What if you never had to order guest amenities again? sojo automates the delivery of bathroom and kitchen amenities, pantry items and more. Just connect your calendar, choose the products you want in every property, and that’s it! sojo ships everything your housekeepers need for every turn day – all in one kit.

Brighter turn days ahead!


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How It Works

  • sojo connects to your property management software or property care software so it can see your upcoming reservation calendar.
  • Users specify the amenity needs of each property per turn.
  • Prior to a new reservation, sojo automatically packages and ships the amenities you’ll need so that they will arrive just prior to the guest’s stay.
  • Your team will receive a box for each reservation that has the amenity kits inside.
  • Your team sets out the correct box in each room (kitchen, bath, etc.)
  • Done!


Products Lines

  •  Multiple product lines are available: Pro, Pro +, Lux, Eco, and Custom.

Amenities Offered

  • Bathroom amenities
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Body wash
    • Body lotion
    • Hand and face soap
    • Makeup wipes
    • Massage body bar
    • Bath salts
  • Half bath
    • Hand and face soap
    • Body lotion
    • Makeup wipes
  • Kitchen and Laundry
    • Dish soap
    • Dish sponge
    • Dishwasher tablets
    • Laundry tablets
    • Kitchen cleaning wipes
  • Packaging Options
    • Clean cornstarch bag
    • Custom ojo box
    • Reusable hemp bag
  • Kit add-ons
    • Small trash bag
    • Large trash bag
    • Roll toilet paper
    • Roll paper towels
    • Coffee


Products Catalog

  • Yes, available on their website.


Minimum Order Commitment

  • Customized products require a purchase of 6 months’ worth of inventory.


Shipment details

  • Free shipping for all shipments over $25.
  • Ships the custom bundles you created for each property just in time for each turning day.


Order Confirmation

  • Yes, an email confirmation will be sent with each shipment so you know the products you need are on the way.


Mode of payment

  • Electronic check (ACH)
  • Credit card (with a 2% charge per transaction)


Returns and Cancellations

  • Products are not available for return once shipped.


Additional Information

  • Offers customization. You can choose to private-label the amenities for no extra fees or costs. *For companies with 75 units or more.
  • Has a dedicated account manager.
  • sojo promises 99% on-time delivery.
  • Offers onboarding training for your staff.


Customer Support

  • Email
  • Phone


  • Save an average of 50 hours every month in back of house labor. No more ordering, managing or kitting amenties.
  • Create a consistent and elevated experience across your portfolio that both guests and owners will love.
  • Make your brand the hero. Drive more direct bookings with custom-branded amenities and gifts in every room of the home.
  • Offers 15% off for your first order and a free 7-day trial.
  • Free shipping for all shipments over $25.
  • Offer private labeling of amenities for no extra fees or costs for companies with more than 75 units. 
  • Integrates with leading property management and property care software to know what amenities you need and when.
  • Offers curated amenity packages.


  • Currently, sojo only puts small 1-3oz single-use  shampoo and conditioner in each bathroom kit box.  This might not be enough product for a guest with a longer stay or a bathroom that will have multiple guests using it.
  • 12-month service agreement is required for new customers.

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