ROX360 is an vacation amentities and marketing platform that offers a VayK design for your guests and a smart booking engine for property managers. With the Smart Booking Engine, the host can minimize marketing costs, offer year-round guest connections, and capture travelers’ companions’ contact details for additional leads.



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Products Offered

  • VayK Design
    • Guests design their vacations to suit their preferences by selecting available gear and experiences.
    • Rox360 delivers the gear and facilitates the activities and experiences.
    • Rox360 will ensure your company logo is on the gear your guests use to solidify your brand identity.
  • Smart Booking Engine
    • Minimize marketing costs when guests book directly with you.
    • Offers year-round connection through messages with past guests to increase the number of rebookings.
    • Captures the contact details of travelers’ companions for additional leads.
    • Offers fresh marketing perspective through a guest vacation experience.

How It Works?

  • Guests book your property.
  • They receive a credit for VayK Design and a link to plan their ideal stay.
  • Guests design their vacation by selecting beach equipment and experiences to enrich their stay.
  • ROX360 will deliver the gear for guest activities and pick it up once the reservation is completed.


  • None



Customer Support

  • Email
  • Text message



  • Captures the contact details of all the travelers, not just the primary guests.
  • Rox360 handles the delivery and return of items your guests rent.
  • The Rox360 booking engine becomes another way to drive guests to become repeat guests.


  • Rox360 services are currently available only in select markets:  Gulf Coast, North Carolina Coast, South Carolina Coast, and Texas.

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