Upsell Guru is an upselling platform for the hospitality industry looking to level up their customer experience from pre-arrival to post-departure. Its automated platform provides users easy and efficient integration from top-of-the-line property management software, guest communication, channel manager services, and data management systems.

Pricing Pricing Plan

Plans start at 155 euros per month.

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Solutions Offered

  • Offer pre-arrival up-selling
    • Your guest can automatically request a room upgrade before arrival.
    • Guest can personalize their stay using a fully customizable guest service menu.
    • Send guests customized and branded emails and offers.
    • Drive more upgrade sales by offering guests the chance to bid on upgrades.
    • Upsell Guru dashboard, reporting, and insights
  • Front Desk Upselling
    • Access guest insights and allow your team to make recommendations that are more likely to suit the guest.
    • Upsell recommendations such as room upgrades and extras.
  • Online check-in
    • Streamline guest registration and check-in.
    • Guests can check in via email, SMS, or QR Code on any device.
    • Offer upsells during check-in process, such as a candlelight dinner, champagne, etc.
  • In-house communication
    • Hotels can upload their room service, restaurant, and spa menus.
    • Communicate with your guests during their stay via SMS or email.
    • Chatbot integration
  • Complete guest journey
    • Start upselling during the booking confirmation communication.
    • Inform guests of directions, promos, and important information before arrival.

Mobile App

  • Yes


2-way Integration with the following Property Management Software companies.

  • Opera
  • Opera cloud
  • MEWS
  • Infor
  • Rms
  • Apaleo
  • Guestline
  • Protel
  • StayNTouch
  • Cloudbeds
  • TOtVS
  • Guesty
  • Booking factory

PMS 1-way Integration- requires hotel updates

  • Micros Fidelio Suite8
  • GuestCentrics
  • Innquest software
  • Hoteltime solutions
  • Frontdesk anywhere
  • Clock
  • 10ihost
  • Little hotelier
  • Cezee
  • Cover
  • hotSoft8
  • hqBeds
  • Seekom
  • roomRaccoon
  • DesBravador
  • Haven
  • Jazotel

Channel Manager and connector apps

Guest Communication

  • Salesforce
  • Campaign monitor
  • Daily point
  • Serenata
  • dialogShift
  • RIMS

Pricing and Data Management

  • HQ revenue
  • Infinito
  • Google data studio
  • Slack

In-House Chat Apps

    • DialogShift
    • Tawk.to

Customer Support

  • Email and phone


  • Upsell Guru offers a professional and comprehensive upselling solution.


  • Most of the property management software companies that Upsell Guru integrates with are built to serve hotels and enterprise-level hospitality organizations.

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