Rankbreeze is a cloud-based software that helps improve Airbnb listings’ rank on the Airbnb platform, optimize listings’ prices, and track market data and trends.


Pricing tiered by the number of properties.


  • Up to 3 properties $29/mo. 15% discount available if billed quarterly.



  • Up to 10 properties $67/mo. 15% discount available if billed quarterly.



  • Up to 30 properties $129/mo.  15% discount available if billed quarterly.


30 day money back guarantee


Rank and Pricing Hub  – This section of Rankbreeze gives a snapshot of how your properties are performing on Airbnb according to date and guest count.

For example, if someone was looking for a home that sleeps eight guests from March 10-15, where would your property show up? Would it be the first result on page one, the 60th result on page 4, or the 187th result on page 11?

Users can optimize their listings’ rank by using recommendations from the optimization hub, by purchasing Rankbreeze’s listing optimization service, or by implementing their own strategies to try to improve their listings’ performance on Airbnb.

The optimization journal allows users to note the optimization actions they take and then come back and note how their listings’ rank changed after each optimization. Over time, this tracking can help users discover which optimizations have the most positive impact on their listings’ performance.

  • Competitor set – Users can manually create a competitor set and track competitors’ prices and minimum stay rules for future dates.


Optimization Hub

  • Integrated keyword A.I. writer for titles & descriptions.
  • Keyword Ideas – Suggest keywords based on top-performing properties in your city and neighborhood.
  • Review Analyzer – Analyze your property’s and competitors’ reviews to find words and phrases that can improve your listing’s performance.
  • Amenities Analyzer – This shows the frequency of amenities in your area.
  • Tracks conversions, click-through rates & views for your listing.


Market Scanner – The Market Scanner product has two main sections: the Market Report and the AirReview Pro Chrome extension.

  • Market Report Features – A market report can be generated for any market or neighborhood.
    • Lists top properties by revenue and features.
    • Identifies amenities common to the market.
    • Shows occupancy rates and average prices for the market.
    • Shows average fees and the discounts of competitors in that market.
  • AirReview Pro Chrome Extension – The AirReview Pro Chrome extension is used while surfing Airbnb to learn the performance details of specific listings. This can be used to research your competitors or to get a sense of how listings perform in a market you may be considering investing in. The AirReview Pro extension provides the following performance indicators:
    • Estimated revenue of any listing
    • Occupancy rates
    • Average daily rates


Dynamic Pricing Feature – The Rankbreeze dynamic pricing feature can be activated by integrating Rankbreeze with your PMS. Currently, integrations are available for OwnerRez and Uplisting. The dynamic pricing product is a relatively new feature. It is a bit early to say how it will compare to currently available dynamic pricing offerings.

Customer Support:

  • Support desk, email, and tutorial videos.

Other Features:

  • Listing Optimization Service
  • Kickstart Bundle, which includes SEO software and training.


  • Rankbreeze is currently the only company that can let you see where your property is ranking on Airbnb.
  • They break down your ranking by date and also by guest count.
  • Rankbreeze shows users pricing information about the listings currently ranking the best on Airbnb.


  • Listing rank can only be evaluated for Airbnb and not for any other booking channels.
  • The market data and dynamic pricing features are add-on products for an additional fee.
  • The calendar rankings table is limited to looking approximately 30 days in advance.

Customer Reviews

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Laurie Sheinkopf

March 4, 2023


Honestly I have used all the programs they had to offer. I changed titles, pictures and descriptions. It honestly never helped my rankings.


I know this works for some people it just didn't work for me. It could be because I have condos and it is a crowded space.
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