Ring Cameras and Doorbells


Check in on home anytime with security cameras and doorbells.


Security Camera Price Range: $169 to $249

Doorbells Price Range: $38.99 to $349.99

Ring Protect Security Plan

  • Basic – $3.99/month or $39.99/year
  • Plus – $10/month or $100/year
  • Pro – Starting at $20/month or $200/year

Note: The price of indoor cameras has not been included intentionally.




Products Offered

  • Security Cameras
    • Battery-powered, solar powered and wired models are available.
  • Video Doorbells
    • Battery-powered and wired models are available.
  • Alarm Systems
    • X-Line alarm system that includes Ring doorbells and security cameras.

Services Offered

  • Virtual Security Guard: Live video monitoring by highly-trained security professionals when you need it. Virtual Guards are available 24/7 to monitor your compatible cameras, help deter unwanted activity and request dispatch of emergency services for $99/month.
  • Installation Services: Professional installation of Ring devices is available through their partnership with OnTech.
  • X Line – An all-in-one personalized home security system.


  • Video History, Saving, and Sharing

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring is Available, Including:

    • Emergency Police, Fire, and Medical Response

    • Expandable Monitoring For Alarm Accessories

  • 24/7 Internet backup of video footage

  • Real-time activity notifications
  • Customizable motion zones to avoid false activity notifications.  For example, being notified each time the motion of a passing car or pedestrian is detected.



  • Ring security cameras hold up well in various climates ranging from heat, to cold, to coastal environments.
  • Many Ring devices have both microphones and cameras to allow two-way communication.
  • Wired cameras are low maintenance.
  • The Ring app allows remote monitoring of cameras.
  • The installation of devices and connection to the Ring app is straightforward.


  • A Ring subscription will be required in order to have camera footage saved.
  • Professional installation will likely be required for wired products.  *In our opinion it is definitely worth the extra cost to purchase wired products and have them professionally installed.  Having a low maintenance system that doesn't require battery changes is ideal.

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