Yada is a conversational AI platform for Short Term Rentals, Hotels, Property Managers, and guest-facing teams.



No onboarding fees or upsells.

Host Plan: $12.49 per month/ door

Pro: $17.99 per month/door

Contact Yada for more than 100 listings or rooms.

*Annual plan discounts available.





Cloud-based Dashboard

  • Unified guest message inbox: Used for your guest communications across multiple platforms
    • Airbnb
    • WhatsApp
    • Instagram DM
    • Facebook
    • SMS
    • Gmail
    • Telegram

Chat AI

  • Chatbots – Provide sub-second response times on all channels.
  • Import listing from OTAs
  • ChatGPT–  Real-time and local data points deliver responses to thousands of inquiries about the area, itineraries, recommendations, and more.
  • Preview AI and bot responses in Yada before you send them to guests.


  • AI-generated guest messaging through the integrated property management software.

No Code: Yada is a completely no-code platform. All the models and flows are already trained and ready to use.

Free Chat Widget: It allows you to engage with visitors on your direct booking site in real-time and ensure that each visit and each moment of interest turns into a booking.

Customer Service – Via chat support.


  • The direct booking site chat widget is 100% FREE.
  • Once you have imported information about your listings, created your knowledge base and trained your AI, yada will be able to handle the majority of your guest messages.
  • You don’t have to be a programmer or have knowledge of advanced AI in order to get started.
  • Free onboarding.
  • Users can preview the AI response before it is sent to guests.
  • Yada.ai is continuing it's product development and looking to roll out additional features such as AI-optimized listing titles, AI-enhanced listing photos, etc.


  • A mobile app is currently unavailable.

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