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Better Talent is a subscription-based talent acquisition team laser-focused on the hospitality industry. Our team leverages sourcing technology, behavioral science, and the industry’s largest talent database to help our customers build and retain the best teams.


Contact Better Talent for pricing.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Potentially if they are in the process of scaling or transitioning to property management.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features

    Talent sourcing for jobs such as:

    • Account Management
    • Accounting/ Finance
    • Engineering
    • Hospitality
    • Marketing/ Sales
    • Real Estate/ Construction
    • Software/ Technology

    Talent Screening: Yes, Better Talent provides vetted, profiled, and interviewed candidates

    How It Works:

    • Set a Profile Target
      •  They will work with you to identify the right personality profile and cognitive traits that you desire.
    • Post the Job
      • They post the job ad to the job boards, and push it out to their database via email, and social media, and provide you with a job ad link.
    • Filter Candidates
      • They filter all candidates through behavioral and cognitive tests, review their application, and do a recorded video interview
    • Interview & Hire
      • They provide you with vetted, profiled, and interviewed candidates.  You choose who you would like to interview in person or online and you to make the final call.

    Customer support: via email and phone


  • Pros
    • Vetted and screened candidates
    • Job listings can be full-time, part-time, or remote
  • Cons
    • Currently insufficient data to report.
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VA Techsavvy is a platform founded by Princess Laguardia that helps business executives, property managers, short-term rentals, realtors, solar companies, and coaches to delegate and outsource the right and easy way. VA Teachsavvy helped entrepreneurs based in Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK.


Rates range based on the skill sets and experience of the VA.  Schedule a consultation for more details.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes, and VA techsavvy can provide part-time VAs to assist as you begin the process of scaling.

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes.

  • Features

    Short-Term Rental Services:

    • Booking and Reservation Management: Managing bookings and reservations, updating calendars, handling inquiries, and coordinating with guests and property owners.
    • Guest Communication: Responding to guest inquiries, providing pre-arrival and post-departure instructions, and managing guest communications through email, phone, or messaging.
    • Online Listing Management: Creating and managing listings on various online platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO,, etc., including writing descriptions, uploading photos, and optimizing listings for maximum visibility.
    • Pricing and Revenue Management: Monitoring and adjusting pricing based on market demand, seasonality, and competition to maximize revenue and occupancy rates.
    • Property Maintenance Coordination: Coordinating with maintenance and cleaning staff to ensure the property is well-maintained and ready for guests, scheduling and managing repairs and maintenance tasks, and overseeing cleaning schedules.
    • Guest Check-in and Check-out: Coordinating and managing guest check-ins and check-outs, including key exchanges, providing access instructions, and addressing guest inquiries or issues during their stay.
    • Reviews and Feedback Management: Monitoring and responding to guest reviews and feedback on various online platforms, addressing guest concerns or issues, and maintaining a positive online reputation.
    • Administrative Support: Managing email, calendar, and scheduling, organizing documents and files, preparing reports, and providing general administrative support to streamline operations.
    • Social Media Management: Managing social media accounts, creating and scheduling social media posts, implementing marketing strategies to attract more bookings, and managing online advertising campaigns.
    • Research and Analysis: Conduct market research, competitor analysis, and trend analysis to make informed decisions on pricing, property amenities, and guest experience enhancements.
    • Guest Screening and Vetting: Conducting background checks on potential guests, verifying their identities and ensuring compliance with rental policies and regulations.
    • Guest Services and Concierge: Providing personalized guest services, such as arranging transportation, recommending local attractions, restaurants, and activities, and assisting with special requests or arrangements.
    • Inventory Management: Monitoring and replenishing supplies, managing inventory of consumables and amenities, and coordinating with vendors for replenishment or procurement.
    • Multichannel Listing Management: Managing property listings on multiple online platforms, ensuring consistency in information, rates, and availability, and synchronizing calendars and bookings across platforms.
    • Local Regulations Compliance: Staying updated with local regulations, permits, and licensing requirements for short-term rentals, ensuring compliance, and handling necessary paperwork or documentation.
    • Technology and Tools Management: Managing property management software, communication tools, and other technology solutions to streamline operations, enhance the guest experience, and optimize workflow.
    • Customized Services: Providing specialized services tailored to the unique needs and requirements of the short-term rental business based on the business owner’s preferences and requests.
    • Bookkeeping and Accounting: Managing financial transactions, tracking rental income and expenses, preparing financial reports, bank reconciliation, and other bookkeeping tasks.
    • Graphic Design and Video Editing: Editing of videos such as short-form videos, adding subtitles, adding background sound, clearing noise, and more. Make the images clear, add watermarks, create graphics for ads and listings, and more.

    Property Management Services:

    • Emergency Response and Maintenance Coordination: Serve as a point of contact for emergency situations, such as maintenance emergencies or tenant inquiries after hours. They can coordinate with appropriate vendors or contractors to resolve issues promptly and
      ensure smooth communication during critical situations.
    • Tenant Retention and Customer Service: Assist in tenant retention efforts by handling tenant inquiries, addressing complaints or concerns, and providing excellent customer service. This can contribute to building positive tenant relationships and improving tenant
    • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports and perform data analysis, such as tracking rental income, vacancy rates, and property performance metrics. This can give property managers valuable insights to make informed decisions and optimize their property management strategies.
    • Social Media Management: Assist with managing social media accounts for property management businesses, creating and scheduling content, responding to comments or messages, and maintaining a social media presence to attract prospective tenants or owners.
    • Project Management: Help property managers with project management tasks, such as coordinating property renovations, overseeing capital improvement projects, and managing timelines and budgets.
    • Bookkeeping and Accounting: Help with bookkeeping tasks such as managing financial records, organizing receipts, tracking expenses, bank reconciliation, and preparing financial reports and other bookkeeping tasks.
    • Vendor and Contractor Management: Assist in managing relationships with vendors and contractors, including obtaining quotes, scheduling services, coordinating repairs and maintenance, and ensuring timely payments.
    • Document Management: Help with organizing and managing documents related to property management, such as lease agreements, contracts, insurance policies, and other important paperwork.
    • Research and Analysis: Research various property management-related topics, such as market trends, local regulations, and best practices, and provide analysis or summaries to assist the property manager in making informed decisions.
    • Administrative Support: Provide general administrative support, such as scheduling appointments, managing calendars, preparing reports, and handling other administrative tasks that may arise in the day-to-day operations of a property management business.
    • Technology and Software Assistance: Help manage property management software, set up online portals for tenants or owners, and provide technical support for software and hardware used in the property management business.
    • Tenant Screening and Onboarding: Assist with tenant screening, including conducting background checks, verifying references, and managing the onboarding process for new tenants
    • Tenant Communication: Handle tenant communication, such as answering phone calls, responding to emails, and managing online inquiries. This frees up time for the property manager to focus on other tasks.
    • Property Inspections: Help schedule and manage property inspections, ensuring that properties are inspected on time and any maintenance or repair issues are addressed promptly.
    • Marketing and Advertising: Help with marketing and advertising by creating and managing property listings on platforms such as Craigslist, Zillow, and other real estate websites.
    • Lease Renewals and Rent Collection: Assist with lease renewals and rent collection by sending out reminders, processing payments, and keeping track of rental income.
    • Data Management: Help manage property data, such as tenant information, lease agreements, and maintenance records, ensuring that all records are up-to-date and easily accessible
  • Pros
    • Both part-time and full-time VAs are available. This is great if you are not quite ready to hire a full-time VA, but still need help.
    • They have experience placing VAs specifically to support property managers and short-term rental businesses and can source team members with experience with both OTA and PMS experience.
    • The process begins by talking with you about your business's needs to determine the skill set you require.
    • They will take care of the preliminary screening and interviewing of potential applicants and guide you through the entire hiring process.
  • Cons
    • VAtechsavvy VAs have high skill sets.  You should expect to pay a higher hourly rate than if you sourced the VA yourself.
    • You will still be responsible for the training and orientation of the team member(s) you choose to hire.
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Extenteam is redefining how property managers solve their staffing challenges. They are the industry’s first staffing-as-a-service provider, a unique labor subscription model for extending local teams with professional global talent.


Hired in less than 2 weeks for most positions, Extenteam’s talent can support most areas of the business, usually in guest services, reservations / leasing, accounting, and marketing, and/or helping coordinate housekeeping and maintenance and other back office roles.

Their global talent – professional and multilingual workers in countries with great hospitality cultures – currently helps hundreds of North America property managers better serve guests and residents while lowering labor costs by as much as 60%.


Team member’s hourly rate varies based on experience and qualifications, but is typically 50-60% less than local US hourly rates.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features
    • Dedicated remote staffing – Team members work exclusively for your company. Many staffing needs can be filled in as little as 14 days.
    • Match your schedule – Team members will be able to accommodate your schedule.
    • No HR Responsibilities – Extenteam handles all hiring, taxes, healthcare, etc.
    • Multi-Role Team Members – Team members can be assigned multiple responsibilities:
      • Learn and manage software
      • Answer after-hours phone calls
      • Handle guest services
      • Reservations
      • Troubleshooting
      • Coordination of tasks
      • Marketing
      • Accounting and bookkeeping
      • Marketing
      • And more.
    • Highly Skilled Talent Pool – Extenteam team members are vetted to ensure they are well-educated professionals with hospitality-related experience.



  • Pros
    • Extenteam offers a 100% satisfaction and no-risk guarantee.
    • Company built and managed by experienced STR industry professionals.
    • Extenteam can help fill your staffing shortages in 14 days or less.
    • Partner Success team offers ongoing advisor function at no additional cost
    • Month-to-month or annual contract options
  • Cons
    • As with all new team members, training and orientation to your business operations and expectations is essential for success and is your responsibility.
    • Because of the skill level of Extenteam staff, they have a higher hourly rate than some other virtual assistant service companies.
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Started in 2008, is a job board that hires people from the Philippines. With over 2,000,000 worker profiles, it’s the largest database of online Filipino workers in the world connecting virtual assistants from the Philippines with foreign employers.



Subscription Plan

Free (no communication and cannot hire workers)
Pro (communicate with worker, up to 3 job posting per month)
$69 per month
Premium (communicate with worker, up to 10 job posting per month)
$99 per month
  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features

    Skills/ Services offered:

    • Property Management Support: Guest communication, bookkeeping, revenue management, social media management, etc.
    • Webmaster VAs
    • SEO VAs
    • WordPress Experts
    • Writer VAs
    • Real Estate VAs
    • Graphic Design VAs
    • Expert PHP Programmers
    • Bookkeeping VAs
    • Blogging VAs
    • Advanced VA Search

    Communication with VA: First, through email. Once you hire them, you can set your preferred communication.

    VA Salary:  You negotiate the hourly rate with your VA during the hiring process.

    Payment Method:

    • Through Easypay. You can pay your workers right from inside your account, even after you cancel your subscription.
    • You could also use Paypal, Payoneer, Worldremit, or Transferwise.

    Tracker:  They provide a free TimeProof tracker to make tracking your VA’s work easy.

    Taxes: None

    Worker Screening: All VAs are vetted.

    Recruiting Services: They provide recruiting services for an additional fee of $500.

    Customer Support: Via email.


  • Pros
    • Because Airbnb has call centers based in the Philippines, there is a pool of talented people with short-term rental experience to hire from.
    • Because of an agreement between the US and the Philippines, you do not have to pay taxes on the wages for Filippino VAs. No 1099.
    • does not mark up the hourly rate of the employees you hire.  It is one of the most economical ways to find a VA.
    • When you’re done recruiting and hiring your VA, you can cancel your subscription.
    • They offer a “money-back guarantee.” If you can’t find someone, ask for your money back.
  • Cons
    • You will have to put in the effort of creating a job listing, reviewing the applicants, interviewing, and hiring.
    • You will be responsible for all training and orientation of your VA.
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Fiverr offers a flexible solution designed to provide on-demand freelance expertise for every project and company stage.  Short-term rental professionals can quickly find help for projects related to  marketing, copy-writing, logo creation, and more on Fiverr.


Payment is on a per-project basis.  The rates and vary and are set by the individual freelancers.

Fiverr will charge a service fee of 5.5%

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts –  Yes

  • Features

    Services Offered:

    • Graphics & Design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Writing & Translation
    • Video & Animation
    • Web Design
    • Programming & Tech
    • Social media management
    • Photography
    • AI Services
    • And more

    Flexible Talent Model:

    • Boost in-house capabilities, and constantly innovate with on-demand access to skill sets.

    Talent Vetted Process: Yes

    • Every Fiverr Business freelancer has passed a multi-layered screening process combining AI and professional vetting.
    • Fiverr has Talent Evaluators uniquely trained to hand-screen freelancers for education, portfolios, and experience according to their domain specialty.

    Fiverr Business:

    • Fiverr Business Success Managers help match you with the best talent for your team – no need for endless guessing and interviews.
    • Dashboard- Collaborate with your team, manage projects, and share freelancers – all in one workspace.
    • Team collaboration – Invite team members to one account and work on the same projects together.
    • Payment solutions
    • Admin Control

    Communication with Freelancer: through Fiverr Inbox and notification.

    Freelancer Payment Method:

    • Through Apple Pay, Boleto, major credit/ debit cards, Fiverr balance, GiroPay, Google Pay, iDEAL, Paypal, OXXO, Sofort, and Wire transfer.


    Fiverr customer support:

    • 24/7 customer support, community hub, forum.


  • Pros
    • The range of services you can get help with on Fiverr is very broad.
    • When choosing a freelancer, you can read reviews from people who have hired them in the past.
    • Fiverr has a Business Success manager who can help you match with the best talent for your team.
  • Cons
    • Payment is made upfront when you hire a freelancer.
    • Fiverr makes no guarantees about the freelancer's work, but has a conflict resolution center if issues arise.
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We are a leading business process outsourcing provider for innovative companies. We hire and train top virtual teams to help our clients launch an efficient, scalable & profitable business with an ultimate focus and goal to deliver a world-class customer experience.


Process Mapping and Implementation: $1995 one time fee.

Part-time Talent: $12/hr.

Full-time Talent: $10/hr.

  • Recommended for the Following

    Individual Self-Managing Property Owners – Yes

    Property Managers and Co-hosts – Yes

  • Features

    How It Works:

    Before they send you candidates, their development experts will fully document your open position, develop standard operating procedures, checklists, training materials and positional benchmarks.

    No email introductions to random strangers. You’ll get a selection of qualified candidates to choose from, and they handle all of the communication, scheduling, and interviews.

    They make sure your virtual teammates stay on track and hit the benchmarks you set for them. From daily check-ins, time carding and training support, you never have to worry about if the job is getting done.


    Who They Serve

    • Real Estate Investors
    • Property Managers
    • Home Service Providers
    • Brokers and Agents
  • Pros
    • They can help you document your processes and create SOPs.
    • Options for full-time and part-time help are available.
  • Cons
    • The hourly rate of talent is higher than other Do-It-Yourself VA staffing solutions.
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Service Locations: Remote/ Virtual Service. Inquire if we service your area.

Valcove Hospitality specializes in providing 24/7 guest communication at a rate of $9.95/hr USD, coupled with robust operational support. Our team brings extensive experience in various Property Management Systems (PMS) and other management tools. We’ve streamlined processes based on our own experiences in hiring and training Virtual Assistants (VAs), and now we’re keen to simplify this process for others.


  • Features

    Guaranteed 24/7 guest support. 365 days/year. We don’t take time off and will never quit unexpectedly.

    We cost 70% less than hiring internally – no benefits required, no holiday pay needed, no training, no creating job postings and interviewing candidates.

    750+ properties managed, 95% of messages responded within 10 minutes, multilingual, average communication rating of 4.8 on Airbnb.

    Our expert short-term rental specialists will guide you through establishing SOPs and systems setup and suggest operational improvements.

    Partner with us and avoid the expensive hiring and training process.

    Receive a global team dedicated to your portfolio and ready to take on any services you need.


    Valcove Hospitality

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