Turno, formerly TurnoverBnB is a cleaning management tool that helps STR hosts automate their scheduling, payment, and inventory management. Hosts can easily find cleaners near their properties through Turno’s cleaner marketplace.


1 Property
2+ Properties
Monthly Pricing: $8 a month per property
2+ Properties
Annual Pricing: $6 a month per property

TurnoverBnB Features

Automated Cleaner Scheduling: Property management system integration allows you to post cleaning assignments automatically for your cleaners to accept. You will receive a notification once the cleaning has been accepted.

Cleaner and Maintenance Payments: Turno uses Stripe to automate payments to the cleaning team after completing each cleaning. 

Cleaner Marketplace: Search among tens of thousands of cleaners already on Turno’s Marketplace.

Cleaning Checklists: You can choose from one of the thousands of available templates and customize it to your needs.

Messaging: Yes

Quality Verification Photos: Yes. Cleaners can upload photos of tasks done for owners or hosts to verify.

Issue Reporting: Cleaners can send photos and information about any issues they note during the cleaning.

Inventory Management: Yes. The host will receive notification of items that are running low for replenishment.

Linen Management: No

Quality Control Inspections Management: Yes, property inspection checklists can be created and assigned with a workflow similar to cleaners.

Cleaning Team Screening: Yes, cleaners must provide at least one reference and pass a background test to join the Marketplace.

Mobile App: Centralize communication and management for all your projects.

Customer Support:

  • Email
  • Chat




Other Integrations

Other Features: 

  • App and website are available in six languages.


  • One of the most economical solutions available for coordinating with your cleaning team.
  • Includes all of the key features needed for the majority of hosts and co-hosts.
  • Integrates with many popular property management systems.
  • Customer support responses are quick.


  • Your cleaner needs to be willing to use the app and allow notifications.
  • If your property is in a rural area you may not find cleaners in the Turno marketplace. You can still use Turno, but you'll have to find cleaning teams off of the platform and invite join Turno.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Mondzelewski

August 12, 2023


Love the set up and ease of use. Cleaners can take pictures and maintain an inventory.


Extremely expensive for you and the cleaner. Many add on fees.


Charged about $10 per clean. I left once I learned that my cleaner was also getting charged,
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