dormakaba (kaba) 480i and 660i


dormakaba offers an access control and security solution in the global market. It’s a web-based remote access solution that is easy to use and will make granting access to your property simple. It features Oracode, a vacation rental solution that uses time-sensitive PIN codes for an electronic pushbutton lock to manage access to your rental property, from anywhere.



  • The Oracode Live system is web-based, no software to install.
  • Receive notifications of lock events that occur in real-time, such as Guest First Arrival and Guest Early
  • Receive lock communications by e-mail, SMS, or directly in “live events.”
  • Set up alerts, such as Low Battery or Internet Down.
  • Cancel codes or extend a stays remotely.
  • Vandalism and attack resistant.
  • Audit memory stores up to 5,000 events.
  • Emergency access by mechanical key override.
  • Lock electronics are totally sealed and weather resistant.
  • Meets requirements of ANSI A156.25 for dust, rain, humidity, and salt spray corrosion tests and is approved for use in FL in high velocity hurricane zone areas.
  • Codes and audit memory are not lost during battery replacement.
  • Uses 3 AA batteries with an approximate lifespan of 18 months.
  • Standard factory warranty of 2 years.

Oracode 480i

  • A deadbolt-only solution.

Oracode 660i

  • A combined deadbolt and lever handle solution.


  • Barefoot Technology Corporation
  • BeHome 247
  • breather
  • Breezeway
  • Brightside Rental Management
  • Comtrol
  • Execu/Tech
  • genkan
  • hosteeva
  • Hotello
  • InfoDEN
  • IQware
  • iTrip
  • LiveRez
  • Lodgix
  • Natural Retreats
  • Nitesoft
  • OwnerRez
  • Ramsey Solutions
  • Rental Host
  • Resort Data
  • Rental Management Services
  • RNS
  • RoomKey PNS
  • stardekk
  • StatusTracker
  • stayntouch
  • Streamline
  • Travelnet Solutions
  • Vacasa
  • Vrbo
  • Virtual Resort Manager
  • Wave PM
  • Webrezpro




  • Because the electronics of dormakaba locks are sealed and weather resistant, they are a good solution for properties that experience harsh weather conditions, such as coastal environments.
  • Up to 18 months of battery life.
  • Codes and access can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world.


  • Oracode 480i and 660i can work as a standalone lock with use of an M-unit to initially program the lock, or can be connected to wifi which will also require a hub to manage the lock.
  • Due to being commercial grade, dormakaba locks may cost more than most residential grade locks.
  • dormakaba locks are only available through select partner vendors.

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