OwnerRez is a cloud-based property management system for vacation rental owners and managers designed to help them maximize efficiency and profits.


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Unified Inbox – Guest messaging is accomplished at the reservation level or through the built-in CRM.

Unified Calendar – Reservations can be viewed as a ribbon, month, year, list.  You can filter by date range and  property.

Unified Quote Management From All Integrated OTAs  – OwnerRez has a section specifically devoted to quotes and inquiries, which can generate and send quotes with just a few clicks.

Quote information is pulled from the property calendar and rates.

Users can customize the quote to add fees or discounts as desired before sending.

Quotes are sent via email.

Channel Management Available for the Following Platforms –

Additional integrations are frequently added.  Does not integrate with a stand-alone channel manager.

Setup Service

  • DIY for free; there are great tutorial videos and extensive support documentation. There are also FB groups to ask questions,
  • ProConnect setup service starts at $500 for up to 2 properties, then it’s $150/property for the next 7 properties, and $100/property for 10+ additional properties.  ProConnect is normally completed in 3-6 weeks.

Payment Processors – Integrates with the following payment processors:

  • Ascent
  • Bambora
  • Authorize.Net
  • Openedge
  • Lynnbrook Group
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Yapstone
  • Payeezy
  • Converge
  • SecureNet
  • Sage
  • PsiGate
  • USAepay
  • TrustCommerce
  • Plug’nPay
  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • NETbilling
  • eProcessingNetwork
  • National Merchant Center
  • Redsys
  • BridgePay Network Solutions

Accounting – QB Online Integration add-on for a small monthly fee.  You must have your own QB Online account, which will be a separate subscription fee you pay to Intuit.

Trust Accounting – Yes – There is a property management module you can add-on for a small fee.  This will allow managers to:

  • Calculate commission
  • Generate owner statements
  • Record expenses

Cleaning and Maintenance – OwnerRez does not have a built-in way to create or manage tasks such as cleaning and maintenance.  You can give team members a login for no additional fee so that they can view the calendar. An email trigger can be created to send cleaners notification of new reservations, modifications, and cancellations.

OwnerRez integrates with the following property care platforms:

Reports Yes, the following reports are available:
  • Stay Reports:
    • Daily Checklist
    • Date Range
    • Available Nights
    • Empty Units
  • Summary Reports:
    • Bookings
    • Payments
    • Line Items
    • Taxes
  • Detail Reports-
    • Bookings
    • Name Crosscheck
    • Mailing List
    • Payments
    • Line Items
    • Line Item Pivot
    • Taxes
    • Listing Site Fees
    • Credit Card Processing History
    • Insurance
  • Booking Statistics –
    • Conversion Speed
    • Days in Advance
    • Bookings
    • Inquiries
    • Quotes
    • Nights/Booking
    • People/Booking
  • Occupancy –
    • % Occupied
    • Nights
    • People/Night
    • People
  • Availability Gaps
  • Repeat Guests
  • Inquiry/Booking Volume
  • Listing Site Performance
  • Property Management Reports:
    • Expense Summary
    • Expense Detail
    • Commission Summary
    • Commission Detail
    • Owner Remittance Summary
    • Owner Remittance Detail
    • Owner Statements Bookings Remittance
    • Manager Remittance Summary
    • Manager Remittance Detail

Channel-Specific Promotions – No, you cannot create specific specials or promotions for specific channels.

External website integration –  Yes, a free widget is available to put on your website to provide:

  • Booking engine (how people make a reservation and pay)
  • Availability calendar
  • Property search
  • Reviews

A WordPress widget is also available for a small add-on fee that provides additional listing content via shortcodes for WordPress Users.

Internal Website Builder – Yes, for a small monthly fee per site, OwnerRez has a 3 pre-built website templates that can be customizable to fit your brand.

Websites are quickly generated by pulling your listing photos, details, guest reviews, etc.from your Airbnb listings.

The templates are built to have a blog page for added for SEO purposes.

Google analytics and a Facebook pixel can be added to your OwnerRez hosted site.

Email Campaign Integration – Yes, via StayFi integration.  StayFi allows you to sync over guest contact info to setup email campaigns via Switchback. Integrations with MailChimp and other email, CRM services are not currently available.

Review Aggregation – Yes, reviews are captured from Airbnb and Vrbo and can be exported.

Guest Messaging – Yes.

  • Automated email guest messaging can be set up for free.
  • Creating automated messages is a multi-step process that involves creating message templates and then separately creating message triggers. To activate a message it must have a trigger connected to it.
  • You can use field codes in the templates to automatically personalize the message sent to your guests.
  • Templates can be created for email messages, SMS messages, and messages sent through booking channels.
  • Airbnb and Vrbo guests can receive messages directly through the Airbnb and Vrbo messaging platforms.
  • The triggers have numerous options to let you customize the criteria for sending the message and numerous criteria can be used simultaneously.
  • SMS guest messaging is available for an additional fee.

Guest ID Management – Yes, you can set up a message that asks guests to submit a copy of their photo ID.

Automated Rental Agreements – Yes, you can create custom rental agreements for each property and use field codes to personalize the agreement with property and reservation details.

Digital Signatures for Agreements – Yes. The guest can sign the rental agreement digitally.  Signed agreements can be automatically sent to the guest are archived in OwnerRez at the reservation level.

Internal dynamic pricing tool – No

External dynamic pricing integration – Yes, syncs with:

Security Deposits – Yes, security deposits or holds can be set up and automated.  You can customize how many days prior to check-in the deposit is collected and how long after checkout it is released. Emails can be scheduled to remind the guest to put a card on file for the security deposit and also to notify the guest once it is released.

Guest Damage Insurance – Yes, 3rd party integration with:

Guest Vetting – Yes, with 3rd party integration with Superhog.

Mobile App – No, but the OwnerRez is fully responsive, and you can put a link on the home screen of your phone and use it like an app. Full desktop functionality is available when the website is accessed through a mobile device.

Smart Home  – Integrations with:

Bookings direct from Facebook – No, but Facebook pixel can be put on OwnerRez direct booking websites.

Smart Lock integration – Yes, currently has the ability to create door codes for Schlage locks and is in the process of adding this functionality for other lock brands as well.  There is a small monthly fee per lock to utilize this feature.

The following third-party smart home integration providers are also available:

Upsells and Add-ons – Yes, OwnerRez has a feature that lets you create surcharge add-ons which are presented to direct booking guests (not guests who book through other OTAs) at the time they book the reservation.

If a guest books through an OTA you can create an email trigger that will send them your upsell offers automatically with each new reservation.

Third-party integrations with upsell capabilities are also available:

  • RueBaRue
  • Akia
  • Duve
  • YourWelcome
  • Host Co.

Property Management Features – The property management module is considered a premium feature with an additional monthly fee per property. With this turned on, you can calculate commissions and generate monthly statements for your owners.

  • Invoicing – Yes
  • Property Management Reports –
    • Expense Summary
    • Expense Detail
    • Commission Summary
    • Commission Detail
    • Owner Remittance Summary
    • Owner Remittance Detail
    • Owner Statements Bookings Remittance
    • Manager Remittance Summary
    • Manager Remittance Detail
  • Owner Login – Yes, you can set the permissions for each owner. There are no additional fees for adding new users.
  • Owner Statements – Yes, the property management module is designed to make generating owner statements efficient.

Customer Service – Free and available in the following ways:

  • Phone (you will leave a voicemail)
  • Email
  • Extensive tutorials
  • Support documentation

Additional Features

  • Zapier integration opens up additional integration and automation possibilities.



  • Users can get started with no setup fees.
  • OwnerRez is a great value with a robust set of features that will work for users with only a couple of properties up to those who manage an extensive portfolio.
  • OwnerRez has historically been a stable and reliable platform.
  • No extra fees are charged for additional users.
  • OwnerRez websites practically build themselves and are great for folks who don’t have the time or inclination to have a stand-alone custom site built.
  • OwnerRez frequently rolls out new features, integration partners, and updates. They are committed to continually improving their platform and listening to their users needs.
  • There is an Unofficial OwnerRez Facebook page full of helpful people who are happy to answer questions. Sometimes this is faster than utilizing customer support.


  • There is a fairly steep learning curve to setting up and learning OwnerRez that intimidates some people, and it isn't as intuitive as other platforms.  Once users become familiar with the software this is typically no longer an issue.  If you are easily overwhelmed by technology consider taking advantage of the ProConnect service.
  • Some may consider that it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app as a disadvantage. Others would say that’s not an issue since the site is responsive and can be saved to your screen like an app.
  • OwnerRez currently does not have cleaning or maintenance task management features.
  • Some features, such as the property management module, hosted websites, Quickbook integrations, SMS messaging, and door lock code generation require an additional fee.
  • Currently, the telephone support number goes to voicemail and directs you to leave a message or send an email.  It can take 24 hours to receive a reply, but the support is very thorough and will check back to be sure your issue has been resolved.

Customer Reviews

Give More Than You Take.  If you have experience with this product or company, please share your knowledge with the STR community.

Melissa Mondzelewski

April 15, 2023


You can get rental agreements and photo id from the guests (including Airbnb which means you get the guest’s email address). Email and airbnb messaging that can go out at set times. Integrates with many others to easily communicate with cleaners, etc. Reports are good. Finally the direct booking site (the hosted site is just ok but does the job) but the widgets are great if you have your own website.


Software is hard to set up. I quit several times before I finally found someone I could pay to set it up for me.


Once set up, it is extremely easy to use and I can easily set up other properties.

Laurie Sheinkopf

March 4, 2023


If you have more than 3 properties this is a great software. I have used this software and it has a lot of great functions such as email and texting your guests and being able to set-up automated messages.


This software is really hard to set up and is so not intuitive.


If you have multiple properties this is a good software.
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