Properly is a cleaning management solution for vacation rental owners, service providers, and property managers. It offers automated turnover, remote inspection, training for cleaning personnel.


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Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes, Properly integrates with many property management software systems and also directly with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com for hosts that don’t use a property management software. 

Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: No

Cleaner Marketplace: Yes, Properly has a cleaning provider network. Also, an owner can invite cleaners to sign up with Properly so they can collaborate on cleaning projects.

Cleaning checklists: Yes, with real time updates as checklist items are marked complete.

Quality Verification Photos: Yes, cleaners can be required to post photos.

Issue Reporting: Yes, cleaners can report issues through the app.

Inventory Management: No

Linen Management : No

Quality Control Inspections: Yes, Properly offers a remote quality assurance service. 

Cleaning Team Screening: Yes, for providers on the Properly marketplace. 

Mobile App: Yes, for use by the owner and cleaning professionals to collaborate on cleaning projects.

Customer Support:

  • Chat
  • Training modules
  • Blogs
  • Help center


Other Features: 

  • Provides Training Certification for cleaners to ensure high standards.
  • 30-day Free Trial, no credit card needed.
  • Optional listing setup service.
  • Optional Remote Quality Control service:
    • Monitors the photos your cleaners upload in real-time.
    • If anything does not pass inspection, the cleaner is notified right to remedy the issue immediately.
  • Optional Guest Communication Service:  Responding to booking requests and handling all pre/post-booking guest communication.
  • App notifications as soon as the cleaner starts the job.
  • Properhost Ambassador Program – Experienced hosts can mentor new hosts and receive 5% of the new host’s booking revenue.


  • Affordable remote inspection service to ensure your property is guest ready.
  • Knowledge library to assist cleaners in addressing issues they may find.
  • A guest communication service is available to handle pre and post stay guest communications.
  • 30 day free trial


  • There may or may not be Properly providers in your property's area.
  • Invoicing of cleaners is not available.

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