Ludwig: the AI Interior Designer by Fülhaus


Ludwig is an AI interior designer by Fülhaus that creates buyable furniture collections from any inspirational image, just like an interior designer – only faster.

AI interior designer


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Ludwig AI Interior Design

  • No more scrolling: Ludwig knows which sofa pairs with which coffee table, lamp, rug, etc. No more need to browse thousands of items to find one that will complete the look.
  • Hundreds of Brands: Ludwig has a database of hundreds of thousands of buyable goods.
  • Professional interior designers train Ludwig to interpret and recreate an aesthetic with what’s available.

How does it work?

  • Have fun searching the internet for inspirational pictures that are similar to the look you’d like for your property.
  • Take some screen shots and save the to your computer.
  • Upload the inspiration images to the Ludwig platform.
  • Ludwig AI will search hundreds of brands to find furniture that is similar to your inspiration picture.
  • You can now quickly fill your cart with items that coordinate and bring the look you want to life.

Customer Support: Via email.



  • Free for users.
  • Quickly source furniture and decor you can purchase that is similar to the look you are trying to achieve.
  • Ludwig is trained by professional interior designers to interpret an aesthetic and recreate it with what’s available.
  • You can control your expenses by selecting items that fit your budget.


  • Lead times may vary on products Ludwig sources.
  • Ludwig does filter by price and may suggest items beyond your project budget.
  • In our testing, we had the most success when our inspiration photos were modern. When we uploaded other inspirational photo styles such as traditional, farmhouse, etc.  The AI struggled to source suitable style matches.   We look forward to the development of this product and will reevaluate in a few months.

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