Wheelhouse is a dynamic pricing and revenue management software that helps short-term rental hosts and property managers optimize their pricing and maximize profit by utilizing a hybridization of rule-based pricing and data-driven pricing.

Pricing Pricing per property

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Wheelhouse enables you to pay a flat or flex fee, depending on the needs of your portfolio. You can change your plan at any time. Our two plans are:


Wheelhouse Pro Flat:

1-9 Listings: $19.99 / per listing per month

10-49 Listings: $16.99 / per listing per month

50-100 Listings: $13.99 / per listing per month


100+ listings:  please reach out to sales@usewheelhouse.com


Wheelhouse Pro Flex:

Wheelhouse Pro Flex: 1% of revenue (excl. taxes & fees)

Discounts are available for companies with more than 100 properties.



AI-Driven Dynamic Pricing: Yes

Price Limits: Yes

Custom Rates: Yes

Discounts: Yes

Yield Management: Yes

Price Forecasting Range: 18 Months

Update Frequency: Daily

Minimum Night stays: Yes

Weekend Adjustments: Yes

Seasonality Adjustments: Yes

Date Availability Management: No

Listing Analytics: Yes

Local Data: Yes

Market Intelligence: Yes, via Market Reports product.

Setting a List of Competitors: Yes, via Competitive Set product.

Map Display: Yes




Mobile: Yes, mobile responsive site

Customer Support: 24/7 Chat support, help center



  • Wheelhouse offers 24/7 live chat, with an average response time of 70 seconds, for every inbound question.
  • Wheelhouse's portfolio page allows managers with 10+ properties to quickly manage their inventory pricing.
  • Hybrid pricing incorporates the predictability of rule-based pricing (setting a flat, unchanging rate for your listing) with the increased revenue of data-driven pricing (using algorithms and AI to recommend pricing).
  • Users set a base rate and rules for price adjustments as desired (seasons and days of the week, etc.). Then AI data-driven pricing is layered on top of the rules to create a hybrid pricing strategy for your listings.
  • Users who prefer to be actively involved in the pricing of their listings may prefer this hybrid approach.
  • Free trial, no credit card needed.
  • Users can choose to be billed on a flat monthly fee per listing or a percentage of revenue per listing.
  • Market Reports and Competitive Set features are included in the monthly fee.


  • Check that Wheelhouse integrates with the property management software you use.
  • Wheelhouse is a robust platform designed for property management companies.  Small operators should consider whether it is truly a good fit for their business.

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