Kid & Coe is a travel platform that curates and connects vacation properties with families, coupled with tailored content crafted by local parents for insider knowledge.  With hand-picked accommodations around the world, plus insight from local parents about how to get the best out of their destination, we’re minimizing the pain points and revolutionizing how families travel.




$99 one-time listing setup fee.

Private Hosts (individual homes) pay a 5% host fee on all bookings accepted through the site.

Professional Partners (or anyone with a dedicated website promoting a property or properties) pay a 15% host fee and a 2.5% credit card processing fee on all accepted bookings.



How to join?

  • A host application is submitted via the Kid & Coe website.
  • Kid & Coe is selective and chooses properties that they know will suit their network of traveling parents.
  • There is a one-time $99 listing setup fee.

Can any property join, or is there a criterion? 

  • Kid and Coe curates kid-friendly properties suitable for family travelers.
  • Each property must have the following features:
    • In a great location for family travelers
    • Safe and appropriate for children
    • Clean and well appointed
    • Decorated in a desirable style
    • Stocked with amenities that suit family travelers, for example, cribs, high chairs, and toys
    • Properties may not need to fulfill all of the above criteria; for example, a property in a fantastic location with beautiful decor may be included even if it does not have a high chair or crib, as it could suit families with older children.

Payment Mode:

  • All reservation payments are received by Kid & Coe and then remitted to hosts and property managers on the first Friday after the stay has commenced. If a guest checks in on a Friday, full payment will be made to the host the following Friday.


The Kid & Coe Community Protection Program

  • Liability protection features a limit of $1,000,000, including legal defense at our insurer’s expense by counsel of our insurer’s choice.
  • Damage coverage:  $25,000 limit is subject to a minimum claim of $50 minimum and a maximum of $5,000 for any single item.
  • Bedbug infestation remediation is also covered.

Security Deposits

  • Hosts are given the option in their account settings to require a security deposit of up to $5,000.

Is there dedicated customer support for the host?

  • Yes, via email.


Additional Helpful Information: 


  • Enjoy discounts on select Kid & Coe homes as a host member.
  • Professional editorial and photo editing services help your property look its best.
  • Regular check-ins from our customer service team help keep your listing fresh and bookings running smoothly.
  • We can manage your calendar for you, and our calendar tools make it easy to stay up to date.
  • International marketing and social media promotion puts your property in front of traveling families when they want to book.


  • Enjoy discounts on select Kid & Coe homes as a host member.
  • They offer professional editorial and photo editing services to help your property look its best.
  • If your ideal customer is families Kid & Coe may be a good fit for your listings.
  • The Kid & Coe website gets an average of 22K visitors monthly and they do a good job marketing to past Kid & Coe guests to return and book again.
  • The Kid & Coe Community Protection Plan.


  • The 17.5 % fee (15% + 2.5 for credit card processing) for professional property managers.

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