Jurny’s Property Management System is specifically designed to streamline and speed up reservation management operations and keep your guests informed from initial booking to checkout. It facilitates the whole property management process with built-in automations and customization.


$29/per unit monthly
$69/per unit monthly
Contact for pricing


Unified Inbox From All Connected OTAs – Yes

Unified Calendar From All Connected OTAs – Yes

Unified Quote Management For All Connected OTAs  – Yes, a dedicated Jurny team is available to answer all inquiries from all OTA’s you will be listed on. Dedicated hotline for all phone inquiries.

Rate Management For All Connected OTAs – Yes with Pro plan or higher.

Channel Management for the Following OTAs – Jurny supports 20+ Booking OTA’s such as Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Hopper, Agoda, Jurny OTA, and more.

Setup Service – Yes, assigned to a team member to guide new users through the onboarding process.

Payment Processors – Integrates with the following payment processors: Stripe, Lynnbrook Group

Accounting – Yes with the Pro plan or higher.

Trust Accounting – No

Cleaning and Maintenance – Yes, Breezeway is included at no additional cost for the Pro plan or higher.

Reports – Yes, reporting and analytics are built into Jurny

Channel-Specific Promotions No

External Website integration –  Yes, with a WordPress widget.

Internal Website builder – Yes, customizable website templates are available to create a direct booking website easily.

Email Service Provider Integration – Not currently.

Review Aggregation from OTAs – Yes, with the Pro plan or higher. Review sentiment analysis allows managers to quickly analyze guest reviews to determine what aspects of the property are standing out to guests and also look for opportunities to improve further.

Guest Messaging – Yes, via a unified inbox. Messages to Airbnb guests are received through the Airbnb messaging platform. Additionally, the AI tool Nia, is available to assist with, and automate aspects of guest messaging and guest reviews.

Guest ID Management – Yes, via built-in Autohost integration at no additional cost.

Automated Rental Agreements –  Yes, via Autohost integration at no additional cost.

Digital Signatures for Agreements – Yes, via Autohost or Docusign integration.

Internal dynamic pricing tool – Yes, with Pro plan or higher via Wheelhouse, at no additional cost.

External dynamic pricing integration Jurny has partnered with Wheelhouse to be its exclusive pricing and revenue management partner.

Security Deposits – Yes, it can be a charge or a hold.

Guest Damage Insurance – Yes, via Superhog.

Guest Vetting – Yes, via Superhog, and Autohost integrations.

Mobile App – A mobile app is available for guests to unlock the doors, control smart devices, purchase upsells, etc. No mobile app is available for hosts, but the Jurny website is optimized for mobile use.

Smart Home   Yes, IoT (Internet of Things) smart device management is available for Plus plans and higher. Users are able to manage devices such as smart locks, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and carbon dioxide and noise sensors. Jurny is growing the list of compatible devices.

Bookings Direct from Facebook – No

Smart Lock Integration – Yes

Upsells and Add-ons – Yes, via the guest app, which is a feature available on all plans.

Property Management Features

Invoicing – No

Property Management Reports – Weekly and monthly reporting and reconciliation across all OTAs.

Owner Login – No

Owner Statements – No

Customer Service Via – Support library and customer support during business hours, and 24/7 support via the Nia AI chatbot and the Jurny team.


  • Jurny is in a phase of rapid innovation and is rolling out new features such as the Nia AI rapidly.
  • The fee for utilizing many of Jurny's integration partners is included with the Jurny subscription fee. This makes Jurny a great value when compared to the cost of signing up with each of these partners individually.
  • Jurny has a mission to streamline property management operations by bringing all the operations of property management into one platform so you don't have to log in and out of multiple sites to manage your property and operational needs.


  • In exchange for the built-in tech stack it offers, Jurny users give up flexibility to use certain third-party solutions for pricing, guest vetting, property care and maintenance, etc.
  • The Jurny basic plan will not be a good fit for users who plan to list their properties on more OTAs than Airbnb.

Customer Reviews

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James R.

November 14, 2023


The platform itself is super user-friendly. Even if you're not a tech guru, you'll get the hang of it. Plus, you can dip your toes with a free Jurny account.


You can get support whenever needed, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Their team is super proactive!! I've got to say, Jurny is the way to go if you want to make management easier. Highly recommend!

Cody Wood

September 6, 2023


It is a great concept utilizing the best technology for every aspect of the operations. But that's where it ends, a concept.


After limited use of the software for over a year and limited support, we had to walk away. Onboarding - This is not software you can onboard without support. The documentation given (pdfs) is very lacking and super light on details so it will leave you and your team confused. Here is our list of issues we found with the software: 1) Listing Copy - would remove the listing description, guest space, and interaction with the guest 2) Space - would change a full house listing to only a shared room with no rhyme or reason why 3) Photos - Often would change, delete, reorder, remove captions, flip images upside down, make image quality fuzzy, also would duplicate 4) Rooms - The total number of rooms would change from the actual number to a lesser number 5) Bathrooms - Changed full baths to half baths 6) Pricing - If updated through Jurny it could take several hours to the next day to update on various OTAs, however, if updated through Wheelhouse it would only be a few minutes. 7) Software Support - No one seemed to know what the issue was and often blamed issues listed above as image resolution as the root problem 8) Direct Booking Website - You need the Jurny team to turn on the feature even if you're a MOS client, was never able to get this to work and support was non-existent for this piece of the software. 9) Ground Operations - Although you get access to the Breezeway software through Jurny, understand it's super limited under Jurny's master account, and you will have access to all their client's data, which is a security breach. 10) Billing - If you have any listings on any of the three different levels, yes I said three levels, they will bill you for it even if it's not actively connected to the OTAs 11) Listing Levels in the software - Unit, Unit Types, and Buildings, you will have to create a listing on each level. To disconnect, you need to archive at all three levels as well.


Probably the worst-organized software. Super confusing for non-techy individuals, and will make you feel more like a tech company than an actual hospitality company.


July 10, 2023


Jurny has some great integrations like Breezeway and Wheelhouse


They haven't coded the basics well at all and lots of bugs crop up during setup


We tried to onboard with Jurny for over a month and never got a listing live. I really wanted to make it work but they need to test their product more thoroughly before rolling it out to end users. Too many bugs to be usable at this time.
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