  • Paper installation instructions are not included. Users should watch the online installation video to simplify installation.

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