Transparent offers market intelligence and data analytics for vacation rental property managers, hotels, DMOs, the tourism sector, the press, and portfolio investors by tracking more than 26 million properties in Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, and its property management software partners.


Pricing Pricing Plan

Smart Rental FREE
Smart Rental PRO
250 € per month and market. Billed annually at €3,000.
Transparent BI
Starting at 449 € per month and market. Billed annually at €5,388.
Revenue Management Course
249 €


Smart Rental Free

  • Historical ADR, occupancy & revenue.
  • Booking channel supply shares (what percentage of listings in that market are listed on the various OTAs).
  • Visualization of properties & info.


Transparent Pro Dashboard: Typically used by property managers with 15+ properties.

  • Rates and Demand – See your market’s real-time and historical rates of listings.
  • Booking calendar – See occupancy by date for your listing vs. your competitors.
  • Pacing – Look at historical pacing and the booking rate for future dates.
  • Market Supply – Track the number of listings in your market with an interactive map.
  • Rankings – Get insights into top properties in your market.
  • Reviews – See recent reviews on properties in your market to determine what stands out to guests (both the good and the bad).
  • Revenue proposal reports assisting with prospecting new owners.
  • Prospect & invest effectively with an interactive supply map with performance filters.
  • Maximize occupancy using minimum stay analysis.
  • Compete & grow using property manager & listing performance ranking.
  • Export capabilities for external manipulation & reporting.
  • Personalized onboarding and customer support.


Transparent BI: Typically used by property managers with 40+ properties.

  • Completely customized dashboards, reports, and graphs to give businesses the exact information they want the way they want it.
  • Infinite custom & owner reporting.
  • Property manager mapping, ranking & rate shopping.
  • Summarized historic market performance data (ADR, occupancy, and revenue).
  • Supply & OTA visualization and export.
  • Forward-looking rate, occupancy, and demand at the listing level on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com.
  • Personal support, email subscription & notifications.
  • Integrate directly with your PMS.


Sources of Data:


Customer Support:

  • Chat
  • Help Center


Additional Features

  • On-demand Revenue Management course for 249€.


  • The review aggregation feature is a great way to keep tabs on the reviews other listings in your market have received. Knowing what stood out to their guests can inform your business decisions.
  • The revenue proposals are particularly helpful for property managers when prospecting for new owners.
  • Transparent can be used for any market in the world.
  • Transparent has a surprisingly good blog on its site where they write about market insights and trends.


  • The Smart Data Free product has limited information and isn't as helpful as other free offerings by some of the dynamic pricing tool companies.
  • As with all market intelligence tools, the data collected is historical. This creates limitations when making projections about future revenue, occupancy, etc. due to unforeseen events which could happen in the future. Users should keep this in mind when making decisions for their business.

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