Tidy is a cleaning management software that offers services for vacation rental hosts, cleaning companies, and service pros. It offers cleaning task automation, a digital to-do list, tracking Pros features, automated payments, and more.

Pricing Pricing tiered by number of properties

1 property
Short-term Units (Up to 100 properties)
Monthly Bill: $20/ property/ month, Yearly Bill: $10 /property/month
Long-term Units (Minimum of 5 properties)
Monthly Bill: $20/ property/ month, Yearly Bill: $3 /property/month
Enterprise Custom (over 100 properties)
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Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Yes, integration with various property management software to automate task scheduling.

Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Yes, hosts can pay via their preferred payment channels, including credit cards.

Cleaner Marketplace: Yes, you can add your own service professionals or choose from Tidy’s existing Pros.

Cleaning Checklists: Yes, has digital To-Do checklists. No app or log-in is required.

Messaging: Yes, communicate with vendors through shared channels like Slack, emails, or SMS.

Quality Verification Photos: Yes, the host can enable the “before and after photos” feature to direct your team to send photos for quality verification.

Issue Reporting: Yes, team members can send photos of issues they discover like damage to the property or items requiring maintenance.

Inventory Management: Yes, hosts can track inventories, and pros/cleaners can trigger alerts if stocks run low.

Linen Management: Can be included in To-Do List to direct the team on what to do regarding laundry and linen replenishment.

Quality Control Inspection Management: Yes, hosts can assign checklists for in-person or remote quality control inspections.

Cleaning Team Screening:

  • Pros undergo background check certification.
  • Hosts need to sign-up for a 1-year plan to add safety insurance, ratings, and certification requirements for a Pros.

Mobile App: Yes, a mobile app is available and the website is mobile-responsive.

Customer Support: Tidy has a dedicated team available by phone.

PMS Integrations

Other Features: 

  • Smart Property Assistant
  • 3D Property Maps
  • Concierge Team – To help you find professionals in your area.


  • Tidy's concierge service can help connect you with cleaning and maintenance professionals in your area, or you can use Tidy with your current team.
  • Priced competitively.
  • Ability to pay your team through Tidy.
  • Inventory tracking is a wonderful feature to prevent running out of key consumables.
  • Customizable cleaning and maintenance templates.


  • Tidy's professional network is strongest in Texas, California, and the Chicago area.  Options may be limited in rural areas.
  • As with all similar products, take care not to overwhelm your cleaning teams with checklists of many hundreds of items.

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