Hand over your keys the smart way.  Simple and secure key exchange solution for Airbnb hosts, serviced apartment operators, and real estate agents.


KeyNest was founded in 2016 by two Airbnb hosts, Marc and Florian. Marc was getting fed up with changing his plans to meet Airbnb guests who were arriving late, so he asked his local cafe to hold the keys for him – and that’s when KeyNest was born.


KeyNest Points 

  • Pay as you go: $7.95 per key collection. First-day storage is included in 0.90¢ storage per additional day.
  • Monthly Plan: $29.95 per key per month. Unlimited movements & storage.
  • Yearly Plan: $24.95 per key per month, billed annually. Unlimited movements & storage.


Pricing also available for Australia, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Portugal on the KeyNest website.


KeyNest Points: How It Works

  • Once you’ve joined KeyNest, you can drop off your keys at your local KeyNest Point, where you leave your keys and your guests to pick them up.
  • KeyNest Points are secure drop-off locations, usually local businesses near your property.
  • Each KeyNest Point is managed by vetted and trained staff who know how to handle the keys and
    follow KeyNest’s processes to ensure the key exchange is instant and secure.
  • You share your collection code and KeyNest point location with your guest.
  • The guest arrives at the location, shows the collection code, and is given the correct key by the KeyNest trained personnel.
  • KeyNest notifies you when your keys are collected and dropped off.
  • When guests depart, they return the key to the same KeyNest Point.
  • With automatic notifications, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your keys at all times.
  • KeyNest Points are available in over 4,000 locations across Europe and North America.


Mobile App: Yes. Add keys and generate and share collection codes with your guests from anywhere using the KeyNest App.




Additional Information

  • KeyNest offers custom prices for mid-term rental companies, letting agents, estate agents, vehicle logistics, maintenance keys, emergency keys, and other use cases.
  • All monthly and yearly subscriptions renew automatically.


Customer Support

  • 24-hour customer support.


  • KeyNest can be used as a backup in case of smart lock failure.
  • Over 4,000 KeyNest Points worldwide.
  • KeyNest is compatible with any property and any lock.
  • Your guest can check in anytime they want.
  • More control over your key. Always know where your keys are.
  • KeyNest offers secure storage, online tracking, and notifications.
  • Give access to cleaners and maintenance. .


  • Rural locations may have limited KeyNest Points available.

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