The Offer Sheet is a curated list of the most unique and lucrative short-term rental investment opportunities hitting the market the previous day, delivered daily (except Sunday). Join 14,000+ investors.

The Offer Sheet


  • Two properties daily: Free
  • Pro version with all of the above benefits: $199/y with a full 14 day money-back guarantee or $24.99/m



Property Analysis, which includes:

  • Monthly expected short-term rental income, based on comps
  • Monthly expected expenses
  • Monthly expected cash flow
  • Expected occupancy rate
  • Expected cash on cash return

Benefits of Paid Premium vs. Free Sub

Members get an extended list of 10-14 properties every day instead of just 2. These are the best of the best daily.

But wait, there’s more…..

  • ~50 additional daily properties that you can filter and sort by state, city, county, number of beds, baths, year built, and of course, price!
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to full The Offer Sheet Digital Library
    • Advanced Profit, Appreciation, and Amortization Calculator
    • Airbnb Starter Kit – 172 items worth of furniture and similar to buy, everything needed to start an STR
    • Message templates – 41 pages worth, 27 templates
    • Welcome book templates – 15 pages covering the gamut
    • “A Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb” e-book
    • Cash on Cash return calculator
  • Personalized Airbnb Listing Optimization Service (Annual Members)
    • Email us if you already own an Airbnb and we will connect you with our partner Andrew
    • He will provide you with a report of up to 8 pages on exactly how to optimize your specific existing Airbnb listing
    • He knows the Airbnb algorithm in and out in order to rank at the top of results and drive more clicks, views, and bookings for your listing
  • Access to STR-specific realtors, property managers, STR loan specialists, designers, and insurance brokers to complete your journey from beginning to end.

STR starter kit inclusion:

  • 172-item Amazon list ($12,088 total) with links for each item
  • 3 bedrooms worth of stuff
  • Furniture, decor, and all essential items for the living room (40 items), dining room (6), kitchen (56), bedrooms (57), bathrooms (23), etc. (A few things are in multiple quantities).


  • 25% down payment, 75% mortgage
  • Monthly expenses include mortgage payments and other costs such as property taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance, and full property management.
  • To repeat, assumptions include a baked-in cost for full property management.
  • The cash-on-cash return also considers initial startup costs such as inspection, small repairs, a small amount of furniture, and closing costs.

Other Features:

  • Access to the community to discuss the best deals & partner up
  • STR tips, tricks & records around taxes, property management & regulation around the country




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