Turbosuite is a revolutionary SaaS platform designed for hotels and vacation rentals that is transforming Revenue Management. By harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence, Turbosuite not only increases occupancy but also maximizes revenue. In contrast to competitors who rely on the average prices of a select group of competitors to set pricing, Turbosuite stands out by analyzing data from the entire city. This involves daily collecting over 4 million data points from platforms like Booking, Expedia, and Airbnb.

Turbosuite’s cutting-edge algorithm takes into account an impressive 116 different factors to determine the most suitable pricing strategies. Unlike the industry norm of sending a single price per day for each category, Turbosuite breaks down pricing by agency, providing up to 60 different price points for various clients.


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Revenue Management System

  • AI smart pricing tool- you can compare rates with competitors and use smart pricing for maximum profitability.
  • User-friendly Dashboard- user-friendly dashboard displays key KPIs and forecasting revenue to help you make smarter decisions.

VacationRentalsSuite: A solution designed by and for vacation rental property managers, integrated with a suite that simplifies your daily operations. It aims to improve positioning and generate higher value and lower cost bookings.

  • Increase your visibility
  • reduce cost
  • increase the value of your booking


  • Rentals United
  • Octorate
  • AvailroomKrossbooking
  • Smoobu
  • Avaibook (VERSION PRO)
  • Icnea
  • Hostaway
  • Wubook/Zak
  • Hostfully
  • Avirato
  • Ezee
  • Guesty
  • Stays
  • RuralGest/Mr.Plan
  • Avantio
  • RoomCloud
  • Tokeet
  • Pxsol
  • Net2Rent
  • Cloudbeds
  • Hostify
  • 365 Villas
  • FNS Rooms
  • SiteMinder
  • Stardekk/Cubiliis
  • Lodgify
  • Todo Alojamiento
  • MiniHotel
  • Hotelrunner
  • Dingus
  • Mews
  • Pluriel
  • WinHotel

Additional Information:

  • Turbosuite is available in Spain, Latin America, and the USA.
  • Turbosuite has already made its mark by managing over 12,000 bookable units in 21 countries and 370 cities through its offices in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and the USA.


  • Flat fee per property or % per booking: A tailored pricing model to fit your needs

  • Increased visibility: Get discovered more in every OTA and increase your direct bookings (billboard effect)

  • Increased profitability: Pricing and distribution strategies aimed at reducing cost and increasing revenue

  • Outperform the competition: Sell at the right time, rather than too late and too low

  • Only RMS in the market using big data, AI and expert revenue managers

  • turbosuite has many registered integrations with third party applications


  • turbosuite has a low popularity ranking

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