WYND Sentry is a smoke and noise monitoring solution for vacation rental properties. It monitors not only noise, but also recreational smoke (cigarettes and marijuana).  The Sentry system is sophisticated enough to distinguish between recreational smoke and other types of harmful smoke such as smoke from cooking.  It also generates incident reports to assist with submitting smoke mitigation claims.


A free Sentry device is included with each subscription.

Price Per Device Subscription

$15/mo. if billed annually

$19/mo. if billed monthly



  • Yes, through the mobile app.


Real-time Noise Monitoring

  • Yes


Automatic Alerts

  • Yes, noise and smoke alerts to the device owner by push messages.


Privacy safe

  • Yes


Historical Data

  • Creates accurate, evidence-based incident reports supporting host claims for smoking and noise incidents.


Tamper detection

  • It alerts the host if it loses power or internet connection.
  • It has an anti-tamper lock.


Mobile App

  • Yes


Set-up and Installation

  • Self-installation with instructions.



  • WYND Sentry is new in the noise monitoring space.  Currently, it does not have integrations with any property management software companies or smart home solutions.


Customer Support

  • Help library
  • Email support.


  • The Sentry device is free, customers only pay a reoccurring subscription per device.
  • Currently, WYND Sentry is the only noise monitoring solution that also detects smoke.
  • It is also the only company that currently provides incident reports. The incident reports provide specific documentation of the time periods smoke was detected and the amount of smoke detected (in parts per million).  This report eliminates the 'he said, she said' exchange between hosts and guests by providing concrete evidence of smoking.
  • The unit has an internal backup battery that lasts 48 hours. This eliminates the concern that guests could unplug the unit and avoid noise or smoke detection during a party.
  • Built-in tampering detection: The unit sends a push notification to the owner if the power or internet is disconnected.


  • WYND Sentry is a new player in the noise monitoring space.  Currently, it does not have integrations with any property management software companies, or smart home solutions.
  • It's more of an FYI than a con, but each WYND Sentry unit can monitor smoke for a space up to 400 sq ft.  It is  recommended to get units to cover high traffic common areas like living rooms and kitchens.  If desired, a unit can also be placed in halls to detect smoke from adjacent rooms.  Each unit is an individual subscription.

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