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Anderson Advisors

Services Locations: Nevada, Washington, Utah, and Wyoming

Anderson Advisors is a Seattle- and Las Vegas-based business planning and consulting firm that provides high-quality services and resources to real estate investors, stock traders, solopreneurs, and business owners.

STR Law Guys

Service Locations: Mansfield, Texas, United States

STR Law Guys provides short-term rental investors the peace of mind that their investments are protected against lawsuits and creditors. We are lawyers with an insider knowledge of the industry because we are investors, like you! Our staff of attorneys helps you establish the following: LLC’s and other entity strategies, short-term rental agreements, co-host agreements, partnership agreements and all other legal needs in the short-term rental industry. We offer free consultations and a custom visualization to help you simplify your options for protection. We specialize in asset protection made simple!

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