Localbird connects travelers with local experiences and services while helping hosts earn commission revenue and deliver a top-notch guest experience at scale.


Creating a localbird account is free. Hosts and property managers receive affiliate commissions when guests book and experience through your localbird guestbook landing pages.



  • Create a free digital guidebook/partner landing page for each of your properties or locations.
  • Include information such as:
    • Welcome messages
    • Instructions
    • House Rules
    • Contact information
    • WIFI password
    • Tours & Experiences
  • Share your guidebook via a link share via email, SMS, Whatsapp message, or QR code.
  • Earn a 10% commission each time someone books an experience through your landing page guidebook.

Track your earnings

  • No referral is left unearned.
  • With your Partner dashboard, you can see what your guests are bookings, how much they spent, and most importantly– how much you earned.

Inviting Vendors

  • Users can invite vendors and local experience providers they already know and trust to join Localbird and grow their business!



  • Getting started with Localbird and creating as many guidebooks/landing pages as you need is free.
  • Localbird can be used by multiple property types: short-term rentals, hotels, aparthotels, boutique hotels, etc.
  • Once hosts and property managers establish relationships with local vendors and set up their guidebook/landing page they can automate sending guests the guide link and basically receive affiliate revenue with little or no additional work.


  • The Localbird guidebook/landing page is more basic than the offerings of other digital guidebook companies, but keep in mind, that it is offered for free.
  • Localbird is still adding cities that are supported on it's platform.

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