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Uncover the tools and strategies that will help you overcome obstacles, maximize revenue, and optimize your short-term rental business by joining host Christianne Crump, she has conversations with the innovators that are designing the solutions that are shaping the short-term rental industry.

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Buying Insurance For Your STR Like a Pro

Episode Summary:

Whether you’ve just bought a new property and are getting insurance coverage for the first time, or you’re getting quotes in connection with your annual policy renewal, it’s important that you know how to compare policies and understand insurance quotes. This week Nick Massey from Proper Insurance joins us to demystify the things you need to know about insurance to ensure you’re getting the correct types and amount of coverage to ensure your STR portfolio is well protected. This is the first of a 2-Part series about STR insurance. Be sure to tune into next week’s show as well!

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Cost Segregations: Should You Get One and How To Make Sure It’s Done Right

Episode Summary:

Cost segregation is a powerful tool for real estate investors to create tax advantages. However there are a lot of misconceptions about whether or not it makes sense to get a cost segregation study, and it can be difficult for investors to know how to vet potential cost segregation providers to ensure their study will hold up under an IRS audit. This week Kim Lochridge, Executive Vice President of Engineered Tax Services, joins us on the show to answer all of these questions and more. No STR investor can afford to miss this episode!

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Successful Property Setup Strategies

Episode Summary:

New hosts are often overwhelmed by setting up their first property and are surprised by how much work goes into a successful property launch. Kim Fitzpatrick, of Launched Host, joins us this week to share some of the tips and strategies that help her teams be able to successfully set up properties in as little as seven days.

How To Start a Property Management Company From Scratch

Episode Summary:

Have you ever considered transitioning the skills you’ve learned as an Airbnb host into co-hosting or property management? In this week’s episode, Christianne takes you into how that process the process of starting a property management company is unfolding for her.

Mentioned in this episode:

VR Platform by Ximplifi:

REI Hub:

STR HUB Facebook Community:

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Payment Processor

Episode Summary:

As hospitality payment technology continues to modernize and advance, there’s a variety of ways short-term rental operators can take advantage of previously missed opportunities and revenue. This week James Lemon, Global Head of Travel and Leisure for Stripe, shares some insights based on his years as a property manager and also the latest research. Tune in to learn more about his often-overlooked topic and how you can maximize the benefits of your payment processor partner.

Mentioned in this episode:

JUSTT – Chargeback Response Solution:…

Stripe’s State of North American Checkouts 2022:… Stripe’s State of European Checkouts 2022:…

Property Management Software Insights for 2024

Episode Summary:

Property management software is operation-critical for property managers and hosts; it is one of the most important pieces of our tech stack. This week we welcome Marcus Rädar, the Co-Founder and CEO of Hostaway, to hear his insights on what’s been happening in this sector of our industry, where he sees things going in 2024, and his thoughts on how that will impact us as STR professionals going forward.

Overdelivering Without Getting Overwhelmed

Episode Summary:

One way to stand out in the increasingly crowded STR and hospitality industry is by providing an exceptional experience for our guests, but with so many other demands on our resources that can be difficult. On this week’s episode with Connor Paton, Co-Founder and CEO of noshable, we unpack this issue and offer solutions for property managers and hosts looking for ways to differentiate from their local competition and improve their bottom line.

Mentioned in this episode:

Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara:

The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey:

Creating Unique and Shoppable Properties

Episode Summary:

Have you noticed the “look” of successful short-term rentals beginning to look so similar it’s getting boring? This week we’re welcoming Sage Nathan, Partnership’s Manager at Minoan, to share her thoughts on how we can create spaces that have a more unique vibe and also offer guests the opportunity to bring aspects they love about their stay in your home back to theirs.

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Revenue Management Best Practices for Airbnbs

Episode Summary:

Picture this – you’ve got a stunning property, an impeccable listing, and a fantastic location, but are you setting the right price? On this week’s episode of the Short-term Rental Solution show we discuss revenue management best practices with our expert guest, Anurag Verma, co-founder of Price Labs. Whether you’re an experienced property manager fine-tuning your strategy or newly embarking on your Airbnb journey, this episode is a must.

Mentioned in this episode: 30-day free trial of PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing and Portfolio Analytics tools + 1 market dashboard + $10 in PriceLabs credit:…

The Journey From Owner To Host To Property Manager

Episode Summary:

Are you an owner who’s wondered if you could manage your own properties, or do you self-manage your portfolio and wonder if you could help manage for others? This week’s guest, Stacey St. John, has walked that road and very candidly shares what her journey looked like and some of the mistakes and lessons she learned along the way.

Mentioned in this episode: Virtual Summit:…

Building vs Buying Your Next Short Term Rental

Episode Summary:

Should you build your next short-term rental property from scratch or buy an existing home? This week Shane O’Donley of Savvy Realty, shares what he’s learned through the course of working with clients and tackling his own builds. Shane shares specific pros and cons that are worth taking into consideration as you strategize the next step for your short-term rental portfolio.

Unlocking Additional Revenue With Distribution

Episode Summary:

Smart and strategic distribution of your listings can bring additional revenue to your short-term rental business. This week, Alex Alioto, co-founder and Growth Head at Whimstay, shares how you can use different distribution channels to reach different segments of travelers and turn unsold nights into cash. This knowledge could be your ticket to more money, bookings, and success!

Mentioned in this episode: Airbnb Travel Dispersal Report:…

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Mastering The Art of Guest Communication

Episode Summary:

Creating a comprehensive, high-touch short-term rental guest communication strategy not only improves your guests’ experience but can also improve your bottom line through better guest reviews, more repeat guests, and fewer guest questions. This week we talk with the Queen of Guest Experience, Tyann Marcink Hammond of Touchstay. Tyann is the owner of two boutique property management companies in Branson, MO, and shares with us her amazing guest communication workflow, stories of how guest communication saved the day, and how you can become a master of guest communication as well.

Mentioned in this episode: a 14-day free trial of Touch Stay:

Touch Stay 2023 Guest Communication Study:…

Tyann’s Touch Stay Guide:…

Finding Direct Booking Success

Episode Summary:

In today’s competitive short-term rental market, expanding your reach and maximizing occupancy rates are essential for success. This week we learn the secrets to driving traffic to your direct booking website with expert Jenn Boyles, CEO of Direct Booking Success. Discover the key role mindset and consistency play in achieving marketing mastery, and gain actionable strategies to drive more new and repeat direct booking reservations.

Mentioned in this episode:…

STR Accounting Best Practices with Jesse Ehret

Episode Summary:

Jesse Ehret, CPA and CEO of Ximplifi joins us on the show today to answer some of the most frequently asked accounting questions from short-term rental professionals as well as share some best practices to ensure your books stay in tip-top shape.

Mentioned in this Episode Avalara – MyLodgeTax –

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Data Driven Real Estate Investing and Short-Term Rental Operations

Episode Summary:

Now more than ever, real estate investors looking to buy need to understand what’s happening in their target markets. This week we talk with Jamie Lane, from AirDNA and he explains how using market data can help us make informed purchases and increase revenue. On our Youtube channel he also takes us on a tour of the all new AirDNA platform.

Solving the Headache of Trash Management

Episode Summary:

There’s so many aspects of property management that demand the attention of your team, but trash management doesn’t have to be one of them. This week’s guest, waste management expert and Can Monkey co-founder Alexander Shapiro, reveals ingenious solutions to the waste management challenge and shares the secret to hassle-free waste disposal in your short-term rentals. Don’t miss out on his insights!

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How Integrated Systems Can Fuel Growth and Success

Episode Summary:

On this week’s show, Simon Seroussi, co-founder of Sosuite, a property management company with over 200+ properties under management, shares some of the secrets for how they were able to successfully scale during the pandemic using integrated systems, tech brilliance, and resilience. Be sure to stick around to the end of the episode to join us on a private tour of the Suiteop platform!

SuiteOp will offer an unprecedented 3-month free trial to all Guesty users who mention STR HUB or the Short-Term Rental Solutions Show.

Remote Management and Remote Real Estate Investing

Episode Summary:

Curious about remote property management and remote real estate investing? This week’s guest, Stephanie Figueros, has taken on BOTH and shares her valuable insights on how to achieve success and simplify the process. Tune in for practical tips and expert guidance!

Bookkeeping Tips for Short-Term Rental Professionals

Episode Summary:

Are you looking to get a better handle on the bookkeeping for your short-term rental business? In to this week’s episode with Adam Hamilton of REIHub, he shares numerous ways to improve your bookkeeping workflow and avoid some commom bookkeeping mistakes.

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Actionable Marketing Strategies for Short-Term Rentals and Airbnbs

Episode Summary:

Learn actionable marketing strategies for short-term rentals and Airbnbs to boost bookings without breaking the bank from this week’s guest Bill Faeth from Build STR Wealth. Bill shares how to leverage your marketing strategy with buy-and-sell Facebook Groups and effective email marketing. Tune in and be part of this dynamic conversation!

Scaling Your STR Business With Remote Staff

Episode Summary:

Don’t let your personal bandwidth hold you back from scaling your business and finding the success you’re looking for. This week Ari Eryorulmaz, founder and CEO of global hospitality staffing solution Extenteam, shares his insights on scaling your short-term rental business by utilizing remote staff. He discusses the types of positions that make sense to use remote staff for, tips for choosing the right team members, and how to increase the odds of a successful long-term working relationship.

Taking The Stress Out of Airbnb Property Setup

Episode Summary:

Feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of designing and setting up your Airbnb property? This week Justin Miller, CEO of Showplace, and Rachel Vigil share actionable tips to help you get your property guest ready in a fraction of the time and with less hassle. Say goodbye to stress and hello to Airbnb success!

Special Offer:

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Finding Success By Studying Mistakes

Episode Summary:

Studying the mistakes—yes, even the cringe-worthy ones—that seasoned STR professionals have made can offer actionable insights on how you can sidestep these pitfalls on your own path to success. Brooke Pfautz, the founder, and CEO of Vintory, shares some of the lessons he learned as a result of asking top leaders in the short-term rental industry what their top mistakes were. Whether you’re a novice or an industry veteran, you’ll find gems of advice that can save you time, money, and headaches. Tune in now!

Vet or Regret: How To Implement Guest Screening & Weed Out Troublesome Guests

Episode Summary:

One bad Airbnb guest can wreak havoc on your property and ratings. What if you could deter them from booking and filter out bad guests with professional guest vetting and screening? On this week’s show, we dig deep into just such a solution by speaking with Superhog Co-Founder Leo Walton. Shift from bracing for impact to confidently welcoming your next guest.

Self-Managing Your Short-Term Rental: A Conversation With Hospitable

Episode Summary:

Intimidated by the thought of self-managing your properties? What if you could automate numerous essential property management tasks? Brian Seelos of Hospitable explains how Hospitable can help owners interested in self-managing their properties, enhance guests’ experience, and help you get more direct bookings.


Episode Summary:

Are you overwhelmed with trying to find the perfect items for your rental property and stay within your budget? This week we sit down with Jeff Allulian, CEO of HostGPO and dig into how to save time and money when furnishing and stocking your Airbnbs and short-term rentals. Trust us, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Getting more Airbnb Bookings with Channel Management

Episode Summary:

Learn how hosts and property managers can get more bookings and a competitive edge by expanding their listings’ distribution across multiple platforms. Lennart Kok from Nextpax discusses how using a channel manager can help boost operational efficiency and bookings for short-term rental professionals.

Delighting Airbnb Guests with Hyperlocal Experiences

Episode Summary:

Join Christianne and Madison Rifkin, the founder of Mount, as they discuss how Airbnb hosts and property managers can enhance their guests’ stay by offering hyperlocal experiences. Madison also educates listeners about the key features of Mount and how it can help streamline and automate this process for users and takes viewers into the Mount platform to show us what the guest experience is like.

Airbnb Door Code Automation and Smart Home Management

Episode Summary:

Learn how to automate generating the smart lock door codes for your Airbnb and manage other smart home devices from Bobby Varghese, founder of Jervis Systems. He shares his journey into the short-term rental industry, what led to the development of Jervis Systems and discusses smart lock tips based on his experience with a broad range of locks.

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Recommended Locks:

Schlage Encode Smart Locks –

Yale Assure 2 Smart Lock –

Dormakaba Saffire EVO – Contact

Property Management Solution Jurny

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Short-Term Rental Solutions Show, Luca Zambello, the CEO of Jurny, a property management software, discusses how Jurny aims to address the challenges hosts and property managers face. The conversation also highlights the significance of AI in property management software, and stresses the value of vertically integrated systems for streamlining operations. Luca reveals Jurny’s upcoming initiatives, integrations, and enhanced AI capabilities to manage guest communications effectively. This episode concludes with Luca giving viewers a quick tour of the Jurny platform and showing some key features it’s users enjoy.

Short-Term Rental and Airbnb Pricing and Revenue Management

Episode Summary:

This episode of Short-Term Rental Solutions features Oliver Hejny from Wheelhouse, who discusses revenue management and pricing for short-term rental and Airbnb hosts and property managers. He educates listeners on aspects of Wheelhouse that allow property managers to make data-driven pricing decisions and maximize revenue and offers tips on revenue management for users ready to go beyond flat rate pricing.

Use the Code: STRHUB to receive 50% discount for their first 2 months of Wheelhouse.

Episode Summary:

Enso Connect CEO and Co-Founder Francois Gouelo shares the personal experience that led him to create Enso Connect. He educates listeners on the features of Enso Connect and how it can be used to streamline operational processes for property managers and digitize the guest experience. Christianne and Francois also discuss fragmentation in the short-term rental industry, AI, and how it’s important to identify specific problems before choosing tools or solutions.


Learning About Direct Booking Website Solution Boostly With Mark Simpson

Episode Summary:

Mark Simpson, founder of Boostly shares the story of what led to Boostly’s creation. He educates listeners on the benefits and process of using Boostly to create a personalized and effective direct booking website for short-term rental properties. We learn about the e-learning platform within the Boostly Academy and Mark opens up about his favorite features within Boostly.

Listeners can get a 5% discount on their initial sign-up fee if they mention the Short-Term Rental Solutions podcast when contacting Boostly.

Bonus Video: Using AI within Boostly to quickly create a blog post for your website.

Welcome To the Short-Term Rental Solutions Show

Episode Summary:

In the first episode of the Short Term Rental Solutions show, Christianne Crump, shares her personal journey and her mission to educate and inspire listeners about the ever-changing short-term rental industry. From her own challenges that led to the creation of STR Hub, Christianne aims to connect hosts and property managers, to the companies and service providers that can help optimize short-term rental businesses. Subscribe to stay updated as she explores the latest solutions and trends in the exciting world of short-term rentals. 

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