Noshable is a software service amenity that allows short-term rental hosts to offer trusted, scalable grocery delivery services for their guests. Upon guest’s arrival, groceries are pre-stocked in their fridge/pantry, allowing them to skip the store and arrive for more.




Noshable is not only free for hosts and property managers to use, it can also become a supplemental revenue source due to the revenue share relationship between noshable and your company.


Key Features:

  • Marketplace experience similar to click list
  • Seamless ordering for guests
  • Onboard current operations team or outsource delivery through our trusted partners

How to use Noshable?

  • Visit their website 
  • Download and use the mobile application.


  • Drive additional revenue
  • Allow guests to arrive to a stocked fridge
  • More competitive listings
  • Enhance guest experience


  • Not available in every market yet

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